Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Yo Bro!

So ... in the short history of reality TV programming we've had Bachelors lookin' for ladies, Bachelorettes lookin' for dudes and this summer, we'll have Paris Hilton lookin' for a new BFF ... so of course Brody Jenner, of The Hills fame, has to get in on the action as well. The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that Brody Jenner just signed on for his own competitive reality TV show for MTV entitled Bromance, wherein interested "bros" (I'm assuming straight dudes) compete for a chance to become an official part of Brody's entourage. Um yeah:

Photo credit: INFdaily

The network has committed to six episodes of "Bromance," which has been buzzed about online recently. The show, from Ryan Seacrest's production company, will feature a group of "regular guys" who come to Hollywood and compete in a series of challenges from skydiving to dealing with the paparazzi -- in the hopes of ultimately being chosen by Jenner to become part of his entourage. Along the way, contestants will be whittled down via "Hot Tub Elimination Ceremonies" after which rejected "bros" will be asked to leave the bachelor pad dripping wet in a swimsuit, luggage in hand. Bringing to mind various dating reality shows, contestants also will have shots at a "group date" and "alone time" with Jenner in every episode. "'Bromance' takes a successful TV format and turns it on its head," MTV senior vp series development Liz Gateley said. "Brody is the perfect fit for this concept; he is type of guy everyone wants to hang out with." ... Frankie Delgado, who also appears on "The Hills," is a producer. The project was packaged by ICM.

OMG! I love it! I can't wait to see what these "hot tub eliminations" look like ... not to mention the "group date" and "alone time" segments. So lemme get this straight, interested "regular guys" are going to compete for "alone time" with Brody Jenner in the hopes that they escape "hot tub elimination" on a weekly basis? And the prize is, essentially, winning Brody Jenner? Didn't we already see a show like this called Boy Meets Boy? Hee hee ... I jest, I jest. I dunno if this sort of thing has the wings to fly but it's an interesting-sounding concept. I can attest that hanging out with Brody Jenner is really fun so the prize is deffo worthwhile. I'm glad that Brody's getting his own show ... it'd be cool to see him on TV from week to week ... well, again. I just hope that Bromance stays on the air longer than Princes of Malibu did ;) [Source]