Wednesday, November 02, 2005

But * Is Always True!

Woot! We gots some great Spederline news today ... and it's all about K-Fed ... what's that you say? What can be so great about K-Fed news?! Well, peep this ... so Mr. Federline decides that he wants to rent some videos, right? So he needs to go to the ATM to get some cash, right? Well ... what happens when you take your broke ass to the ATM and it says: Sorry, you got served! Declined!

I guess you go to Blockbuster Video anyways and try to use your credit card only to have the pimply-faced young'n behind the counter tell you: Too bad, so sad ... DECLINED! Holy crap, that is the funniest thing I've heard in a long as time ... [Source]

... oh wait, I spoke too soon ... some of Kevin's rap album has started to leak to the Internets and OF COURSE Stereogum has the skinny. So, after listening to the clip of the track, Y'all Ain't Ready, I have to admit ... I CANNOT WAIT TO HEAR THIS ALBUM. I mean, c'mon ... with rhymes like this:

I know you all wish ya was in my position
Cuz I keep gettin' in situations you wish you was in ... cousin

And a chorus that goes like this:

Back again, they call me K-Fed but you can call me Dad instead

It's bound to be a huuuuge hit! Peeps ... you need to check out the clip and hear it for yourself.


Okay ... moving on ... here are some pictures of Paris Hilton and Stavros Niarchos showin' each other their love as they relax poolside on vacay:

Yeah, it sounds like Paris has found herself an A-Grade perfect gentleman in Stavros. I dunno 'bout you, but a billionaire who relishes in making homeless people degrade themselves for their own amusement sounds like a winner to me. [Source]

Wow. Lindsay Lohan was lookin' pretty damn good at the Vogue Fashion Show this week:

Classy ... she looks great. And while I normally hate the color yellow, she looks good in it. Wow ... who knew? [Source]

Here are more pictures of Dad Pitt and Angelina Jolie playing with the kiddies at the beach:

I wonder just how "un-married" they are ... especially since they've reportedly already exchanged vows in a Buddhist ceremony. Hmmm ... [Source]

Mariah Carey has some big nips:

And she is happy to let the world see them. [Source]

Goldenfiddle has uncovered a picture of Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz that is too juicy to not post:

Ugh ... yeah, juicy is the right word to use here. [Source, thanks Kimberly]

Is this Kurt Douglas pictured with Meryl Streep?

Oh, my bad ... it's actually fashion designer Valentino (thanks Marion) ... well ... um, should someone tell him that he might have accidentally used formaldehyde instead of his usual bronzer? Wow, does he look bad. [Source]

Here is the first picture of Demi Moore's daughters to be featured in their own magazine photoshoot for Teen Vogue:

The little one looks all pissed off already ... probably because Demi made her take the posters of new step father, Ashton Kutcher, off her bedroom wall. What a biatch! [Source]

For the first time EVER, Jessica and Ashlee Simpson appear on a magazine cover together:

What is going on with Jess's face? She looks really wrong ... not very flattering. Anyways ... Jessica used this interview with Teen People to divulge that she sought out therapy to deal with all the gossip about her personal life. Do you suppose that is code for "marriage counseling"? [Source, thanks Dave]

Hmm ... I wonder what our fave Philly Real Worlder, Landon Leuck, is holding in his hand in this picture:

Click above to see the uncensored picture

He better be careful where he points that thing. [thanks Seth]

And finally, remember that picture of Jeff Probst (from Survivor) that I posted a few days ago ... you know, the one with his massive manhood hangin' out for the world to see? Well ... here's another one of those pictures:

You're gonna have to head on over to ONTD! to see the very NSFW uncensored picture ... you know, if it is actually him ... [Source via Source]

Les News:
I got my shopping done yesterday ... I think I finally found the outfit that I'm going to wear to a super cool party on Thursday night. I'm sure I'll have pictures to share so I'll keep the deets hush-hush until then.

After my shopping spree, I hooked up with Sarah and we went to the movies ... we wanted to see Shopgirl ... but we discovered that it hasn't been released in Detroit yet. We ended up going to see Proof instead:

What an awesome surprise this movie was. I was excited because it had Jake Gyllenhaal in it but didn't really know much about it ... which is good because the surprises in the movie were more effective that way. You can totally tell the movie is based on a play but it works (better than Closer did). I had no idea the movie plot revolved around mathematics ... that alone would've kept me away ... but I'm glad we saw it because we really enjoyed it. Gwyneth Paltrow is really good in this role. Check it out ... it's an entertaining movie ... it's well-acted ... and did I mention that Jakey poo is in it?

Tonight Erik and I are going to have a date night ... I leave for LA tomorrow afternoon ... I'll be gone for a week (I come home next Wednesday night) and will be pretty busy while I'm there. Blog posts will still come ... although they may come at different times during the day due to the time change, etc.

And ... I'm off to pack. Lates!