Saturday, June 19, 2004

fancy a drink?

while the four of us were driving all over detroit to take pix (with a lot of other landmarks still left to shoot) erik's little brother brandon was bizzy in our basement putting together the bar he built for us.

he is so amazing! he measured the space and starting putting it together at their parent's house ... he brought it here today to finish it. we had to take a door off the hinges to get it inside but that was no biggie (not after the ordeal we went thru to get the refrigerator in the kitchen).

soooo we'll have a fully operational and fully stocked bar in our basement soon ...

c'mon over!

the detroit project

today erik, jake, mike and i went all over downtown detroit to take some pictures of detroit landmarks. we are going to have a photo collage in our living room of our favorite places but we need a big pool of pix to choose from. we made a list and hit the road. i will be adding pictures to the photo album titled the detroit project over time and as pictures are taken.

welcome to the d.


don't we look fucking awesome?!? we had so much fun last night. we played 2 games against "the superfriends" (who were undefeated, 4-0). we won the first game 6 to 5 but we lost the second game 5 to 2. we had fun (even tho they were being dicks much of the game) nonetheless. erik made some amazing catches in the first game (3 of them actually) and i scored a run in the second game. but seriously the best play of the game (or ever in history for that matter) was played by anne (the girl in the front doing the splits). i shit you not ... she had one foot on first base and did a full split to catch the ball and get the person running to 1st base out ... it was AMAZING! totally like something you'd see in a movie ... she was incredible.

it was soooo fun! VLB sarah and rod came out to cheer us on ... we took some team pix (the photo album that is linked at the right will be added to over the next few weeks). after the game jacob arrived and we all went the blarney stone pub for food/drinks. the team we played and 2 other kickball teams were there as well ... we were rowdy and loud ... it was awesome!

kickball is so much fun ... we have games every friday ... if you're in the area you should come check us out.

Quop on!