Monday, June 07, 2004

britney sucks ... no, for real!

guess who's the new spokesmodel for starburst candy ... you got it my little brit-brit!

wee ... let this be a lesson to all of you ... it's okay to suck.

j.lo's latest wedding photos

the ├╝bercool stereogum has posted these lovely photographs which seem to have been secretly taken at j. lo's wedding over the weekend.

marc anthony looks so happy ... i can't wait until she rips his heart from his chest and mashes it to pieces before she throws it down and grinds it into the pavement with her stylish jimmy choos.

local detroit news

firstly, i am extremely happy to report that the detroit pistons beat the los angeles lakers 87-75 in the first game of the nba finals! awww yeah!

we are going all the way bay-bee! i can't wait to rub it in jeffy's face when i see him this wednesday ... you know, cuz he's such a huge sports fan ...


secondly, and OHMYGOD!, a woman recognized a wanted fugitive (from america's most wanted) who was operating the ferris wheel at a carnival in birmingham, mi this weekend! he was wanted for the murder of a girl in minnesota. the carnival was right across the street from the birmingham police station ... duh ... anyways, he was arrested and is being extradited back to minnesota.

can i just tell you how freaky this is!?! we were in birmingham all day saturday right near that carnival. i kept trying to get erik to win me an inflatable spider-man that all the kids were getting at the carnival

... he never did tho :(

even tho Jehova's Witnesses don't celebrate birthdays ...

happy 46th birthday to PRINCE!

in honor of his birthday i am posting the speech alicia keyes gave at his induction ceremony into the rock and roll hall of fame:

"There are many kings ... King Henry the 8th, King Solomon, King Tut, King James, King Kong, the Three Kings, but there is only one Prince. Only one man, who has defied restriction, whose defied the obvious and all the rules to the game. The mysterious figure who, in a river of words will not suffice, can be identified as a symbol. There is only one man who is so loud he can make you soft, who is so strong he makes you weak, so honest you feel kind of bashful, so bold he defies you to be subtle and so superbad he makes you feel so supergood. He's the only man that I've ever seen that lights the stage on fire, leaving you to burn within it in a frenzy of movement, lights, electric guitars, slides, pianos, dance voices, splits and songs. Oh my God ... songs so powerful, that you are forever changed ... songs that make you laugh and cry, think and dance. Songs that made me look at song writing as stories that are untold passions dying to be heard. He is the inspiration that generations will return to until the end of time. So yes Ladies and Gentlemen, throughout history there have been many many kings, both real and mythological. They have borne sons but none of them can touch the rays from this man who stands alone. A man that I am tremendously proud and honored to help induct to the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame because now it is forever changed. Ladies and Gentlemen I want you to get on your feet and I want you to pay homage to the one and only, Prince."