Wednesday, June 30, 2004

hillary for VP???


"All the signs point in her direction," said the insider, one of the most influential and well-placed in the nation's capital. "It is the solution to every Kerry problem."

now ... i have many suspicions with the drudge report ... but it has been the first to report some very groundbreaking news (like the clinton/lewinsky affair and the dreaded blue dress) ... so i'm posting in the hopes that this is true.

can you imagine a kerry & clinton ticket? hallelujah!!!

art = penis

erik and i just got back from seeing an art film (his choice). we saw the movie Los Novios BĂșlgaros (Bulgarian Lovers)

it was an art flick, so they were very free with the penis ... it was everywhere. overall it was a pretty good film ... interesting story ... sure it wasn't the blockbuster movie of the summer but it wasn't too bad.

spanish with subtitles, it's not for everyone ... but if you're in the mood for lots of culture (and lots of penis) then this movie might be for you.

it's a nice day for a white [trash] wedding ...

it seems that ms. brit has given the official story about her engagement to people magazine
[goss via stereogum]

[Spears] denies she's pregnant: "He was like a magnet," she says. "It was beyond my control" ... "It was really beautiful and romantic and special between us," she said. "My other loves were like puppy love. They were like practice for the real thing. This is just deeper."

vh-1 is also reporting this story and according to MSNBC:

Spears will have 200 guests at a Nov. 20 wedding. That report, from the Star, also says Spears will have five bridesmaids and five groomsmen.

man ... i love her so much ... but GOD, IS THIS A BAD IDEA! there is no way that this is going to work ... i just hope that she realizes that she's out of her freaking mind and calls this thing off. hello, prenup? i doubt she's even considered it ... bad bad bad ... here is my favorite part of the story:

They've met each other's families — but so far, Spears has yet to be introduced to her future stepdaughter, Federline's 2-year-old daughter, Kori (the mother is "Moesha" actress Shar Jackson, who is currently eight months along with her and Federline's second child, a boy).

seriously, the guy looks like a fucking carnie! i bet he's got bad teeth too ... oi ... bad bad bad ...

ack ... and what does mama lynne spears think about all of this, according to usa today:

"They're a good fit."

gross! bad bad bad ...

it's still june!

so the last day of june is upon us ... and i have to admit, i'm pretty pleased with the way that my summer is going. june usually is the "fastest month" because work usually lastes until the middle of the month. this year we got out earlier ... and i think i've really stretched the way that june feels (our entire trip to california was mid-june and we still had 2 weeks left after we got back). good job me!

oi ... i should be in bed still ... i didn't go to sleep until 4am ... but here i am up before noon and doing stuff ... mother would be so proud. lessee ... the news du jour ... i really don't know how i feel about this whole bizzness about saddam being turned over to the new governing body of iraq. the first thing that came to mind was that he would surely escape or be set free. altho, i can also see a whole lotta people screaming for his execution ... it just seems so stupid that saddam hussein is now in iraqi custody when we've spent so much blood trying to catch him and get him out of iraq. i hope this thing doesn't blow up in our faces (like the entire iraqi occupation has thus far).

in other legal shenaigans, it seems that courtney love just cannot get her stupid ass to court on time, or even close to on time. she is such a moron! after the judge scolded her dumb ass for being 5 1/2 hours late Love apologized to the judge while playing with a packet of cigarettes. ye gods, someone lock this woman away before she ends up killing herself ... from what i understand, there is a great treatment facility in utah ...

which brings me to the next little tidbit. so we now suspect that mary-kate is being treated for drug abuse in addition to an eating disorder mainly because her father has admitted that she's been battling anorexia for 2 years now. man, i bet ashley's a little pissed that mk is getting all the press ... maybe ash can run over some paparazzi or something ... she needs some screen time too.

oh and guess what, the supreme court has ruled, in its infinite wisdom, that parents have to be parents when it comes to monitoring their own children. imagine that! man, the supreme court can be so smart in some cases (like this one) and so incredibly stupid in others (like the pledge of allegiance case). oi vey!

i love that there can actually a dialog concerning who barbie is dating. we all know (cuz people follow dumb shit like this) that barbie broke up with ken earlier in the year ... but did you know that she replaced him with a gay boyfriend named blaine? here is a pic of the happy couple

now she doesn't have to waste her time hanging out with stupid midge and stupid skipper ... now she can do some serious shopping with her new boyfriend blaine. after all these years, it's nice to see barbie settle down as just another fag hag (tho it would be hilarous if blaine dropped barbie for ken ... hee hee).

and the final bit of news, thus far, is that author j.k. rowling has come up with the name of the next harry potter book ...

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

and the world breathes a collective sigh of WhatTheFuck?!?

web master

just got back from the midnight showing of spider-man 2 ... there were 4 stadium sized theaters full of manic fans ... a few people brought a bunch of beach balls, inner tubes and even an inflatable shark (or a dolphin, i'm not quite sure)

which they were throwing around (like at a concert) ... until the ushers confiscated them and made the "rowdy" crowd pipe down ... they were pretty raucous until the movie started ...

and holy moly ... what a good freaking film! totally solid story, great characters ... lots of emotion and a very satisfying ending. hello! the special effects and actions scenes were totally awesome! this movie will be big ... it shall rake in billions of bucks ...

spider-man 2 is sure to perform well at the box office ... and how do you think that makes spidey feel?

i think he's pretty happy.