Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Who Let The Dogs Out?

To clarify, there is a lot of love swirling around the entire Spederline clan ...

A representative for Spears said: "Britney and Kevin were at the hotel to celebrate [sister] Jamie Lynn's birthday. An emergency meeting was called, but only because Britney was afraid her dog, Bit Bit, was pregnant by [brother] Brian's dog, Porkchop — and that would be incest.

"As for Britney and Kevin, they are still together, happy and gearing up to do press on the new show. There will be a magazine cover involved."

And HERE is the official press release announcing the new Spederline reality show.

You can't make up shit like this!!! Loves it!

You're Gonna Poke Your Eye Out

When Britney Spears isn't too busy making reality TV shows she's out hanging with her little sister Jamie Lynn Spears:

I love how dutifully J-L studies at the feet of the master ... mark my words, Jamie Lynn is going to be huge one day. Rat-husband Kevin Federline, on the other hand, is just too busy spending all his wife's money:

But that doesn't mean I won't get his album when it drops ... for shizzle. Hey, I gotta support my local Spederline.

Here are more pictures of the happy and newly expanded Beckham family:

Is it wrong to say that the eldest Beckham child isn't growing up as cute as he should be? I blame Victoria Beckham ... and she's too bony, by the way ... Ah well, Hurray for the Beckhams (well, most of them)!

Here are more pictures of Reese Witherspoon and what seems to be the only man in her life:

He is super cute though ... I have to admit, I really would like to see Reese and hubby Ryan Phillipe stay together. They really make a cute couple and they make cute babies ... I'm pullin' for those 2 to get back on track.

Here are more pictures of Tom Cruise and his spiffy coat:

Straight as an arrow, y'all.

Here are some pictures of Lindsay Lohan on the set of the movie she's shooting in NYC:

Movie magic in action ... let's hope the movie doesn't turn out to be a turd.

Jessica Simpson doesn't always have the best taste:

I really hope big, wooden, ugly bracelets aren't the new thing. Ding Ding!

Paris Hilton loves shoes:

Her ass wouldn't lie.

Nicole Richie loves reading US Weekly:

BUT if she were smart, she'd know to come here for the freshest goss around.

Tyra Banks ain't looking too hot:

And you just know that she is yelling at someone on that pink Baby Phat cell phone of hers.

Rosario Dawson looks hot on the cover of Mean magazine:

And, if you're one of the 15 people who saw Alexander you know that, she's got huge boobs. Hot!

On the other hand, Kirsten Dunst does not have huge boobs:

Those things look painfully sharp. Ouch!

Head's up, Pope John Paul, II has found new life ...

... as a comic book hero. I'm sorry, but it looks like Lex Luthor or The Joker could totally kick his butt.

So we all know that they are remaking The Amityville Horror ... here are pictures of the actual house:

Creepy. I can't imagine wanting to live in that house ... hoax or no hoax ... there are some things you just don't eff with.

Here is a new poster for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory:

I'm weary that the little girl playing Veruca Salt will not be Veruca enough for the part ... we'll see.

Additionally, here is the latest Fantastic Four movie poster:

Um ... I'm not really feelin' it.

And finally, the new Newlyweds hit MTV starting tonight:

I'm not too keen on seeing Travis Barker trim his wife's nose hair ... but I like that he likes shopping at Louis Vuitton. Despite the negative reviews, I think it'll be a fun show to watch.

Hey, why don't we do some news:
I'm 2 days away from my New York trip and I've got so much to do ... I am looking forward to meeting some cool peeps:

I can't wait to just be in the city ... it shall be a blast! The anticipation makes the work day ... d-r-a-g though ... hopefully I'll get through it.

Hey, make sure you check out the splash page at because I added some new celeb pix AND some pix of my favorite bloggers:

So hot! And ... I'm out. Later!