Saturday, September 04, 2004

"SweetTitz" Is #1

Sarah's birthday celebration was so fun. Mike and Kirsten came over and then we all headed down to Dearborn to meet up at Sarah's place for drinks. She made us Mojitos and French Martinis ... they were totally yum! After we hung out there for a bit, we grabbed a quick bite to eat at La Shish and then met up with the gang again at The Double Olive for the rest of the night's festivities. We were able to chill out for a while because the bar was pretty empty. But, people started crowding in and the joint was in full swing.

We were able to dance a bit in the dance room. I think watching Mike "ump" to Jay-Z's 99 Problems was the highlight ... or it could have been Erik dancing with a bride-to-be who was there having her bachelorette party (she was wearing pasties) ... or it might have been Marcus just grooving on the dance floor ... come to think of it, there were many highlights.

Actually, the real fun was playing Erotic Photo Hunt! We played the game when Adriana and Brian were in town last winter ... for hours! But, tonight we played twice and got the #2 high score (we entered our name as SweetLixxna) and the #1 high score (we entered our name as SweetTitz):

Yeah, we ruled!

So that was it, we had to leave a bit early because tomorrow we have to drive up to East Lansing for Ame & Matt's wedding. So we were out. You can check out more party photos HERE.

Who Let The Dog Out?

Britney Spears, America's little sweetheart, has been seen around town with her new pooch Lacy Loo. She was spotted with her assistant, Felicia, as they enjoyed a day of shopping. I'm not quite sure if Brit-Brit is trying to steal Mary-Kate's look or if now she's trying to pull a Paris Hilton type look.

In this picture you can see that Britney really does look like Paris Hilton. I bet if Britney finds herself in a pinch for publicity (like that would ever happen) she can "lose" her dog Lacy Loo, stumble around town in her bare feet putting up lost dog signs and then miraculously have her pooch resurface.

Anyways, here are more pictures of Britney as she attempts to park her car, juggle both a Starbucks double-shotté-latté-mocha-frappacino AND her dog and make sure that her dress looks just right. Hey, she's wearing shoes y'all and that is a major step forward [all pictures from]:

In other major Britney news, an unreleased song has leaked to the Internet as of last night/this morning. The song is called Guilty and can be downloaded HERE. This link will only work for a few days. The webhost that I use to store the MP3s that I am sharing has been down for a while now, when it's back up I will add a link on the sidebar. Check it out, y'all!

Lunch With The Huntress

Diana is in town for the Labor Day weekend and I was able to have lunch with her today. She emailed me earlier in the week and I was immediately all excited to see her. Erik's friend Sherri, her husband Clayton and their beautiful daughter Alexis were also in town today so I got to meet them before I went off to hang with Diana.

Di and I had a great lunch at Noble Fish. We generally have a great time over sushi when we get together. She went with me to Shine to pick up Sarah's birthday present. Then we spent some time talking over chrysanthemum tea at Sweetwaters Cafe.

It was soooo good to spend time with her. I probably won't be able to see her again this trip so we're going to have to make a concerted effort to keep in touch.

I love you Di!

Happy Birthday Sarah!!!

Yay! Today is Sarah's 28th birthday!!! I hope you get everything that your heart desires. May faeries bring you the brightest blessings and may you have many more joyous birthdays to come.

I love you dearly, not queerly.