Thursday, June 17, 2004

boys don't play with dolls

...they play with action figures! actually play isn't the right word ... collect is more appropriate (and by collect i mean try-to-keep-in-mint-condition-by-never-opening-the-packaging). so anyways, remember when i said that i received an email telling me that some buffy action figures that i ordered were shipped out and due to arrive any day ... well i was wrong ... it wasn't the buffy figures i preordered in january that were shipped out ... it was the charmed figures i had preordered last october (!) that were shipped out.

i had completely forgotten about these action figures. when the very large box was delivered i was ... surprised. actually i should have been pissed because there was a big dent in the side of the box and caused 2 of the action figures' packaging to open up. but i wasn't pissed at all ... it gave me a good excuse to open them all and assemble the attic playset (as you see in the picture above).

sooo this delivery got me thinking about my action figures again ... i have tons of buffy, angel, transformer, he-man, g.i. joe, etc. figures all boxed up at my parent's house. i hope to bring some of them to our new place. when the basement is all set up (with bar area) we hope to decorate it with cool pop culture stuff. i think it might be cool to add this figure to the collection as well

i'm not a halle berry fan, but i am a catwoman fan so ...

NOT THAT ANYONE CARES but i've set up a wishlist at so that someone who might be in the market for a gift for me (for any upcoming birthdays [cough] july 12th [cough]) can see what i'd like to receive. the list updates automatically if an item is purchased ... which i think makes shopping for someone extremely easy :) it also cuts out the guesswork in gift-giving ... that way something really horrible isn't purchased by mistake ... yikes!

the wishlist will remain on the right side of the main page ... for future reference.

oh my yahweh!

Madonna wants to be called 'Esther'

"I was named (Madonna) after my mother," she explains. "My mother died when she was very young, of cancer, and I wanted to attach myself to another name. This is in no way a negation of who my mother is. I wanted to attach myself to the energy of a different name."

Madonna's involvement with the mystic religion Kabbalah continues to strengthen, with the megastar revealing that, inspired by its teachings, she would now like to be re-named Esther.

The name Esther is derived from the Persian name Satarah, meaning "star".

um ...


i TOTALLY missed the celebratory parade in downtown detroit for the national champion detroit pistons! i really wanted to go (seeing that we don't win a national championship every day) but it got underway really early.

i did manage to go downtown yesterday to snap a pic of the spirit of detroit

which is all decked out in his pistons jersey.

grr ... i'll have to get a picture of the trophy when it goes on display.


well well well ... look who's all grown up now

this picture is funny ... it reminds me of our last night in LA while partying at the abbey. this guy randomly comes up to our table with a pair of olsen twin dolls in celebration of their 18th birthday (which was that night; the 13th)

he was making the dolls do scissor sisters (which is a lesbian sex act) and i snapped a couple of pix.

the twins (who don't want to be called the olsen twins anymore) are headed off to NYU in the fall ... presumably to learn how to make a billion more dollars.

poor brit

stereogum has posted this picture* this morning showing the state of our dear britney ...

with the onyx hotel tour cancelled and the video for outrageous, thus far, unfinished the future looks bleak for our dear princess.

but if we know anything about ms. britney spears it's that she will bounce back. there are rumors that outrageous won't be counted as her 4th single (since it's being released as a soundtrack song) ... that means that (i got that) boom boom still has a chance.

get better soon brit brit!

*incidentally, the shirt that the guy behind her (who is one of her dancers and her latest boy-toy) is wearing is one that i own as well ... that's it ... see how firmly my fingers are on the pulse?

buffy lives ... AGAIN!

The New Voice Of Buffy Speaks

Despite the excitement around bringing Buffy back to continue to save the world a lot, Loren cautions that Joss & Co. still have to fight their own good fight just to bring this new series to television.

buffy the animated series should be really cool. i bet it'll end up on cartoon network ... it's not going to be as good as the real thing but i'll take what i get. all i know is that this show better get picked up ... IT BETTER!

this chick does the voice of buffy in the video games ... and she does a pretty good job. i'm glad the other cast members are reprising their roles (and it's really no big surprise that sarah michelle gellar is not).

buffy will never die ... there will always be some degree of buffyness in the world ... and to that i say "WOO HOO!"

what a way to wake up

so okay ... i know this is not late-breaking news ... but who cares really? monsieur david beckham was spotted sporting tighty whities ... and it was, apparently, big news in the UK

i picked up the issue of vanity fair that he's on the cover of at the airport on the way to LA.

i have to say, the article wasn't that great. if they are going to try and break him in the US they are going to have to write better articles than that one ...

the pix were cool tho ;)