Tuesday, December 06, 2005


Blah! The power went out on our block early this morning ... it was 8°F outside ... we stayed under our warm covers for as long as we could ... the power didn't get turned back on until around 11AM ... needless to say, it was not fun ... boo! Let's get to it ...

Ya know ... I really want to get excited about the rumors going around that Britney Spears is finally fed up with Kevin Federline's antics ... I really want to glean hope from the reports that come out every day ... but I just can't or won't let myself believe it ... here are some pictures of Kevin Federline in Las Vegas (he supposedly followed Brit Brit to Sin City to try and beg her forgiveness) partying with Britney's brother Bryan Spears:

Hmmm ... something tells me that Bryan wouldn't be hanging out with K-Fed if there was really bad blood between Spederline. I suppose we can all keep a good thought in our hearts and hope that things do work out for the best (i.e. that Britney wisens up and kicks the Federline to the curb) but it's probably far too early to get our hopes up. Sigh. [Source, thanks Lisa]

King Kong invaded New York City last night ... he made such a big splash that Mayor Bloomberg decreed that Monday December 5th be known as King Kong Day. Here are some pictures from the movie's premiere event:

Er ... what is going on with Adrien Brody's outfit ... the leather and biker gloves seem a bit off ... especially when coupled with that necklace. Lindsay Lohan got her booty to NYC in time for the premiere and Peter Jackson brought a very cute date. Looks like it was a grand time in the Big Apple last night. [Source]

Memoirs of a Geisha also had its premiere this week:

It's nice to see that Diana Ross can take time out of her busy drinking and driving schedule to show up at a premiere event. Isn't it about time she got herself a new 'do? Dare I say it ... Alicia Keys looks very nice. [Source]

Uma Thurman, Matthew Broderick and Nathan Lane were all on hand for the premiere of their new movie, The Producers:

It will be interesting to see how this musical translates to the big screen. Will it go the way of Chicago or Rent? [Source]

Check out these insanely adorable pictures of Angelina Jolie and Maddox (soon to be) Jolie-Pitt hanging out in New York City:

They look so cute together ... the shopping cart pictures are to die for. Little Maddox has got some sass in those pants ... he really likes sticking his tongue out at the paparazzi. I bet he's gonna be a spitfire when he grows up ... I can already see him throwing around the middle finger whenever he gets annoyed at the paparazzi ... ah ... they do grow up so fast, don't they? [Source]

Madonna has landed in Tokyo, Japan for a little 5-day promotional tour of the country ... here are some pictures of Maddy's arrival at the Tokyo International Airport in Narita, Japan:

My, what big eyes you have ... it seems that Madonna has jumped on the superhuge sunglasses fad that is all the rage ... [Source]

... a fad that was pretty much started by Nicole Richie (and to some extent the Olsen Twins). Here are some pictures of Nicole Richie doing a book signing at Kitson in Beverly Hills:

She is really rockin' the mod look ... she's got the threads, the hair and makeup, the glasses and the skeletal figure ... she's becoming the new Twiggy. It seems like going retro is the new new rage ... [Source]

... right Paris? Paris Hilton and Stavros Niarchos were on hand for Mekhi Phifer's retro-themed birthday party over the weekend:

Hmmm ... what the hell is going on? It's like 1969 all over again ... [Source]

If bellbottoms and love beads are the new thing for 2006 ...

... then I'm checkin' out. I think the 80's (and maybe the 70's) is about as retro and I'm willing to go.

Jennifer Lopez is making a new movie called El Cantante:

Which, apparently, is Spanish for The Mask of Hideous Makeup. You know, loosely translated ... [Source]

Well ... it seems that Elisha Cuthbert has taken her love of hockey one step further ... looks like she got rid of Justin Timberlake's B.F.F. Trace Ayala and has hooked up with Los Angeles Kings hockey player Sean Avery:

Does anyone stay together for more than 5 seconds in Hollywood? Well ... here's hoping that Elisha satisfies all of her hockey dreams with Mr. Avery. Maybe she likes that bent hockey stick thing ... yeah, I bet she does. [Source]

Yuck ... what is going on with Renée Zellweger's back?

Her back looks like someone took a sack and threw a bunch of bones in it ... which is, essentially, the case. Yeah, I am not a fan of her lovely lady lumps. [Source]

Mary Kate Olsen has been spending a lot of time with former flame David Katzenberg ... here is the pair sitting courtside at a recent LA Lakers game:

This smells of a rebound ... the best way to get over a jilted lover is to run into the arms of a former lover. Whatevs, hold on to this one MK ... he is much cuter than Stavros. [Source]

Hilary Duff has agreed to host the West Coast portion of Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve show. She is set to perform 3 songs and do co-hosting duties with Ryan Seacrest:

This will be Dick Clark's first televised appearance since suffering a stroke last December. I'm sure the saccharine will be flowin' like mad at this party. [Source]

David Beckham is this month's coverboy for Spanish ESPN magazine:

Ah Becks ... so shiny, so sexy, so ubersexual. [thanks Katie]

Canadian heart throb, Ryan Reynolds is on the cover of this month's issue of Men's Fitness magazine:

I'm kinda annoyed that he's wearing so many clothes but the daddy beard kinda makes it not so bad. [Source, thanks Kenneth]

The teaser trailer for X-Men 3 is now online, here are a few screencaps:

The official website has also gone live but so far the only there is a photo gallery. Colossus is not among the X-Men featured in the gallery either ... boooo! Irregardless, I am still very excited for this movie ... the emphasis is going to be less on special effects and more on stuntwork ... I can't wait! [Source]

And finally, a few peeps felt that this week's hot guy wasn't hot enough so here are a few Australian hotties to make up for it:

Yeah, Aussie Bum has got a really fun website ... Enjoy! BTW, is it like a lawy or something that Aussie guys have to be insanely hot? I might have to take a little holiday to the land of OZ to them in person for myself ... [Source]

The News:
OY! It's dang cold today ... the house is still warming up from the loss of power this morning ... I'm gonna do my best to stay indoors today. Stay warm, y'all!

Although ... I do have a hankerin' to check out Aeon Flux before it gets pulled from the movie theaters. I'm a fan of the animated series ... and despite the reviews I still want to see it for myself. After all, I was like the only person on Earth who liked Catwoman. Go figure.

I'm out.