Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Gettin' The Party Started

Wow ... it's been a while since we've seen Kevin Federline out in his usual environs ... let's check in and see what the Pimp Daddy is up to ...

Love the hair, Kev. You know, it's nice to see that he's keepin' it real. I mean, he could send just any ol' person out to pick up his cigs but he's man enough to do it for himself. That's so street. [Source]

Angelina Jolie looked amazing at the Japan premiere of Mr. & Mrs. Smith ... the boots are so sex!

I think she was genetically created so that it is virtually impossible for her to take a bad picture. I wouldn't be surprised if we one day found out that she was, in fact, a FemBot. You're hot, Angelina ... no question about it. [Source]

Jessica Simpson has been spending all of her solo LA time with her shadow Cacee. Here is the "new pair" going out for dinner:

I don't mean to imply that they are hooking up in a lesbionic way ... but I wouldn't be surprised if Cacee became Jessica's "date" for any events that might spring up. Cacee really interjected herself into Nick and Jessica's marriage pretty early on much to Nick's chagrin (we saw this all throughout The Newlyweds). It is not farfetched at all to think that she might have been a strain on their marriage ... at least in some aspect. So, it might have actually been another woman who ruined Nick and Jessica's marriage ... a woman named Cacee? [Source]

Madonna was on hand in the UK for Stella McCartney's Xmas Window lighting event at her shop in West London ... here are a couple pics of the very good friends gettin' cozy:

Doesn't Stella look thrilled? Whatevs, I bet Madonna is just hanging out with Stella in order to get free clothes and shizz. What a cheapskate. [Source]

Gwyneth Paltrow is also home in London where she appears to be putting on the baby bump.

Although, her stomach is hidden pretty well in her evening attire. I think she looks alright ... maybe a bit too shiny and I'm not really feelin' the tights ... [Source]

What is up with Paris Hilton and Stavros Niarchos?? Geeze, it's like they can't even afford to get a room:

You'd think she could at least get a discount at one of the Hilton hotels. [Source]

Oh look ... little Jack Osbourne has got himself a chick to hang out with:

Isn't it nice to see our little chap grow up? The girl's kinda cute too ... good on you, Jackie boy. [Source]

And Jesse Metcalfe has also found himself a date ... a girl this time ...

Hopefully she's not as cheap as her coat looks. [Source]

Tom Cruise has finished filming Mission Impossible III in China ... here are pictures of TomKat out for a night on the town:

Katie Holmes sure looks bundled up ... it must be really cold there in Shanghai ... yeah, or she's just hiding her FAKE PREGNANT BELLY!!! I dunno ... I still am not 100% convinced that they are going to have a baby together ... it's all STILL very shady. [Source]

Here are new pictures of Lindsay Lohan spreading her message of peace to all mankind:

She appears to have been heavily influenced by the words of John Lennon. Leave it to Linds to try and make peace happen. [Source]

Here are even more pictures of Mischa Barton and Cisco Adler sunnin' themselves poolside in Maui, Hawaii:

Life looks rough for these two ... but ya know ... we haven't seen Mischa look this happy in a long time. I'm still so torn on Mischco ... can we support their happiness even if Cisco has terrible hair? [Source]

Ben Affleck took his boys out to pick up some coffee ...

... he sure is drinking a lot of coffee lately ... he must anxious about something ... [Source]

... OH THAT'S RIGHT ... his woman, Jennifer Garner, STILL HASN'T given birth to their child! Jen recently rushed to the hospital to take care of an emergency ... no, it wasn't a baby-related incident ... her friend apparently had a health scare ... JEN GARNER TO THE RESCUE:

I love that Jen can be 45-months pregnant and still manage to run her friend around town for a medical emergency. I also love that her friend turned out to be OK. [Source]

Here are more pictures of Kate Moss doing her photoshoot on a Caribbean beach ... um ... can we talk about the top pony tail, Kate?

