Friday, December 17, 2004


Tori Amos just sent out an email revealing the album cover and full official tracklisting for her new new album The Beekeeper:

Sweet the Sting
The Power of Orange Knickers
Jamaica Inn
Barons of Suburbia
Sleeps with Butterflies
General Joy
Mother Revolution
Ribbons Undone
Cars and Guitars
Original Sinsuality
The Beekeeper
Martha's Foolish Ginger
Hoochie Woman
Goodbye Pisces
Marys of the Sea

The album has a release date of February 22, 2005. You can click HERE for a special holiday message from Tori herself! In the message she tells us to visit often for news, exclusives and tour dates ... she also sends out warm holiday wishes.

The Goddess has returned!!

Vacation, All I Ever Wanted

Today is going to be a bullshizz day. Already we've had the entire school crowded into the gym for our annual holiday clusterfuck ... it really gets me in the holiday spirit. There are boring sessions going on in different parts of the school and I have to oversee the technology needs ... it's fun I tells ya. Let me get a post in so I can get back to the hoopla ...

I did receive a very nice surprise first thing this morning. I am an 11th grade advisor and the parents of one of my advisee's got me a SWATCH watch as a gift (check it out HERE). The mom is a teacher in the lower school and we talk all the time. She is an avid SWATCH collector and we talk SWATCHs all the time ... isn't that so nice?!

Another holiday season, another VH-1 series of I Love The [Fill in the Blank]. Last night I caught a commercial for I Love The 90's Part Deux which will begin on January 17th:

The commercial had another spoof of Beverly Hills 90210 but it wasn't as funny as last year's commercial (mostly because it wasn't new anymore). I did notice that the joke they did about the "pubic hair in the Coke" had to be censored to say "There's a pubic hair in my SODA". Lame! Nonetheless, I'm sure Sarah and I will happily be couch-bound watching with eager anticipation.

While I was hanging at my parent's house I had a package delivered to me. I had ordered some neat-o Buffy the Vampire Slayer action figures last year and they finally arrived:

They're really cool ... I can't decide if I am going to take them out of their packages ... but I love them!

So, do you find yourself struggling to find the perfect gift for the last person on your Xmas list? Well never fear ... I have the perfect idea -- paintings done by Anna Nicole-Smith!

Oh Anna, Anna, glamourous Anna -- you're so outrageous! And your paintings suck shizz ... BUT they are being sold for a good cause (AIDS research). Honestly though, I'm sure that not even Bobby Trendy would display these hideous paintings!

And now the news:
And that's it for now ... I have to go be festive now ... at least I have good reason to be festive -- my vacation starts in a few hours ... woot! More later!