Wednesday, January 26, 2005


Since ABC is airing a rerun of Lost tonight I may be able to catch the season premiere of Simple Life 3:

Methinks that this show is on it's last leg, especially if they are still looking for families to exploit for this season. Call me crazy but I really think they have run out of Simple ideas. I suspect this season will, what's the phrase, suck balls.

But that doesn't mean that Paris Hilton isn't going to stop doing promotion:

Today she was on the Ellen DeGeneres Show to help celebrate Ellen's birthday. Interesting that Nicole Richie didn't go with her. Hmmm ... a suspicious person might think that Paris is looking to ditch Nicole once and for all. Worst case scenario, Paris could always fall back on writing Hallmark cards or something.

I want her to stop doing dumb TV shows and focus on her album, that would be the best way to annoy impact the world.

In any regard, check it, pretty soon I'll be chillin' with La Hilton in the VIP room of ClubParis and y'all gonna be hatin' on me. Such is the price of fame.

Gosspel Truth

What is it about mugshots? It doesn't matter who you are, famous or not, the cameras that police stations use must have a filter on them that make arrested folks look like chi-mos:

Famed director David LaChapelle was arrested for wantin' to be startin' somethin' while at Sundance. C'mon Dave, if you're looking for free publicity you should've gotten all krumpie and shit ... I really think you can pull off the big red nose.

So season 2 of The Ashlee Simpson show kicks off tonight:

And it looks like they are going to get right to the nitty-gritty. Episode 1 seems to be all about the day leading up to the SNL snafu that we all loved to talk/read about. I'm still an Ashlee fan. I really like her album and feel that she's getting a bad rap for the Orange Bowl thing. Her show is going to have to do well but it won't be until her tour launches (Jesse McCartney opens for her in March) that we will know if she will survive in the music biz. I'm rooting for her ... y'all know that I love the pop tarts!

Oh Mary-Kate, there must be less painful ways to get back together with your sister Ashley:

One of the kids at ONTD found this picture of Mary-Kate's latest cry for help. I would think that a billion dollars would keep me pretty busy ... too busy to hurt myself ... but that's just me. Well, at least she did it the right way.

While looking for more dirt on MTV's latest Challenge (Naughty vs. Nice) I came across Chris' (Road Rules: South Pacific) official blog:

Hmmm ... it really speaks for itself. It appears that Jon (Real World: Los Angeles) was on the latest challenge but has already been voted off. It also appears that Chris is very close with God. He seems pretty happy with the way the "Lord is working on MTV". Personally, I like to see the Lord bring more videos back to MTV but I guess we get what we get.

The official Fantastic Four movie site has some pictures of Chris Evans dressed as the Human Torch:

Me likey, me likey! I had no idea the Human Torch was supposed to be so, well, hot! Well cast, indeed. Anyways, I was able to pry mine eyes away from that lycra superhero suit long enough to find some more pictures of Mr. Evans and found some stills from his movie Cellular:

Gratuitous shirtless scenes are a sure sign of a horrible movie. In this case, it's a sure sign that I'm going to have to pick up this movie on DVD. Tottyland led me to some pictures of Chrissy-poo in various magazines ... like Flaunt:

I really like the use of color ... and ... saturation ... and ... yeah ... then there are these pictures from ... oh who the hell cares?

Are we absolutely sure this dude is straight? Hee hee, I keed, I keed. I've got my own Human Torch at home ... I am kept pretty warm, let me assure you. The pictures are hot though ... but the real thing is better.

I know that I am starting to get more attention lately but you know you're the shit when you are getting My Space friend requests from former members of the Spice Girls:

I forsee that Emma and I are going to be B.F.F.s who hang out all the time and shit. Whatever, I see right through her! She's hoping that by being friends with me she can use my fame to break in the US ... that bitch!

Do people still like Xtina Aguilera? Pop Culture Junkies alerted me to a bunch of Xtina pictures that were supposed to be used for her official calendar:

I can see why they were not used. She looks like a dude dressed as an ugly chick. She needs to fire her stylist immediately. No wait, actually she needs to kill her stylist ... he/she/it mustn't be allowed to do this to any one else. EEK!

Heeeeeeeeeere's the news:
So Erik and I started watching Angel last night ... yeah, from the beginning. I don't know if I am going to compile an Angel Best of ... list when we are done but, well, that's a long way down the line.

I'm kind of bummed ... Steven from MTV's Laguna Beach was scheduled to appear at Necto tomorrow night for College Night. I wasn't going to mention it until I went and took pictures to share. I got an email last night stating that his appearance is cancelled due to a scheduling conflict.


Now I'm blue.

I did get an Ultra Cool compliment last night (words cannot express how geeked I am) and a very good friend sent me a nice surprise, so I guess I can't be too down, right?