I vehemently object to the hairdon't. BUT she looks pretty good with her hair down runnin' around without any clothes on. [Source]

Aww ... check out these insanely cute pictures of Kristin Cavallari and Brody Jenner as they spend some lovey time poolside whilst on holiday:

Things appear to be going very well for 2005's hot new IT girl ... [thanks Brianna]

... Especially since she just scored hosting duties on a new UPN reality show called Get This Party Started:

The show plans on surprising "well-deserved people" with a "very spectacular and extravagant event" which can be anything from birthdays to weddings. Hmm ... this doesn't actually sound like a show I would normally watch (I'm not a fan of the Extreme Makeover shows) but if Kristin is at the helm then I just might have to give it a try. [Source, thanks Brianna]

And finally ... Reese Witherspoon is on the cover of the new issue of Interview magazine ... and the little hay seed is lookin' pretty cute:

The pics might be a wee too Hee Haw for me ... but something about Reese's smile that makes them likeable. The little filly has got quite a bouffant goin' on too. I wonder how many cans of Aqua Net it took to get her hair picture perfect. [Source]

Les News:
So ... yeah ... last night was so damn fun. Jim and I were only 4 rows behind Jake at the screening ... it's very surreal seeing celebs doing normal things like eating popcorn at the movies. We really had so much fun ... it was equally very fun meeting all the Pink readers who came up to say hello. I am still amazed that so many people seem to like the site ... it means a lot to me that people get what I'm about and can have fun with what I do.

Today I had a thing to do at noon and am an hour away from doing another meeting. Tonight is going to be SO CHILL, I'm so excited. Basically, I'm getting some friends together for pizza so we can watch the new episode of Lost tonight. It will be very nice to just ... hang.

Last thing ... if any one out there is free tomorrow night I was wondering if maybe you want to come out to Joseph's for the Loose Tooth/URB magazine release party ... according to the flyer, I will be hosting and DJing for a bit:

What this basically means is that I will be on hand to play some tunes that will hopefully get people dancing. I've been playing around with the playlist for a few days now ... I just want to play some of my favorite songs that I love to dance to at all the Detroit dance parties that I go to. I'm slated for the 11PM - 12AM time slot and then the real DJs are gonna take over and do the damn thang. If you think you might want to come out and dance, click HERE for further information ... and maybe I'll see you there!

I'm out.


Mission Accomplished

Last night was so incredibly fun ... it was a late night and I've got 2 important meetings today so I'm going to post these few pictures for right now and then a full post later on today (maybe this evening). Believe me, I've got tons of stuff for today's post but just no time to write it all right now.

Thanks to my very good friend Harlan, I was fortunate enough to get to attend the Hollywood premiere of Brokeback Mountain! It was the funnest night ever ... here are some pictures from the red carpet:

Jim and I had a fun time of finding all the celebs in the audience ... here are the ones we noticed ... Jake Gyllenhaal (of course), Maggie Gyllenhaal, Peter Sarsgaard, Jamie Lee Curtis, Christopher Guest, Linda Cardellini, Lindsay Lohan, Ryan Carnes, Christian Slater, Thora Birch, Elliot Gould, Randy Quaid and Ang Lee. When Ang introduced the movie he mentioned that Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams couldn't attend because they were home, in Brooklyn, taking care of their new baby Matilda Rose. [Source, Source]

Seeing the movie for the second time, I was able to appreciate it more. The first time I saw the movie I was so geeked that I was screening the film so early that I don't think I was paying very close attention ... this time, I really soaked in everything the movie had to offer. The poignancy had more of an effect on me ... it was also interesting hearing the audience react to things in the movie (laughing in certain parts, sobbing in others). I really, really liked the movie more seeing it for the second time. Detroit doesn't get the movie until January 2006 but the movie does open on December 9th in select major cities. It is an amazing film ... it will be very interesting to see how the world receives it.

Anyways ... after the premiere we hit the afterparty ... there was scrumptious food and strong drink everywhere you looked. It was amazing! I was bummed that Heath Ledger wasn't there but I did make a point to find Jakey poo and go over to say hello ...

