Friday, March 04, 2005

Martha's Letter Of Truth: Ex-Con Edition

Letter Of Truth: Kabbalah Edition

March 4, 2005

Madonna first introduced Kabbalah to me at a time in my life when it was much needed. It has helped me get rid of a lot of negative influences that were guiding me down the wrong path. There came a point where not even my family or my advisors had the answers I needed. The answers I was looking for were all in my heart. Through Kabbalah, I was able to look within myself, clear all the negative energy and turn my life around.

Now that the chaos has subsided, I finally feel as though I have the control I've wanted over my own destiny. I'm in a place where I can take Kabbalah seriously and truly learn from it.

Whatever your religion may be, it's amazing what the power of prayer can do, it can even perform miracles!

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It's time for your Spederline update ... Newsflash! They don't do much:

It's too cold for barefeet, the dog thing has been done to death ... I wonder what's next for these two ... we wait with baited breath.

UPDATE: Well, it seems that they still like to shop:

... for really fugly furniture! I hope she gets that clock ... it would look fabulous in her living room.

The big story today is that Martha Stewart got sprung from prison this morning:

I can't wait until the first pictures of her tethered foot hit the Internets ... that's the picture I really want to see ... Oh, or maybe a shot of her prison tattoo? Anyways, here's hoping that Martha can keep her nose clean and out of trouble.

Detroit loves you Martha!

In the Michael Jackson trial yesterday the jury was shown video of what MJ's bedroom looks like:

I can't even tell you how creepy I think these pictures look! It looks like a nightmare ... I can't believe that little kids would want to be anywhere near this scary stuff! Hello, those dolls on the stairway look like drugged kids!!! Michael Jackson is a very bizarre individual.

Jennifer Lopez will do whatever it takes for fashion's sake:

Plus, she'd take to the streets to perform for her fans:

Check out the video of J. Lo's performance on the Today Show HERE.

Lindsay Lohan is going to be the next covergirl for W magazine, wherein she reportedly rips her dad a new one:

It should be a very interesting read. I wonder if she'll talk at all about her stunning masterpiece of a movie due to hit theaters later on this year?

I think I found Kelly Clarkson's senior picture:

Or, maybe it's her prom picture ... in either case, it's really fab, don't cha think?

Haylie Duff has been photographed with a mysterious guy:

But what is more shocking is that she was photographed WITHOUT Hilary Duff at her side!!! What is going on ... ???

Nicky Hilton tapped David LaChapelle to take photographs of her:

You might be wondering why David LaChapelle would bother to shoot Nicky Hilton ... Hello, she's RICH ... 'nuff said.

And finally, I have to throw out a huge amount of love to the aguysite blog for working up this cool picture ... of me?

I love it! Personally, I don't think it captures my true fabulousness but ... is that even possible in the first place?

Also, I found out that a XXX site,, has linked me and is syndicating my gossip. Ha! I LOVES IT! I kinda always knew that I'd find my way into porn someday ...

BUT ANYWAYS ... let's do the news:
The weekend is almost upon us ... Brandon and his buddy are coming over tonight for his birthday weekend with us. We are seeing The Fondas tonight and I'm really excited! The weekend looks to be a busy and fun one ... let's get to it already! Later!