Friday, September 23, 2005

Hide And Seek

Spederline have retreated to their mansion in order to stay out of the public eye ...

... but the public eye is everywhere. Still no pictures of Sean Preston ... still we wait ... [via JJB]

AND I'm getting away from the computer because it seems that I cannot stop blogging for today ...

Say What?

So ... the Internets are all abuzz over the season premiere of Lost ... there were so many things to talk about that I decided to make a post just for this stuff ...

If you are a Lost fan, you need to bookmark the Lost LiveJournal page ... there is so much information there ... lots of theories and great episode screencaps:

Hellooooo .... how creepy was Walt!? Click HERE to hear what he was whispering to Shannon in the jungle. He's talking about a "bad button" ... surely he is referring to the EXECUTE button on the computer in the hatch control room that Jack almost pressed ... Did you notice that the command prompt on the computer screen looked like an angry smiley face?

>: |

Everything that you see in the show means something ... it's so mindboggling! You may have noticed that promos for the show feature the website If you go to that site, click on the barcode at the bottom of the page and type in: theislandiswaiting you will get this Lost script page:

Um ... what???

Finally ... the numbers ... of course the numbers will show up all over the place from here on out ... we know that the numbers were inscribed on the hatch door ... and we now know that the numbers are listed on the vials of liquid that Desmond was injecting into his arm:

CR 4-81516-23 42, FOR INJECTION, 30ml Multiple Dose Vial, Rx-1

The numbers are bad ... right? Cursed, right?

iTunes has the song that Desmond was playing in his bunker (Mama Cass Elliot's Make Your Own Kind Of Music) for download HERE. Or you can try and download it for free HERE.

Okay ... my head hurts so I'm gonna stop now ...

Last thing, click HERE to see a seemingly insignificant deleted scene from the season premiere.

Methinks there is going to be lots of info to be revealed as the months progress ... I think confusing the audience is kind of what they are going for ... and we haven't even learned anything about the other survivors on the island yet.


Sir, Yes, Sir

Britney! Somebody! Release those pictures of Sean Preston Federline already!!!! Thanks.

In the meantime, let's just busy ourselves by looking at pictures of Ryan Phillippe on the set of his new movie Flags of our Fathers. Oh look ... he's in a bathrobe ...

Yeeeah, if anyone can make bell bottom pants look good ... it's Ryan Phillippe. What is it about a man in uniform? I dunno, but I do know that I like the cut of his jib. Yes, sir.

Check out these pictures of Paul Walker and Jessica Alba at the premiere of their new movie Into the Blue:

Paul is a little hottie, ain't he? His eyes are awesome ... no word on whether Jessica had any lactose-intolerant issues ... but she did look pretty ... well, her dress did. Those shoes are whor-RID!

Here are some pictures of Nicole Richie celebrating her birthday ... she looked amazing in this black dress on the night of her birthday ... and check it, Paris and Nicky Hilton (who buried the hatchet?) attended her party:

Could this be the beginning of a reconciliation? I hope so ... Simple Life is set to roll soon. And look what we have here ... Nicole even had birthday cake:

See, birthday wishes can come true. [thanks Analia] And AWWWW, DJ AM took Nicole to Disneyland to further celebrate her birthday:

How cute is that?!? [via]

Dakota Fanning was officially sworn into the ranks of the Girl Scouts ...

... where she will spread the gospel of Scientology to those impressionable girls all for the glory of Tom Cruise ... the other little girls ain't gonna know what hit 'em ... It's genius!

Those Laguna Beach kids really know how to turn 11 minutes of fame into a career of sorts ... we know that Alex M. is attempting music stardom, now comes the news that Talan Torriero is also launching a music career (Seriously?). But, Laguna's most beloved starlet has to be Kristin Cavallari (Go Team Kristin!) ... even the paparazzi has started following her when she goes out:

Yeah ... I wouldn't be surprised if she, one day, became a Hollywood "It" girl ... wasn't Christina the one who was supposed to be an actress? Whatever happened to her ...?

