Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Laguna Bitch

OMG ... did y'all catch this week's episode of MTV's Laguna Beach?! What.The.Eff. It was seriously THE BEST EPISODE EVER:

I don't want to give it all away in case you haven't seen it yet ... but oh man ... the drama totally ruled! Everyone knows that I am not on Team LC but I gotta give it up to the girl ... the only thing that would have made me love her any more would have been if she hauled off and punched bitchface Jason in the neck (and Jessica could've used a slap in the face as well) ... you're gonna have to watch the ep to find out what I mean ... incidentally the episode is titled "I Saw You Kiss Her". Um, did I mention that we get to hear Talan sing ... VERY BADLY?! Uh huh ... it's that gooooood. [Source]

If you want to read an AWESOME RECAP of the episode then you have to get your little booty over to TVGasm.com.

So I think I figured out the formula for what makes Laguna Beach such a fun show to watch:

Which means:

So best. I love this dumb ass show ... I think I'm gonna go watch this week's episode again ...

All (s)Aint's Day Of The Dead, Yo!

Blah ... Blogger.com has been screwy all morning ...

Kevin Federline seems to be doing everything he can to piss off our dear Britney Spears. She is adamant that no pictures of Sean Preston get leaked to the press before she's good and ready ... but that didn't stop K-Fed from wearing a picture of little Sean P. around his neck:

Well, it's not like the picture really leaked to the press ... we can hardly get a good look at the little scamp from this picture. And let me tell you ... if I fathered a kid that was worth multi-millions you better believe I'd be lettin' everyone know I was the dad. Oh god ... did I just say that I would act like K-Fed?! [Source]

Aww ... how precious ... Dad Pitt and Angelina Jolie spent some time playing with the kiddies at the beach in Malibu:

Don't they make a sickenly adorable family? I can't wait until Zahara can talk for real ... she's already got quite a mouth on her. [Source]

Evangeline Lilly and Dominic Monaghan still contend that they are just friends ...

... even tho there are rumors that they are already engaged. Smoochin' on the beach is a great way to keep your secret relationship a secret. [Source]

What is Ken Paves, the hair stylist who managed to sneak into almost every single episode of MTV's The Newlyweds and B.F.F. to Jessica Simpson, doing hanging out with Laura Flynn Boyle?

Maybe he's ditched Jess for greener pastures. Well, if he's hitchin' his wagon to Laura Flynn's gravy train then he's in for a mighty ... boring ... ride. [Source]

Man ... Jesse Metcalfe has been spending an awful lot of time with this man friend of his:

We don't ever see him with anyone else these days. Maybe this guy is his eyebrow waxer? [Source]

Gross! Poor Freddie Prinze, Jr. ... he really stepped in it this time ...

... and I'm not even talking about his terrible new sitcom. [Source]

Aww ... last bit of Halloweenyness ... I promise ... check out these cute pictures of Debra Messing and her little boy Roman playing at a pumpkin patch over the weekend:

He is so cute ... I just lurve me some Debra Messing. [Source]

Um ... ew ... Mischa Barton seems to be making a go of it with this this Cisco Adler person ...

Not only does he have bad 70's porn hair and the fashion sensibilities of a reject from the Me Against the Music video ... but he is also a Kim Stewart cast-off! Mischa ... what is wrong with you?! [Source]

Here is the first picture of Paris Hilton in the recording studio hard at work on her debut album:

Proof that she's actually singing -- no studio tricks at work here. I'm actually really looking forward to hearing her album. Yes, I know ... there is something seriously wrong with me. [Source]

Ally, the webmistress of IHeartJake.com, was also at the NYC premiere of Jarhead and was lucky enough to get to meet our dear Jake. She sends in this picture of the two of them:

If anyone deserves to get a picture with Jakey poo, it's Ally. Congrats and thanks for sharing your picture!!! [Thanks Ally]

In honor of Jake Gyllenhaal being so good to his fans, let's check out a couple of smokin' hot pictures of the Jakester himself ...

... yessssss ... he is very good to his fans indeedie! HOT! [Source]

Ever wonder what David Beckham is packin' in those soccer shorts of his?

Well now, we have a better idea. [Source]

Ever wonder what plus-size model Toccara is packin' underneath her plus-size clothing?

I think the word you are looking for is Dayum! [Source]

Here are a couple of screencaptures from Hilary Duff's new video Beat of my Heart:

Personally, I would have preferred if she had released Break My Heart as her new single but I'm not really complainin'. [Source]

Check out some pictures of Lindsay Lohan from a couple of her yearbooks:

I wonder how she would have fared if she had gone to Laguna Beach High School. [Source]

Jane magazine gave Pink is the new Blog and HollywoodRag.com a shout out in their current issue (with Nicole Richie on the cover); from page 61:

Woot! That's kinda cool. [Thanks Minda and Monica for sending in the scans]

And finally, here is the latest picture of a TR3NT.com sticker sent in by a Pink reader:

Thank you Maissa for sending in the pic!

The News:
Halloween is OVER ... no more candy ... well, okay there is still candy to be had because we bought a few bags of candy and weren't home last night to give it away. Now we have a drawer full of candy ... and a whole lotta time to eat it all.

Happy Day of the Dead (THIS one, not THIS one) and Happy All Saint's Day (THIS one, not THIS one) to all of you!!!

I have a few errands to run today ... nothing special ... nothing Deadly, nothing Saintly ... that is all.

I'm out.