Monday, June 21, 2004

britney hounded as she shops for pup

as if hurting your knee enough to have to go thru surgery and having to cancel your world tour wasn't enough ...

poor britney can't even go to the pet store to shop for a new puppy without getting hounded ... hee hee, hounded, get it? anyways ... world of britney posted pix of the whole ordeal which i will caption myself:

britney and co. get into their car and try to escape with the new puppy.

she screams for the paparazzi hounding her with their cameras to "go away!!!"

this guy doesn't listen and gets his foot run over.

britney thinks "oh fuck!"

the ambulances are called ...

britney is questioned by the police ...

she has a few choice words for the paparazzi her mom didn't run over ...

but succumbs to the pressure and starts to cry.

the end.

moral of the story ... well for one, get your feet away from the tires of cars that are trying to speed away (especially if you're only wearing converse chuck taylors) ... and secondly, don't mess with britney, ms. spears if you're nasty ... the jerks.

Purple Reign 2004ever!

what an amazing show ... i cannot even begin to tell you how much fun the show was. VLB sarah and i had such a great time ... we danced, we laughed, we boogied ... we reveled in the musicianship of the one and only prince! the set list was awesome:

June 21 Detroit setlist (from

21 JUNE 2004

concert started about 8pm Eastern (20:00) or a few minutes after

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Video intro
Let's Go Crazy
I Would Die 4 U
When Doves Cry / Kiss
1999 Intro - Baby I'm A Star
Renato interlude
D.M.S.R. medley (DMSR/Crazy In Love/The Way You Move/Great Balls of Fire/Housequake)
A Love Bizarre / I Feel 4 You
Controversy / A Love Bizzare

Renato interlude
God (Love Theme From Purple Rain) Instrumental (played by Renato Neto on keys)
What A Wonderful World (by Meaceo)

Acoustic Set
Little Red Corvette
Raspberry Beret
Telemarketer Blues
Alphabet Street
I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man
The Beverly Hillbillies
Jailhouse Rock
7 (with band)

Sign O The Times
Dear Mr. Man
Whole Lotta Love
Let's Work (with Prince on candy-apple red and white bass)
U Got The Look
Life O' The Party
Knock On Wood
Take Me With U

Purple Rain

i did miss sherri, i'm not going to lie ... but i think sherri would be very happy to know that VLB sarah truly truly enjoyed seeing prince perform live. i really love going to prince shows with people who "get it" and the VLB does "get it" ...

i got a really cool purple shirt (that looks like an old prince concert t-shirt) and FINALLY finally FINALLY i got one of the O(+> tamborines!

and it's a real tamborine folks ... made by the REMO company (makers of drum heads and percussion instruments). it's so cool looking ... it has a wooden frame and everything. it's no cheapie plastic tamborine .. it's the real thing.

i remember the first time that sherri and i saw prince at the palace (i believe it was on the jam of the year tour) ... people had tamborines with the O(+> symbol on them and i wanted to get one too ... but they were sold out. every single show since they've either been sold out or not for sale ... people would have them at the concerts and i wanted one every time ... 2night was my night ... they had them for sale and i got one. now i know that $75 is alot of money to spend on such a thing but ... i don't really care. prince is one of my favorite artists ... his shows are the best ... it will remind me of the great times that sherri and i have seen prince live ... and i've always wanted one. i know that if i didn't get it 2night then i would never have the chance again -- and even if i do get the chance again it doesn't matter because i have my own tamborine now :)

truly outrageous!

weee ... i just got back from the mailbox and lookie what arrived:

the complete 1st and 2nd seasons of Jem and the Holograms ...

woo! can you guess how i'm going to spend my afternoon ... ???


so okay ... i open up the packaging and am immediately struck at how cheesey the artwork is for this dvd box set. the cartoons look totally homemade ... goofy faces and all. hee hee, it's not until i watched a couple of episodes before i remember how cheesey the whole cartoon is! the animation is sooo ancient ... there are errors and mismatched voices ... totally hilarious. i'm really digging watching the episodes in order (and i'm really digging singing along with the songs!) but have to stop watching dvds and get ready for my concert tonight.

totally awesome!

earth to major tom mike?

Private Rocket Plane Successfully Punches Into Space

It was piloted by Michael Melvill, who after the successful flight, officially became an astronaut ... After burning its rocket for 80 seconds, SpaceShipOne spent 3-1/2 minutes at its peak altitude, a short suborbital hop that made Melvill weightless and gave him a clear view of the earth's curvature and the black expanse of outer space ... The flight marked the first time that a non-government spacecraft reached the altitude considered to be the boundary between earth's atmosphere and outer space.

well i'll be ... that's pretty damn cool!

his purple majesty

yehaw! i'm sooo jazzed ... tonight i finally get to see the musicology tour live! as you may recall, i was able to see the opening night of the tour live in a movie theater a couple of months ago ... but tonight is my night to see the show live and in person. sherri was gonna go with me but a last minute shuffle has me going with VLB sarah. she is SO excited ... she's never seen prince live before ... we are going to have a blast! kirsten (and, seperately, sarah + mark) saw the show last night ... kirsten says she loved it ... i have no doubt :) mark sent me this link about the show from the detroit free press ... weee i can't wait to see it with my own eyes!

li li li ... i'll have a full report after the show ... but til then ...

peace + B wild!