Wednesday, January 12, 2005

The Birth Of A Star

Jamie Lynn Spears' new show Zoey 101 debuts on Nickelodeon next week but I thought many of you would like to take a sneak peek at what's in store.

From what I can surmise, Jamie Lynn plays a student named Zoey and she attends Pacific Coast Academy (check out the mock school site). None of this is important to me ... What is important is the theme song co-written by Britney Spears (who also sings backup) but sung by Jamie Lynn, from

The theme song is called Follow Me. It was written by Britney Spears, Christian Karissan, Pontus Winnberg, and Henrik Johback and produced by Bloodshy Avant for Murlyn Music with Bryan Spears as the co executive producer. Britney does the background vocals and the vocals are, of course, by Jamie Lynn herself. Lyrics:

Are you ready?

I know you see me standing here
Do I look good my dear?
Do I look good today?

Today, today

I'm just an other kind of girl,
And you want to see my world
So come and ride away

If you wanna play
Come and play today
Let's just get away (yeah)
I will make you see
All of the things that you can be
Believe in yourself and follow me

Yeah yeah

You can download the MP3 of the theme song HERE. Call me completely INSANE but I kinda like the song. It's catchy ... and, no shizz, Jamie Lynn sounds just like Britney!

Here she comes folks:

Get ready for the onslaught by Jamie Lynn Spears. And what does Britney think about all of this?

Shhhhhh ... she's busy right now ...

Spirit Fingers

Oh my dear Britney Spears ... I love her so much. I couldn't even dream of making this stuff up ... Brit-Brit was photographed seeking the enlightenment from a street healer [via those really cool kids at Oh No They Didn't!]

Click image for larger size

Britney Spears visits a phrenologist healer in Malibu to have him work on her head with the power in his fingers to align her chakras, unblock her "blocks," and release her inner spirit.

The street doctor said, after treating the pop star, that his fingers were frozen stiff from the power she emitted. He gave Spears one of his cards that recommends not driving after receiving a treatment. January 9, 2005.

Er ... I thought that phrenology went out with the dark ages. Way to keep up with the times, Britney. Tsk, tsk. But, perhaps in an attempt to cleanse her aura, Britney has decided to try and mend fences with Xtina Aguilera by way of another letter. I like it when pop stars play well with each other. I really prefer that they don't. Damn!

I wonder when the other Spears will start talkin' shizz about Hilary or Lindsay?

So, like what is up with the artist man wrestler formerly known as Chyna? I'm so convinced that she is actually a he that it's not even funny. Firstly, can I ask what is going on with her boobs? I mean c'mon:

One is so much bigger than the other! If you've seen her on The Surreal Life 4 then you know what I'm talking about ... she has to be a man ... scar-ey ...

Not so scary in the surprisingly kinda-hot-in-a-very-weird-it-shouldn't-be-okay-but-kinda-feels-okay way is Christopher Knight, former Peter Brady and current cast member on The Surreal Life 4:

He's got a cute face ... and well ... I was just surprised at how he looked with his shirt off (refer to the season premiere of The Surreal Life) and well ... do we know if he has any kids? DILF anyone?

Did y'all catch the new episode of The Real World: Philadelphia last night? As if we needed another reason to dislike Melanie, she had to throw Sarcoptes scabiei, more commonly-known as scabies, into the mix:

I'm not even going to discuss how gross it is to imagine a female insect that burrows below human skin in order to lay her eggs that, once hatched, will produce more burrowing skin insects that erupt through the surface of the skin via red sores. That would be just ... too gross. Let's move on ...

This man is asking for your help for the tsunami victims:

How can you not want to help? I love it when celebrities use their hotness for a good cause. Yay Becks!

The biggest news yesterday afternoon was Apple's announcement of the newest member of the iPod family, the iPod Shuffle:

It's flash-based (you plug it into your USB port) and chewing gum stick-sized. It comes in 2 capacity sizes: 512MB ($99) and 1GB ($149). There is no screen so all songs are either played in complete order or shuffle. I only ever listen to songs on shuffle with the iPod that I have (it drives Erik crazy) so I can see the appeal. Give Chance a chance. Oh, and I already placed my order for the 1GB size :)

The other Apple product launch was for the Mac Mini:

A 6.5" wide, 2" tall COMPUTER that is completely plug and play. It comes in 2 sizes as well: 40GB ($499) and 80GB ($599). Apple even gives instructions on how to migrate from a PC to a Mac using your iPod.

They are geniuses! Macintosh computers have really fallen out of competition with PC-based computers ... but since the introduction of the iPod more PC users have considered switching to Mac ... if only there was an affordable Mac available. Well folks, here you go ...

Have you seen the video for The Killers' song Mr. Brightside yet?

It's very Moulin Rouge-esque ... and Brandon Flowers looks hot! If you haven't seen it yet check it out HERE.

Another kick-ass video is My Chemical Romance's I'm Not Okay (I Promise) Version 2:

I love the guys in the locker room scene ... hahahaha! I used to hate this song but it's totally grown on me. The album kicks too! If you haven't seen the video check it out HERE.

Lastly, here is a picture of the SUV that almost took the life of Aaron Carter [via popbytes]

B-B-Qed Escalade looks tasty!

Let's do the news:

And that is all for now. I have papers to grade, exam review sheets to compile and an exam to write. Dear Lord, just let me get thru next week and I will be forever grateful. Laters!