Tuesday, July 06, 2004

why, macy, why?!?

she apparently did it for charity ...

but it would have been kinder if she hadn't.

cuz the bat signal is soooo 1989

so i mentioned that erik and i went grocery shopping last night, well we ended up getting lots of snacks, fruit, meat, you know, the usual. we also got cereal cuz we were out and because kellogg's is offering spider-man 2 toys in selected products. really cool shit, like the spidey signal:

it's a pretty fucking cool toy for a cereal prize! it's well made and works perfectly. because i have the wrist-size of an 8-year-old i was able to wear it properly but because i'm not as adept as an 8-year-old it took me a long time to get the damn thing on. once i got it on i made sure to take pix (and believe me, it wasn't easy putting it on with only one free hand so please forgive me for taking so many pictures):

there are 2 other spidey signals to collect (one that projects a spider web and another that projects the doc ock insignia) but i'm perfectly happy with the one that i got (mainly cuz it was the one that i wanted). i don't really care what "birthday" i'm celebrating next monday ... it seems clear what my real age is


what a weekend it's been! i think i've run the gammut of emotion. we were all over the place this weekend doing everything we could possibly sqeeze into all the hours of the days ... it's been nuts! yesterday was the quietest of the days but still things got done. erik and brandon did more projects (involving paint and hammers) and erik and i managed to get grocery shopping done in the late evening. but here it is, 3 days after the bang! and my neck is still sore from head banging to andrew wk ... oi!

erik and i managed to have an amazing talk last night. i just need to figure out how to be a better communicator ... partenrship requires that the channels of communication stay open. i think i try too hard to just deal with stuff and try and ride it out ... hoping that eventually things will "work out". that isn't fair to me or to erik ... it's something i'm going to have to work on. in any regard, we did have a great conversation last night so things are back on track. not that they really weren't on track but i'm feeling better about things and that's that.

today is a very quiet day ... except for the news that john kerry chose john edwards to be his running mate there ain't much else going on. funny thing, tho, the new york post had "inside information" that dick gephardt was going to be kerry's pick and they erroneously ran with the story mere hours before kerry named edwards as his #2:

leave it to the smoking gun to blow the whistle! the paper released a statement saying that, "We unreservedly apologize to our readers for the mistake."


okie ... i'm working on a new website thingy and then i have to go visit the parentals ... so i'm audi ... more later if need be.

it's a Kerry/Edwards ticket

go dems!