Jake was so nice. He knew who was I was and was very happy to take a picture with me. We talked briefly about the movie and then I let him be. Le sigh indeed! We ran into Lindsay Lohan outside but she was busy talking to people so I didn't want to bother her ... she saw me and came over and goes "I know you!" Then she asked "Are we gonna do a picture or what?" She, too, was very cool ... we talked a bit about the blog which she said she loved. Erik told me that my mission for the evening was not to meet Jake, it was to find Lindsay and tell her how much he loves her and her music. I told her this and she loved it ... she was very kickass. It was just a very fun experience overall.

Harlan is my hero ... I will never be able to thank him and everyone at Focus Features enough for everything they've done for me. I feel like the luckiest person in the world.

I have to give a shout out to Tom (pictured above with the PITNB sticker) and send out lots of Pink love to Shannon.

Oy! It was a late night and now I have to get going again ... I will have a full post later on today. Lates y'all!!!


Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Home On The Range

With all the news going around about Jessica Simpson and her separation from her husband Nick Lachey, it must really bother little sister Ashlee that Jess is always stealing away all of the attention. It's no wonder that Ashlee will go to great lengths in order to get a little attention for herself:

Hmm ... maybe all of these horrible fashion choices that Ashlee has been making these past few months are a desperate cry for someone to notice her. Hello, I notice all the time ... and it's not a pretty sight! I don't even know what to do with her anymore ... those black tights with those boots ... EGADS Woman! Get thee to a new stylist pronto! [Source]

Ugh ... in other Ashlee news, here are some pictures of Ash and her peeps on the set of her new video for the song L.O.V.E. It looks like it's gonna be a bitchin' video ...

... okay, not really but I do hope it's at least entertaining. has an MP3 of the Missy Elliott remix of L.O.V.E. I've heard it ... and I'm not feeling it at all but check it out for yourself. Personally, I like the album version of the song just the way it is. [Source]

Here are more pictures of Mischa Barton and Cisco Adler spending some lovie time together in Maui:

Pink reader Lindsay sent in the first picture (taken by her sister) of Mischo poolside at the Four Seasons Hotel in Maui, Hawaii. The other two pictures give us a more clear look at Cisco's face (and the "Kimberly" tattoo on his chest -- EW). Um ... if Mischa Barton is really engaged to Mr. Adler then ... wow ... I just don't see what she sees in him. L.O.V.E. must truly be blind. [Source, thanks Lindsay]

Hmm ... Brad Pitt ended up with Angelina Jolie ... and Jennifer Aniston ended up with Vince Vaughn:

Yeah ... but who's really keeping score? [Source]

Nicole Kidman and Aussie country star Keith Urban maintain that they are "just friends". Uh huh ...

They sure do spend a lot of time together ... time where they are always touchy-feely ... but ... I'm sure they're just friends. Uh huh ... [Source]

Nicole Richie is such a good mommy ... here she is taking the children out for a walk:

I know that when Erik and I have children we're planning on naming them Foxy Cleopatra and Honey Child. Those are just classy names. [Source]

What the hell is going on here?! Kate Moss must be very desperate for work if she's signing on to do photoshoots like this:

Is she supposed to be a washed up showgirl on drugs? Ohhhh, I think I now know why they picked Kate Moss for this shoot. [Source]

Soleil Moon Frye and baby daughter Poet were photographed taking a little walk ...

... what's up with that baby's eyes? She's cute and all ... but there is something foreign about her eyes ... some might say, alien ... she's kinda scary ... don'tcha think? [Source]

Why, Beyoncé?! Why do you have to kill little baby squirrels and mash them into little balls of fur just so your winter hat can have fuzzy decorations?

Why do you let her get away with this kind of behavior, Jigga? [Source]

Pink readers Charlie and Heather sent in these 2 pictures of Patrick Aufdenkamp hanging out with Lindsay Lohan and Hilary Duff ... is he the magic bridge that will bring these 2 starlets together?

