Sunday, April 24, 2005

U Can't Hide Forever

Hurray! Spederline have finally come out of seclusion, here they are in Scottsdale, Arizona:

Well, it's probably more true to say that the paparazzi finally found them while they were trying to be secluded. They look ... well ... the same. Britney has been having spa treatments and Kevin has been smoking 3 packs of cigarettes a day. Looks like they've been doing just fine. There are a lot of pictures of these two which I will have for you tomorrow.

Reese Witherspoon has decided that she needs to fight back against the paparazzi:

This is completely understandable considering the run-in she had with them recently. I feel bad for her ... I like seeing pictures of her with the kids but I don't like that she feels hounded all the time.

Her sometimes husband Ryan Phillipe, on the other hand, has been working:

Here is a promo shot from an upcoming movie called Crash that he recently shot. I hate the Justin Timberlake pube hair-do but ... I can't really be mad at Ryan Phillipe.

What the hell is going on with Jessica Simpson? I'm really starting to believe the, thus far, unfounded rumors that she and hubby Nick Lachey are about to break up. What the shizz is she doing hanging out with Bam Margera and his idiot friends???

I can't think of one good reason why they would be hanging out. I can't imagine that Nick is okay with her going out with those fools. Hmmm ... is a separation announcement imminent? I think it is.

Nicole Richie has a lot of love in her heart:

Awww ... ain't that sweet?

Paris Hilton looks ... well ... I know it's her dress but ...

... they just look pointy. It's a nice picture tho, right?

At first I thought this picture of Lindsay Lohan was actually Mary-Kate Olsen:

If she were wearing 4 more layers of clothing it could'a been her.

See ... and I thought that this picture was actually Brittany Murphy:

But it's just Jessica Alba at the airport.

First of all, I've never heard of Complete Woman magazine ...

And I'm having a hard time believing that the second picture is Paula Abdul! It does not look like her at all ... but those shoes look like something she'd wear ... man, she looks really different.

Benji Madden, like a lot of celebs, loves Starbucks:

The Maddens are so cute. I like 'em all!

Awww poor Chris Judd:

At least he has his motorcycle to keep him warm at night.

Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze, Jr. look stunning together in these pictures:

I love her, she always looks beautiful. Freddie looks okay ... which is a nice surprise. [pictures via]

Let's do Les news:
Broke-Ass Ho weekend, thus far, has been a smash! VLB, Mike and Kirsten all came over and we (meaning they) cooked enchiladas for dinner. Mike and I made the margaritas. Then we had a delish dessert and then retired to the couches to watch videos all night on MTV Hits and VH-1 Classic. We had plans to check out The Javelins but ... they didn't go on until 1AM and that was just out of the question for all of us.

I think we're seeing a movie today ... I guess I'll have to let you know. I'm out.