Monday, September 20, 2004

Game, Set, Match

Tonight was fun. Erik and I got tickets for a few shows (Morrissey, PJ Harvey, Melissa Auf Der Maur & The Von Bondies) and had a nice dinner at Zumba. Then we decided to go to a "nice" movie that didn't have zombies or killers or massive amounts of blood or anything negative in it at all. We settled on the movie Wimbledon.

I have to tell ya, it was pretty entertaining. Surprisingly, there was a lot of male nudity in this film. It was a little predictable but I was not too keen on the gay friend, Dieter, not getting any play at all! Ah well, the locker room scenes more than made up for my disappointment. Anyways, this is a great date movie ... it's funny and romantic and completely unbelievable -- you'll love it!

We had such a nice night together ... I love when we have nights like this. I'm really happy we got the concert tickets that we did (while we have the money to spend). We're getting tickets for The Killers and Rilo Kiley this Friday ... woo!

Sooo ... I have to "go to bed" now :) Piece out!

Monday, Monday

Whew! I've been so busy that I hardly have the time to breathe! Let's get to it ... I have a lot of topics to cover.

Lessee, yesterday was fun. Erik and I went into Canada to pick up Mike at the train station (he was at the Toronto Film Festival for 8 days) but we were totally hassled at the border. My car got searched and everything ... lame! The whole thing took less than 10 minutes but it was still a pain. We had a nice dinner in Windsor's "little Italy" at a restaurant called Il Posto. It was very, very good. Erik was going to have rabbit, then he mentioned quails ... he ended up getting chicken or something. Whateva, he should have had the wabbit! We picked up Mike at the appointed hour then hung out at Devonshire Mall for a bit (no shopping, even HMV was a total disappointment!) before coming home. Yeah, we were hassled at the US border entry point as well. Lame, lame, lame!

Last night we toyed with the idea of seeing a movie but ended up staying in. I was able to watch Charmed, Panic Room and Se7en -- I know, I know ... reaaal exciting. But I did get to see the trailer for next week's episode of Charmed (titled Cheaper by the Coven) with guest star Charisma Carpenter

It should be a cool episode. She's been confirmed for 2 episodes but I doubt she'll become a permanent cast member. We'll see though ...

Poor Sarah, she got all of her wisdom teeth ripped out of her head last Friday and I haven't had the opportunity to share with you her pictures. I chatted with her today and she said she's feeling better. I have to admit that this doe-eyed picture she sent me is really cute. Yes, her cheeks look puffy but overall she looks pretty damn good. I looked a right mess when I got my ONE tooth extracted. I hope she's back to normal soon ... and I hope she saves me a few of those "V" thingies that I asked her for ;)

So everyone and their mother now knows that Britney Spears entered into her second marriage in 9 months. I was sold once I read the report from CNN (Although, the Sun Newspaper has a pretty good article on the nuptials as well). But, USA Today has a blow-by-blow of how the whole thing went down:

• Spears had a bachelorette party Friday night, People reports, while Federline spent the night with pals at Houston's in L.A., according to the New York Post.

• The bride started wedding preparations Saturday afternoon at Burke Williams spa in Santa Monica, The Insider reports. She checked in under the name "Bella" and had a facial and massage before leaving at 3 p.m.

• After a stop at her apartment, The Insider reports, Spears headed to the Fairmont Hotel at 7 p.m., where she met up with two vans filled with family and guests. The vans drove to the Studio City home where the couple were married.

• The home is owned by Jeff and Alyson Fox, says The Insider, which reports that Alyson Fox is the couple's wedding planner. Star says that the ceremony took place in the home of the groomsmen's tailor and that he and the wedding planner are divorced.

• With helicopters hovering overhead, neighbors spilled into the streets for an impromptu block party, People reports

• Britney gave Kevin a platinum ring with diamonds, according to Star, and she got a platinum band.

• At 1 a.m., the wedding party and guests left the home, The Insider says All guests came out wearing sweats — the girls in pink velour tracksuits (one said "Hot Mama") and the guys in white velour tracksuits with "Pimp" embroidered on the back. The reception was at Dublin's in L.A. at 2 a.m.

And that's how it all went down -- trashy to the bitter end ... Oi! In other news:

Guess what child-star was arrested in the panhandle state for possession of controlled substances, from

The 24-year-old actor, best known for starring in the "Home Alone" movies, was nabbed for possession of marijuana and two controlled dangerous substances (Xanex and sleeping pills) for which he did not have a prescription. A bleary-eyed Culkin is pictured below in an Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office mug shot. Following a traffic stop--a Culkin buddy was driving--the movie star was arrested and briefly jailed before being released on $4,000 bond.

Oh Mac ... transporting drugs in Oklahoma?! I could have told you that was a bad idea!

Morrissey is set to release his third single from You Are The Quarry -- it's going to be the song Let Me Kiss You (which Nancy Sinatra also recorded for her upcoming album) and will come with 3 new songs -- Don't Make Fun of Daddy's Voice, Friday Mourning & I Am Two People.

That's pretty much it for now ... I have lectures still to work on for my class. Things are going better here at work, I think it's just a matter of me adjusting to the new workload. I know I'm probably missing tons of good goss so I'll update if I come across anything.