Monday, January 24, 2005

::Moan:: A Lisa?

Britney Spears just called into TRL to premiere her video Do Somethin'. After they debuted the album they announced that MTV will never air the video again (at least in the US). But, if you missed it, the digital cable station MTV Hits re-airs episodes of TRL the next day. So if you missed it you can catch it tomorrow.

Britney announced to the world that her alter-ego is called Mona Lisa (I'm sure Esther, Mimi and Damita Jo all approve). It is her persona when she wants to be "mean".

The video credited the directors as Billy Woodruff and Mona Lisa.

Lastly, when asked if she was going to release an album soon she only said that she was working on something that "wasn't an album" but that it is a "show", but "not a tour", that would be out "next year". Hmmm ... You can download audio of Britney's appearance on TRL HERE at

Oh Britney Mona Lisa ... I still loves ya!