Tuesday, April 18, 2006

DON'T SPEAK! Katie Pops

People.com is reporting that Katie Holmes has given birth to the demonspawn child of Tom Cruise today

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise "joyously welcomed the arrival of a baby girl, Suri, today," Cruise's rep said in a statement after PEOPLE first broke the news Tuesday afternoon ... "The child weighed 7 pounds, 7 ounces and was 20 inches in length. Both mother and daughter are doing well." Suri was born in an L.A.-area hospital. Well I'll be damned ... that big fat pillow that Katie Holmes has had tucked underneath her shirts for the past few months finally fell out and, lo and behold, a baby was inside ... I'm still not sure how it got in there. The hatchling is female and has been named Suri Xenu L. Ronnette Holmes-Cruise. [photo via Defamer]

Looks like Tom will be dining on placenta for dinner tonight ... additionally Brooke Shields also gave birth today ... she, too, brought forth a baby girl and I'm fairly certain it was a regular, run-of-the-mill natural human birth. Says People mag: Brooke Shields gave birth to her second child, a daughter named Grier Hammond Henchy, on Tuesday, her rep tells PEOPLE exclusively. The baby, who was born in Los Angeles, weighed in at 7 lbs., and measured 20 inches.

Congrats to her and her baby girl Grier.

The future of our planet may depend on which baby girl will win the fight for humanity ... Suri vs. Grier -- heaven help us all!!!!

Bump Ahead

Babies ... babies ... babies ... everyone in Hollywood is having babies these days. Here is the first picture of Maggie Gyllenhaal sportin' her new baby bump around New York City:

We are never gonna run out of celebrity births at this point ... in recent years the trend in Hollywood was for everyone to get a cute little dog ... now everyone is getting pregs. Hollywood is giving birth to a new generation of famous children and if any of them turn out to be like Paris Hilton (um, Zahara Jolie-Pitt, I'm talking to you!) then the mantle will have been successfully passed on. [Source]

One more bit of Gyllenhaalness, here is a picture of Jakey and his dad Stephen hanging out in NYC:

Awww ... you can totally see the resemblance. Now we know what Jake will look like in his golden years. [Source]


Okay ... last night's episode of 24 didn't really get going until the last 10 minutes of the show but once things started getting interesting it made the whole thing worthwhile:

Here is my one complaint about how things are going so far on the show ... President Logan spent the first half of the season as a sniveling idiot who appeared completely incapable of making a single decision. I get that he was putting on an act because the truth was that he was the one in charge of all of the day's horrible events. As soon as we were clued in that he was the one in control of the terrorist activities he immediately became a sharp and conniving character. It's hard getting used to seeing Pres Logan as a smart, evil man when we spent so much time loathing him as a bumbling moron. I would have liked a little bit of a transition ... or maybe a small inkling early on that he was really smarter than he let on ... BUT BESIDES ALL THAT ... I vastly prefer the evil President Logan to the idiotic President Logan. I was shocked at Secretary Heller's reaction to Jack's revelation about the president ... but I suppose I understand his reasoning. For like 5 seconds I was afraid that Secretary Heller was in on the plot ... I was very relieved to know that he was just trying to salvage the U.S. presidency. Still ... he made a stupid choice in not siding with Jack ... and we saw what came of his actions. Now, I love Jack ... and I really love Audrey ... but Jack should've never given away the recording just to save Audrey -- that is not Jack's style. Are we seeing a softening of Jack Bauer? Thankfully, Audrey will live to see another day ... but what of Secret Serviceman Aaron Pierce? Is he dead?? I really hope not ... he totally rules -- and he still has to boink the First Lady. Last thing ... Chloe is GOD. There ain't nothing she can't do ... give that girl a key card and a laptop and watch out. I love that she hooked up with Bill Buchanan ... the Bauer bunch is gonna bring down President Logan while the castrated CTU spins its wheels trying, in vain, to find Jack Bauer. There are so many things going on at once ... I love the frantic pace of this show! [Screencaptures via TwentyFourOnline.com]

Jude Law recently spent some time in Malibu with his ex-wife Sadie and their children Rafferty, Iris and Rudy ... Jude thought it would be apropos to show off his growing man boobies:

Even tho Jude is getting a little doughy around the midsection I think he still looks kinda sexy with his shirt off ... but he's on the cusp of going from kinda sexy to flabby and icky. I'm still with ya, Jude ... just let's not let things get outta hand. [Source, Source]

Lindsay Lohan and Evangeline Lilly got into the Easter spirit this year by donning bunny outfits ... of sorts:

Linds looks really cute in that bunny cap ... and Evangeline looks gorge in those hot pants but I really wish she would've been wearing shoes. Pulling a Britney Spears and going out in public with black, dirty feet is vastly unsexy. [Source, Source]

Check out these cute pictures of Scarlett Johansson and Josh Hartnett frolicking in the Jamaican sunshine ... lookin' cute and in love:

I'm actually still amazed that they are still together ... haven't they been an item for months now? It's crazy! Scarlett is lookin' pretty cute, I have to say ... good for her. [Source]

Gwen Stefani is growing at an exponential rate ... and she is really trying to stay true to her role as a mega-fashionista ... I'm just not really feelin' the maroon mumu:

She always looks happy tho ... I can't wait until she pops. [Source]

See ... this is what happens when your time in fame's spotlight dwindles down to almost nothingness ... Trishelle from The Real World and Adam Duritz from the Counting Crows appear to be hooking up in hopes that they may salvage some of that fleeting fame:

Blah ... I can't tell who's getting the raw end of the deal. I think I'm gonna say Trishelle is getting the raw end because Adam looks horrid. [Source]

Pink reader Tempie sends in this scan of the new issue of the Disney catalog which appears to feature Reichen Lehmkuhl posing with his "family":

Actually ... I don't think that the model on this cover is actually Reichen but he does look a bit like him. I think I'm gonna hafta see the model nekkid to be sure if it's really Reichen or not ... that sounds fair, right? [thanks Tempie]

Here is the artwork for Nick Lachey's new album What's Left of Me:

The album is due to be released on May 9th ... make sure you run right out and pick up your very own copy ... Nick is really counting on you. [Source]

Here is the cover artwork for Ashley Parker Angel's debut album Soundtrack to your Life:

This album is due to be released on May 16th ... make sure you run right out and pick up your very own copy ... Ashley, Tiffany, Lyric, Tiffany's mom and all the former members of O-Town are really counting on you. [Source]

Check out this awesome new Got Milk? poster featuring our good ol' American hero Superman:

Try and avert your gaze from his super crotch and admire his fetching milk mustache. Yes ... I'm in the mood for a glass of milk right about now. [Source, thanks Joe]

Brandon Routh is also featured on the cover of this week's Entertainment Weekly magazine:

I can't get over how perfect he is for the role of Superman. He looks just like Christopher Reeve ... it still remains to be seen if he can act the part as well. I can't wait! [Source]

Les News:
David and I spent the afternoon walking around the city yesterday ... the weather was cool and breezy but sunny and mild. It's just so nice spending time in this city ... there is so much to just take in ...

We had a late dinner at morimoto and supped on the most amazing sushi. David contends that it is the best sushi that he's ever had ... I can appreciate that. We really had an amazing time together ...

Today is my last full day in NYC and I believe we're going to a show of some sort tonight ... I need to get back to it. I'm out.