Thursday, July 22, 2004

What, No Double-Wide???

Erik and I had a great dinner at Chili's (mmm chicken crispers) and then came home to (try) and enjoy a quiet night in with a movie.  We decided to watch Die, Mommie, Die (one of our date movies & a DVD gift from him on my birthday) but at about 70% of the movie the DVD player stopped playing.  The damn thing has been acting up for a while now and I think it's on its last legs.  With all the new DVDs that I have recently acquired I might have get a new one soon.  Suck!

Anyways, I did do some looking around online and found some goss to share for today.  It seems that Britney and Kevin are in the market for a new house.  Here are the details of the one they checked out:

Described as:
Large & stunning Malibu estate is open & bright w/ high soaring ceilings.  Located behind gates in a private neighborhood.  6800 magnificently appointed sq ft home has 5 bd & 6 ba.  Master suite includes fireplace, sitting room, spa tub, steam shower & his/her walk-in closets.  Gourmet kitchen w/ granite counters & sub zero fridge/freezer. 3 fireplaces, and a total of 11 rooms.  Open floor plan, and grand entrance.  Wide circular driveway and backyard ideal for entertaining w/ pool, spa, bbq & fire pit.

Price: $ 3,395,000.00
It looks pretty swank.  I'm just glad they didn't decide to go with a pimped out double-wide trailer, of course that would have only happened if they were shopping on his budget.

And what, pray tell, does a pop-diva-on-a-white-trashy-downward-spiral do to relax after an exhausting day of $3 million dollar mansion shopping?


She goes to a place called Legally Tan ... barefoot!  Are you f-ing kidding me, Brit?!?

In other pop diva news (the next generation), it seems that I am not the only blogger contemplating the ever-growing teen-queen "who rulz?" dilemma.  Pop Culture Junkies have chosen their pick for the winner betwixt the two pop-tarts -- it's Lindsay Lohan in every category.  They make very good points and unabashedly support L.Lo for Coolest Teen in '04I've already pled my case for my pick (big up Hil) so I'm not going to go there again (though it must be said that I honestly listened to Our Lips Are Sealed, the Duff sisters version, at least 12 times in a row while driving all over God's creation today) but I thought it would be fair to offer the other viewpoint.  'Nuff said.

The only other big talking point today was  that everyone, apparently, has a hardon for Target (stereogum, whatevs and Gawker all reported on the celebrity soirée of the opening of the Brooklyn Target store).

Now don't get me wrong, I am a big lover of Le Targét (pronounced tar-zshay) but I think the prospect of big-name celebrities going ga-ga over something as "normal" as a new Target store, well, I fear for the upper echelons of the bourgeois filth.

Geeze, Maggie Gyllenhaal looks as if she just stepped in a steaming pile of Target-dog poop.

And on that note, good night.

Day Dream Believer Weaver

This post is going to be hella-lame.  I had to wake up early to drive Erik to work and then  I spent the entire day at work.  We had Dreamweaver training from 9am to 4:30pm.  It wasn't horrid by any means.  The instructor that we hired was really cool and easy to understand.  Dreamweaver is *nothing* like the shitty program Frontpage.  Our instructor, Tina, spent the morning showing us how to use the program Fireworks (which is just like Photoshop but more functional for web design needs).  If that was all I learned I would have been happy.  After lunch we did some stuff with Dreamweaver and began making webpages.  Right away I was learning how wrong I have been doing web design.  Well actually I've not designed anything, I've just been using templates that other people have made.  I learned some tricks on how to clean up my homepage.  I might have to redesign it entirely some day.  I just need something plain and simple for right now so I'm happy.  My blog is going to stay the same.  I like it the way it is so I'll probably not change it for a long time.

Anyways, I just skimmed the news and nothing major seemed to jump out at me.  If I missed anything please don't hesitate to drop me a comment or email and I'll update. 

Erik and I are having date night tonight so I guess I'll be back later.  Ciao!