Check out these awesome pictures of our dear Jilary, Joel Madden and Hilary Duff, at the Dim Mak afterparty for The Bloc Party show in LA this week:

I hear that was a very fun party ... it looked and sounded like everyone had a great time. I can't wait to get my booty to LA. Where my peoples at?!? [thanks Nadia via Cobra Snake]

In true Foxy Brown bitin' fashion, here are pictures of Miss Brown on her way to court:

... she would seriously do anything to be just like Lil' Kim.

It seems the general consensus is that WE LOVE LINDSAY LOHAN WITH HER RED HAIR ...

You know, normally I would hate this dumb-looking beret but I don't really mind it much now ... L. Lo is getting her ass back to normal ... and it is a glorious sight.

Is peeing your pants the new thing in Hollywood?

I'm not exactly sure why Jenny McCarthy wet her pants while she was on the Howard Stern Show ... yeah ... and I don't think I really want to know either ... [via ONTD!]

Rosie O'Donnell is back on Broadway ... here is a picture of her on the opening night of Fiddler on the Roof:

She looks like she plays the role of the portly older lady very well. That's range, people.

Awww, what happened to our sweet Christina Ricci? She looks like she got her ass beat down. Did she have a scuffle with Naomi Campbell?

Of course she is okay ... she's only wearing make-up on the set of her new movie ... she looks like she likes it rough, tho.

Poor Tori Spelling ... she looks so forlorn since the break-up of her marriage:

I wonder who she was growling at in that last picture ... did she catch a glimpse of the happily married Jenny Garth and Peter Facinelli?

Avril Lavigne got herself a little makeover:

I'm not exactly sure how I feel about her hair ... it's nice ... but so not Avril ...

How cute is this picture of Ashlee Simpson with a few of her young fans:

Okay, it's not really that cute at all ... but how fancy are these new promo pictures of Ashlee:

I think these pictures are supposed to evoke the feeling that her new album, I Am Me, is a more mature body of work ... or some shit like that.

It's no secret that I am a big fan of Abercrombie & Fitch ...

... and with ad campaigns like this enormous billboard in NYC, what's not to like? Oh yeah, I like their clothes too. [via Oh La La]

Orlando Bloom looks kinda sexy in this promo picture from his new movie Elizabethtown ...

Whatthe ...? Does EVERYBODY love Jake Gyllenhaal as much as I do?!

Beyoncé, Kelly and Michelle better watch their backs ... here comes trouble:

LeToya Luckett, former and original member of Destiny's Child is coming out with her own joint. She looks hungry, y'all. We'll have to see what she can pull off ... shoot, she's got a better chance at success than, say, Talan Torriero.

WILL PEOPLE STOP COMING OUT WITH THE DAMN FRAGRANCES ALREADY?! Damn ... anyways, here are screencaps of Jennifer Lopez's new commercial for her newest fragrance Live:

I totally cannot keep up with all these smells ... I think I'll just go back to wearing CK One.

Here is our first look at what You Know Who will look like in the upcoming movie Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire:

He looks so sad ... I bet that horrible Harry Potter secretly killed Voldemort's puppy and that's why he's all pissy in those books. Poor thing ...

And finally, here is the very cool German version of the movie poster for the Joss Whedon movie Serenity:

Looks cool ... I can't wait to see this movie :)

The news:
So ... Erik and I had a nice night together again last night (Wee! Twice in one week!) because today he is driving out to Chicago to spend the weekend with his friend Jolene. Unfortunately I couldn't go with him because I have to stay here and prepare for my upcoming trips to NYC and LA. I hope he has a fun time ... the boy is so stressed out from work ... he needs a vacay in the worst way.

So ... I'll be flying solo this weekend. I have ZERO plans for the entire weekend ... I'm not sure what I should do ... I could do some work ... or I could go out and play ... we'll see ...

One last thing, I have send out big time love to Benji Madden for linking my blog in his blog on the Good Charlotte official website:

The boys are in Columbia right now ... rockin' out and having a great time it seems. Hot!

I guess that's it for now ... I'm out.

PS: Pink is the new Blog had it's 5 millionth visitor last night ... I am beyond floored. Thank you all so much ... I <3 you all!!!!!

PPS: I will never EVER again joke about Portia De Rossi looking like the chick on the Crack Sandwiches label ... I know it's not really Portia ... I know I know I know ... it was a joke peeps ...