Saturday, June 26, 2004

the color purple

oh yeah ... i forgot that we were painting today ... so that's what we did. kirsten came over to help us. we decided a few weeks ago that we were going to paint the office a purple color called smarty pants ... and this is how it went:

the office started out with white walls.

then we had to tape the edges of everything ...

and get to the painting.

and this is how it turned out ... the coolest color!

it looks as if kirsten and erik did all the work but VLB sarah came over and she and i taped and painted as well. we got the whole room done very quickly ... it just looks sharp as hell. i love it!

stephanie, her sister sydney and their mother candi came over to visit. candi and sydney had never seen the house before and they were pretty impressed.

after they left, tracey and ken came over for drinks and trivial pursuit.

i do look stunning in a tiara don't i?

tracey was going to spend the night but she had to go home to ann arbor to get stuff done before tomorrow afternoon ... we decided to have our sleep over some other time.

and that was pretty much the day ... we were bizzy but didn't run ourselves ragged. i was clued in that we have more projects for tomorrow. we are putting up shelves in the living room and are painting the fronts of our outer doors red ... cool!


i would be remiss if i didn't post a britney update when there is new information to share ... world of britney has this picture of brit sporting, what looks to be, her engagement ring:

i still think it's a baaaaaaaad idea. i really hope she doens't make it to the altar. i just can't believe that she's really in love with this guy enough to marry him.

time will tell ... and then i will tell as soon as it happens.

quop rock

so okay ... let me tell you about last night. i was planning on getting more sleep yesterday afternoon ... yeah, that didn't happen. i was screwing around online most of the day and ended up not sleeping. it was cool, once i got over being tired i wasn't sleepy anymore anyways. erik told me he would be home by 5:45pm because our first game started at 6:30pm. i took my shower at like 5 so i was going to be totally ready. failing to watch the clock, i didn't realize that he was late ... he runs in the door at 6 yelling "we gotta go!" yikes ... i had to put on my long red socks, product-up my hair and put on my shoes. i was ready in 2 secs. he was ready in 4 mins. and we were out the door and speeding down the highway. if a team doesn't have enough players at the appointed start-of-game time then they have to forfeit and we didn't want to be the cause of a forfeiture. we managed to get there with like 8 minutes to spare only to learn that half of the other time hadn't arrived yet. they had to forfeit and we "won" another game (whoo hoo!).

game #2: we fucking creamed them! we were up to bat (er ... kick) first and we scored 7 runs in just that first half of the first inning! they didn't know what hit them ... they couldn't catch, they couldn't throw, they couldn't coordinate with one another ... they were a mess. we ended up shutting them down, 1-2-3, in more than one inning. when the dust settled we won 8 to 3. the shitty thing was that they scored 2 of those runs due to mistakes made by erik and me. we were both playing outfield, right next to each other and we totally f-ed up while both going for the same ball. shitty i know! we were both very disappointed. my only solace was that i was able to score one of those 8 points that we ended up winning with :)

after the game kirsten, mike, VLB sarah, rod, erik and myself were all planning on going to see fahrenheit 9/11 so we went off to get tickets before we met the team at the blarney stone for our celebratory drinks. the 9:30 and 10:15 shows were sold out so we had to opt for the 12:15am show. with our tickets secured, we met the gang at the bar to celebrate. erik and i got into a tiff and we were like that all night long ... oh well, whattayagonnado?

so let me tell you about the movie ... my gods ... it was sooo freaking good. i don't care what anyone says, this movie does nothing but give you facts and let's you see what really happens behind closed doors. that GWB is a moron is not news to anyone ... but to see the unlimitless bounds of his stupidity as he weilds so much deadly power is chilling and horrifying. i cried twice during the movie. the first time was when an iraqi woman was lamenting that her civilian house was completely destroyed by american troops ... she was devestated and i felt horrified. the second time was when an american woman (who was formerly extremely proud of her military family's service) was recounting the death of her son, while she read the last letter he ever wrote and while she goes to washington dc to try and release some of her anguish at the white house ... she was just utterly destroyed by grief. so incredibly sad. this movie highlights real people ... if you get nothing else from this movie (i'm not even going to go into the shady bullshit that has been the hallmark of GWB's life) you should come away with a better understanding on what this war in iraq means to every day real american people.

Bush lied. People died.

i have never felt more strongly about any election in my life ... GWB must be stopped ... he must be ousted from power! there is no way that our country can get back on its feet with that asshole in control. he must be stopped! please ... please see this movie and THINK! people, please think.

so yeah, that was last night ... it was a long one ... draining physically and emotionally. plans for today are up in the air ... i'm not sure what i'm doing but i'm gonna do something ...

awesome! animal rights activists win!

Governor reverses stand on shelters, reinstates waiting period

As part of his budget proposal that was first drafted in December, the governor had asked the Legislature to repeal a 1998 law that requires the shelters to hold animals up to six days before destroying them. The governor wanted to save money bu cutting the waiting period in half ... But after a nationwide storm of protest, the governor hastily organized a press conference outside his Capitol office and told reporters of his error.

yesss! at least the man has some sense and knows when to listen to the people unlike some other jerk who just doesn't know when to quit.

it's confirmed!

world of britney, NME, Jam! showbiz news, and mtv news are all confirming that:

It's True: Britney's Engaged

After initial denials, Britney Spears' reps have now confirmed that the singer is engaged to her dancer boyfriend, Kevin Federline.

Jam! has a quote from a Jive records rep:

"I can confirm that yes, she is engaged," said Sonia Muckle of Jive Records ... Spears, 22, and Kevin Federline, 26, have not yet set a date, Muckle said.

now i love me some britney ... but i think this is a baaaaaaaaaaaaaaad idea.

honestly, tho, i'm not really believing it until i hear it from her mouth. but we do know that she does look cute in a wedding dress ;)

he must NOT be re-elected!!!!!

it's 3am and we just got back from a very long evening/night ... we just saw fahrenheit 9/11 and i'm really at a loss for words right now. every american must see this movie.

GWB is an absolute evil, rotten fool.

i will do everything in my power to help get his ass kicked out of the white house.

please ... do yourself a favor and see this movie!