Sunday, June 08, 2008

Sometimes They Grow Up

Hollywood "It" Girl turned Hollywood "It" Mom Nicole Richie was snapped taking her precious little baby girl Harlow Winter out for a morning stroll in Glendale, CA this weekend ... here are a couple of pics:

Photo credit: X17

I have to say ... it's really remarkable how much things have changed in the world of Hollywood "It" Girldom and celebrity overall. Gone are the days of the wild parties and the crazy antics for ladies like Nicole, Britney and even Paris. I never thought I'd see the day where the "It" Girls would grow up and become responsible mothers. I must admit, tho, that I kinda miss the halcion days when the "It" Girls would do some whacky stunt or whatever, allowing us to laugh along with them. It really seemed to me that the "wackiness" jumped the shark around the time that the wardrobe malfunctions started up (and really spiraled downward once they started getting arrested). Once it became de rigueur for a boob or a naked crotch to be the talk of the day (not to mention the latest mug shot), things stopped being fun and started getting trashy. Who knew that the women were mere months away from really cleaning up their acts and settling down with children or serious relationships? Even Hollywood "It" Girls can grow up and mature, imagine that. While those whacky days of yore were fun, I much prefer seeing the ladies settle down with their families. Now we can look forward to seeing new baby pictures rather than new mug shots. [Source]