Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Must See TV

It's no secret that Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan are not on friendly terms these days ... but Paris' BFF Brandon Davis (the plus-sized heir who Mischa Barton dumped for Cisco Adler) has taken things to the next level. The Best Week Ever blog has come upon paparazzi video of Brandon saying some very not-so-nice things about Miss Lohan while Paris follows behind him, snickering the whole time:

Brandon asserts that Lindsay's movie bombed because "she is a firecrotch", saying that "she's orange, she's not black or white -- she's orange." He goes on to say that "she tastes like [Brandon's] Turkish father's asshole". He doesn't divulge how he knows what Lindsay tastes like (or what his Turkish father's asshole tastes like, for that matter) but that's beside the point. Brandon even thinks that Lindsay's dad is hotter than she is! You simply MUST see this for yourself. Click HERE to see the whole TMZ video for yourself (make sure you stay tuned to the very last word). [Source]

Don't rich people live such interesting and mature lives? LOLOLOLOL

Stretch Marks The Spot

Now they've gone and done it ... now they've gone too far. TomKat were photographed hanging out at one of Connor Cruise's baseball games over the weekend and Katie Holmes just happened to expose her stomach so that the paparazzi (who were allowed to get in close and photograph her from below) could snap some pics of her "stretch marks":

Please forgive my continuing skepticism but stuff like this just doesn't seem to make sense. Why would Katie be so happy to allow her exposed stomach (rife with stretch marks) be so easily photographed for all the world to see if she weren't trying to prove something? Yes, these pictures give credence to the whole "she really gave birth" theory but it still seems fishy to me. Is it so hard to believe that if TomKat was so intent on pulling off this scam that they would take their sham as far as possible? It is completely in the realm of possibility that a make-up artist could make her stomach look like this ... OR ... she may have really given birth -- but I don't know that I'll ever believe it is actually Tom Cruise's baby. If I were Chris Klein, I'd be asking for a paternity test. [Source]

Hugh Jackman and Halle Berry were in Mexico City on Monday night for the Mexican premiere of X-Men III: The Last Stand, here are a few pictures from the event:

Halle's wig is lookin' very bouncy and her dress is lookin' kinda see-thru. Hugh looks hot. Period. [Source]

Entertainment Weekly magazine threw a little party in NYC last night and the usual suspects decided to stop by. The ever-transcontinental Lindsay Lohan is now back in NYC and was also at the shindig:

I can't believe that L. Lo is wearing a dress decorated with black roach clips ... that's something I would've figured to be more Paris Hilton's style. I also can't believe that Kristin Cavallari is ripping off L. Lo's picture poses. Well, at least she's not trying to rock the arm behind the head pose ... yet. [Source]

Check it out, y'all ... Ashley Olsen likes her men big, burly and hairy ... but I wonder why she's so embarrassed to be seen with him?

I think maybe she's a bit embarrassed by her new boyfriend Greg Chait's shaggy facial hair ... either that or his horrible grandpa shorts. [Source]

Kelly Osbourne is a fan of really tacky tattoos ... check out the new ink that Miss O is rockin':

It's funny, on a regularly stylish celebrity the assumption would be that this rub-on tattoo came from a Cracker Jack box. On Kelly O, it just looks like her latest tacky and ugly-ass tattoo. [Source]

Awww! Matthew McConaughey has mad love for his little dog buddy Foxy, check out this cute picture of Matthew taking Foxy out for a morning walk:

It appears that Mr. McConaughey just woke up ... note the pajama bottoms and the UGGs boots. It takes a real man, a man's man, to venture out in public wearing UGGs boots. [Source]

Yesterday I posted a link to a story about Pete Doherty's latest idiotic stunt, today we have pictures of Pete Doherty's latest idiotic stunt ... here are a couple of screencaps of Pete squirting his blood from a syringe at an MTV UK camera as his Babyshambles bandmates were being interviewed after a gig in Berlin, Germany:

The BABYSHAMBLES singer squirted a syringe-full of his own blood at two MTV News cameramen after injecting heroin in view of the production team. The camera lens was splattered with Pete's claret -- leaving a horrified crew scared of infection and needing to sterilise thousands of pounds worth of filming equipment. Doherty's own bandmate DREW McCONNELL was so angry with the singer that he stormed off ... MTV News had managed to secure a backstage interview with Babyshambles after a gig in Berlin. Pete, who remains close to KATE MOSS, had refused to join his bandmates. But midway through the interview Pete appeared in the room and sat down ... He then took aim and unloaded a barrel-full of his own blood on the camera lens from a few yards away. His face lit up and he shouted: "That was a wicked shot. That's going to make a cracking link that is." But his two bandmates -- bassist Drew and dummer ADAM FICEK -- were not pleased. Drew apologised to MTV saying: "I think the interview is over my friend. I'm really sorry about that mate, that's ****ed up." Click HERE to watch video of the indicent. Will someone please arrest this man before he really goes too far. Ugh! [Source]

Behold, here is the first picture of the new cast of the Today show at an NBC event celebrating its new fall lineup Monday in New York City:

I knew that Meredith Vieira was joining the Today show but I was unaware that Star Jones was coming along with her. I have to admit, she looks a lot better wearing that suit than she usually does. [Source]

MTV2 will be debuting a new show called Where My Dogs At? after the season premiere Celebrity Deathmatch on June 10th. In the debut episode, Buddy and Woof (two stray dogs trying to survive on the mean streets of Hollywood) run into a few of our favorite Hollywood "It" girls:

I'm stunned at how life-like the girls look! They really captured Nicole's lithe ribs, Mischa's putrid skin coloring and Mary-Kate's infallible sense of fashion. Brills! Click HERE to watch a clip from this new show. [Source]

Brandon Routh, the new Superman, is featured in the latest issue of British GQ magazine ... here are a few pictures from his photoshoot:

He looks really good in that suit ... but I think he looks a lot better in that other suit he's been wearing lately. [Source]

Here is your first look at the new poster for Superman Returns:

Woot! Brandon sure looks hot in his Superman suit ... [Source, thanks Joe]

... but he looks way hotter not wearing that Superman suit:

It's too bad we've yet to see him in his birthday suit -- my favorite suit of all! [thanks Joe]

And finally, Tom Cruise is bringing his frightening insanity to the unsuspecting housewives of America ... check him out on the cover of the latest issue of Good Housekeeping magazine:

How insidious! Does this man have no shame? I'm surprised he didn't yield the cover to Katie's supposed stretchmarks ... Boo! [thanks Sonjia]

El News:
Last night I got to spend a lot of quality time hanging out with Tracey, Kristy and Zakiya. We had a fun pizza dinner and then just played with the baby all night long. People, as hard to believe as it is, Zakiya just keeps getting more beautiful each and every day. Baby Z is already walking ... with the aid of her her little push cart ... check out these ADORABLE pictures:

Couldn't you just die?! She is surely the most beautiful baby in the world. At the rate she is progressing, she'll deffo be walking on her own before she hits 10 months. I love it!

I don't have to tell you that we had the best time ever. I have to give a quick shoutout to Tracey's friends Whitney and Chris who I had the pleasure of meeting last night.

That's it ... I have to jet. I'm out.