Hmm ... probably not ... the picture of Hilary looks like an old one but we do know that Lindsay still hangs out with Patrick. So I guess Patrick is squarely on Team Lohan. In any regard, it appears that he is deff the Hollywood "It" Boy. [thanks Charlie and Heather]

There's been much ballyhoo over the fact that Take That are reuniting and going on tour in Europe ... but have you seen what the boys look like these days?

And suddenly, I'm not surprised that Robbie Williams declined their invitation to completely reunite. [Source]

Pink reader Fran sent in these camera phone pictures of Rachel Hunter picking up some junk food at a 7-11 at 3 o'clock in the morning:

I suppose it's possible that this really isn't Rachel Hunter but ... isn't it more fun to think that it is? [thanks Fran]

If you are having a hard time picking out an Xmas gift for that special someone on your Xmas list ... then look no further than Instinct cologne by David Beckham:

It's the perfect gift for that not-quite-out-of-the-closet friend of yours who is just impossible to shop for. [Source]

And finally ... Pink is the new Blog is featured in the Little Brown Book: The Magazine for Bloomingdale's Insiders:

I couldn't be more flattered. I am always so amazed when I learn of a new PITNB shout-out. Thank you Bloomie's Insiders ... I heart you too! [thanks Rebecca, Sarah & Freddy and Nick]

So yeah ... I'm on my way to the airport right this second ... I hope y'all have a great day and I'll be comin' atcha from the West Coast until Friday. Just as an FYI, Brokeback Mountain is having its Hollywood premiere in LA tonight:

It should be a hot time in tinsel town tonight!

I'm out.

Monday, November 28, 2005

Singled Out

Jessica Simpson is no longer in Texas with her family. I'm actually surprised that she is back in Los Angeles so quickly after flying home to Texas for Thanksgiving (and after announcing that she is separating from her husband of 3 years) ... in any regard, the first thing that Jess did after arriving in sunny California was head to the tanning salon:

She is no longer wearing her wedding ring ... which is really sad actually. It will be so weird to see her going out with other guys ... when that day eventually comes. [Source]

Nick Lachey spent his Thanksgiving weekend partying with his brother Drew and the also recently-single A.J. DiScala in Miami Beach:

The boys hit a few parties but nothing super scandalous happened. Hmm ... something tells me that Nick will be the first one of the ex-Newlyweds to hook up with a new person. I still can't believe they actually broke up ... we've been hearing about their problems for a while now but I think I always thought they were just rumors ... ah well, c'est la vie. [Source]

Still happily (?) attached TomKat are having a grand ol' time in China where Tom Cruise is hard at work filming Mission Impossible III. Check out that crowd of fans ... and check out Tom eating it up:

He is such an attention whore! Poor Katie Holmes is almost lost in the throng of people ... anything for attention I suppose. [Source]

Speaking of celebs in the far East, it turns out that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are in Japan to promote their movie Mr. & Mrs. Smith which is just now being released there (the movie is released on DVD in the US tomorrow). But check it ... it looks like Maddox and Zahara are already fed up with the lime light:

Maddox looks like he's about to bitch slap someone and Zahara looks as if she could care less. Ah ... the young'ns are learning well. [Source]

Whoa ... why is Lindsay Lohan trying on rings? Is she telling us something about her relationship with Jared Leto?

Probably not ... word has it that Jared is already over Lindsay ... she's prolly just being cutesy. [Source]

In other STUNNING news, L. Lo picked up a new Sony digital camera which she turned on the paparazzi to give them a taste of their own medicine:

Surely the paps have learned their lesson. I doubt we'll ever see paparazzi pictures of Lindsay Lohan ever again. [Source]

Mary Kate Olsen ... God love you ... what the hell are you wearing?

