Wednesday, March 23, 2005

There's A New Bitch In Town

It must be love! As stated earlier, Paris Hilton had ditched Tinkerbell for a tiny, cuter puppy:

Let us welcome this new little puppy with open arms and embrace it with all our hearts. We're bound to be seeing a lot of it in the coming days:

It won't be long until we've long forgot that other dog ... Tinker-something ...

Last thing, I have to post one more picture of that Love Book that Paris has been carrying around with her:

Oh God, so freaking hilarious ... Paris2 TLA.

Man, it's too bad it wasn't Britney walking around with a Love Book ... I would absolutely die of glee!

Okay ... I gotta go do something. Later!

Go Shorty, It's Your Birfday

While Britney Spears was in New Orleans promoting her fragrance, Curious, last week I was not able to find any pictures of that little minx doing anything exciting ... I guess that's because she didn't do anything exciting:

Shopping with mama Spears just ain't gonna cut it. Upon her return home she hooked up with her newly-shaven rat-faced hubby to get some Starbucks ...

And then head out to Justin Timberlake's club, Chi, in order to celebrate Kevin Federline's 27th birthday!

So in celebration of your birthday ... and your unceasing ability to stay classy and sexy ...

We wish you a happy birthday!

Cityrag had an awesome scoop yesterday when it posted pictures of Paris Hilton's ashtray ... so I present to you -- Paris' Diva Goodies, gotta catch 'em all:

You gotta have the hottest phone, a picture of your beau and some mary-jane. I like that Paris Hilton keeps it real, you know, by rolling her own joints ... see, she's just like regular people. That, my friends, is how you stay HOT!

Also, you have to know when to upgrade ... it seems that Paris has booted Tinkerbell as her #1 accessory in lieu of a newer, younger puppy:

Ain't it just like a younger bitch to break up a happy couple? Poor Tink ... She'll probably become a pair of designer shoes or a handbag or something ... so sad ... Hmm ... I wonder what she named her new little pup.

Here's your Ryan Phillipe update ... homeskillet was out partying a club the other night and Reese Witherspoon, his little (pregnant?) wife, was nowhere to be seen:

Just what the eff is going on here? Those 2 better be seen together, happy and smiling, before people start talking ...

Jake Gyllenhaal is still sportin' a shaved head ...

... in case you were wondering.

What is going on here?! Why in hell are Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore hanging out with Idol-quitter Mario Vazquez?!?

Probably because it's actually Wilmer Valderrama ... WTF?! Did Mario quit AI because he and Wilmer Valderrama are actually the same person?

Here's the latest paparazzi picture that makes a celeb look pregnant ... in this case, it's Jennifer Garner:

Actually, she doesn't so much look pregnant as just plain boring/frumpy.

And speaking of boring/frumpy ... Leonardo DiCaprio is really becoming the master of that look:

How is it that he is dating a supermodel? Oh yeah ... his millions of dollars ...

Toby McGuire is really porking out as well:

I think he's going for axe-murderer chic with that full-on beard. I do not approve! Ding Ding!

David Arquette likes pretending he is a big star:

You can tell that he's been hanging out/listening to Ben Affleck way too much.

Kelly Osbourne can go from a right mess to pretty good in no time:

It's not all Photoshop either ... Ah Kelly ... I hate to love ya! [via ONTD!]

And now ............ the news:
Well, I didn't do what I thought I was going to do yesterday but I am going to do what I thought I was going to do yesterday today ... for sure ... so when it's done I'll have something to tell you.

We did get to have a great dinner with Steve and Stephanie last night. She is moving to Nashville this Friday and while we are very happy for her, we will miss her and Steve very much. But we're happy about their new situation so there will be no sadness here.

I hate to have to do one of the annoying clich├ęd blogger sins but I just have to give props to all the cool people who have been visiting lately. Monday was my new highest day ever when I reached the 7 thousand visitors per day plateau ... but that was shattered yesterday when well over 9 thousand people visited:

I knew it all along ... Mischa Barton's boobies were going to make me a star!