Tuesday, October 19, 2004

The Debate Rages On

ULS hosted a debate between representatives of the two political parties, here's what they looked like:

Yeah, the Bush guy is scary-looking but hello, he's a Republican, don't act so surprised. The two debaters actually did a good job. One wasn't any better than the other. In fact, they sounded exactly like the candidates themselves in tone and content (except, obviously, the Bush representative was FAR MORE articulate than the president himself, once again, who's surprised by this?). It was a cool thing to do but it got the Republican kids all riled up and made them extremely annoying. I'm going to stop talking about it because I really want to beat the crap out of some a-hole kids, let me tell you.

On another note, Britney -- well, as we all know by now she's finally been able to take time away from her career. She's already on her honeymoon in Fiji:

If you can remember, she seems to be wearing the same outfit that she wore when she entered a public restroom barefoot for the second time. Ah memories ...

Incidentally, some websites are reporting that the letter that I posted yesterday (the one on her website) is not the actual Letter of Truth. That letter is supposed to be posted to fan club members at the end of October and will contain more content. We'll see ... While I'm not an official fan club member (seriously) I do have connections -- I'll have that letter for you as soon as it becomes available.

Let's get to the news:

Whew! Bizzy day ... More soon.