Like, how many bed sheets can one 85 lb. girl wear at any given time? It's astounding ... [Source]

Tara Reid has been out of the spotlight for some time now ... she recently had a 30th birthday party but there were no boobie slips so it was pretty much non-news. Here is the surprisingly sober Miss Reid hanging out with some friends having lunch or something:

Tara Reid without her glassy-eyed drunken stare is like a day without sunshine. Not even her friend's ridiculous visor + pink blouse ensemble can save the day. Boo. [Source]

BEP's Fergie has found herself a new friend:

This is the woman that Josh Duhamel sleeps with?! Oy! Someone wake that boy up from his stupor and get his ass back to his senses! [Source]

Kathy Griffin, among others, was on hand for the annual Hollywood Xmas Parade over the weekend and decided to cheer everyone up with her happy and fun message t-shirt:

Um. And a Merry Xmas to you too, Kathy. [Source]

Good Charlotte are on tour in South America for the next week ... here are some pictures of the boys playing a festival show in Brazil over the weekend:

Made In Brazil reports that Nine Inch Nails and Iggy Pop were also on hand for the 25,000+ capacity show. GC also played Rio last night and are headed for Chile and Argentina. [Source]

Here are some pictures of Fiona Apple's show at the Warfield in San Francisco last week:

Fiona is not slated to come to Detroit but she will be playing in Chicago on December 4th and Cleveland on December 5th. She will be in Detroit on February 22 when she opens for Coldplay. Boo ... it looks like I'm not going to get to see her any time soon. [Source]

Aww ... check out these cute pictures of Adam Brody and Rachel Bilson spending a nice morning together:

He's got his newspaper, she's got her Sidekick ... it's like they're an old married couple. Yeah, it won't last forever. [Source]

In other Adam news, here are a few more JC clothing ads featuring Mischa Barton and Adam Brody just in time for holiday shopping:

The clothes don't look that bad actually. It appears that the store is a bit classier than Aéropostale. [Source]

Madonna graces the cover of the new issue of French Elle magazine ... and she looks amazing in the photoshoot pictures:

The woman has got a body on her ... and she's still goin' strong. I'm convinced that yoga and pilates will save the world. [Source]

And finally, Fox will air the "Fall Finale" of their hit series Prison Break tonight ... are there any fans out there?

I haven't talked much about this new show but I am an avid fan (I also faithfully watch Commander In Chief, Invasion and Reunion -- these are the only new shows I picked up this season). If you've been watching Prison Break all along then you know some serious shizz has gone down recently (John got his neck slit ... is he still alive? Agent Hale has had a change of heart, will he be able to help save Lincoln Burrows from execution?) and something big happens tonight ... and then the show will go on hiatus UNTIL FREAKING MAY! I'm not sure people are still gonna care about this show if they have to wait until May to see how the everything works out. All I know is they better break out of that prison tonight, finally, or I'm gonna be seriously pissed off. [Source]

The News:
So, Erik and I got to see the new Sarah Silverman movie Jesus Is Magic yesterday ... he really loved it ... I only kinda liked it:

Overall the movie was pretty entertaining ... no question about it, Sarah is very funny. BUT ... the movie should have focused only on her stand-up act. The musical video interludes were not that funny ... but they're are only a small portion of the overall movie. I could really do without her use of the N word because I just don't think that throwing that word around to get laughs is very funny. But, I'm generally not one to throw the baby out with the bath water. I "get" her schtick and generally find her amusing ... but I think someone like Kathy Griffin is able to be funnily offensive without resorting to using ethnic slurs to get laughs.

So yeah, as I said, I generally liked the movie and thought it was pretty funny but there are some things about the movie (and Sarah's act overall) that I could do without. If you're familiar with Sarah Silverman's brand of humor then you'll prolly really enjoy the movie ... if you are unaware of her comic stylings, I suggest you do some research before going to see this movie cold -- that is just a suggestion.

Alright ... so I'm freakin' out because I have a million things to do today before I fly out to LA early tomorrow morning. I am SO excited about the event that I am going to tomorrow night ... I'm not playing coy, I'm just being cautious. I don't want to jinx anything. I'll have a full update when things are a go.

I'm gonna try and update before I fly out tomorrow morning but I might not have the time. If I am unable to update in the early morning I'll have an update in the afternoon west coast time.

And that is all ... I am out.