Monday, June 26, 2006

Puke Never Looked So Good

Spederline hooked up with a couple members of the Spears family for a nice dinner at Nobu out in Malibu, CA over the weekend. I dunno, there's something about Britney Spears new dark hair coupled with Sean Preston's little checkered shirt that give them all a country bumpkin look:

The only thing that is missing is the long piece of hay sticking out of Kevin Federline's teeth. The fact that he probably has a can of Skoal in his back-pocket makes up for that slight aberration. Jamie Lynn looks cute tho ... she looks like she's playing the role of the super hot cousin that the other cousins wanna make out with. And with a name like Jamie Lynn, is that really so hard to envision? ;) [Source]

Now it's time for something far more disturbing ... here are a few outtake pictures from Kevin Federline's recent photoshoot for Item magazine:

I much prefer these pictures to the ones that were published in the magazine. These pictures have a fanciful flair that captures the inner whimsy of K-Fed's playful soul ... plus he looks like a total, freaking dork. Hot! [Source]

David Beckham was the hero of the day over the weekend in the England vs. Ecuador World Cup game when he managed to score the last minute goal that won the game for his team. Becks managed to keep it together in the last moments to score the winning goal ... and then he puked his cute little guts out:

DAVID Beckham scored a 60th minute wonder goal to put England through to the last eight in the World Cup yesterday -- then threw up. Hero Becks, 31, doubled up in pain moments after leaving South American opponents Ecuador pig sick with one of his trademark free kicks. The England skipper -- who was suffering as the German heat took its toll -- staggered towards the touchline and repeatedly vomited on to the pitch ... the man of the hour admitted: "I didn't feel well before the game but I thought I would be fine and in the first half I felt fine. But the sickness continued in the second half and it just came out" ... His goal means England play Portugal in the quarter-finals on Saturday. But the Portuguese were last night counting the cost of a bruising 1-0 win over Holland. Two of their star players were sent off, along with two Dutch, and will miss the England match. How very exciting ... England's Becks vs. Portugal's Ronaldo ... I bet that's gonna be a hot game. Here's hoping none of the soccer hotties do any more vomiting on the soccer field. [Source, thanks Chloe]

Check out these really cute pictures of Victoria Beckham and her sons Brooklyn and Romeo cheering and celebrating England's win over Ecuador in World Cup play:

there was plenty of excitement in the England camp with David Beckham taking the team into the next round. Posh jumped for joy when her man put one in the back of the net, and cheered with sons Brooklyn and Romeo. An onlooker told the Daily Mirror: "Victoria was loving her husband being the centre of attention and she looked moved when his goal went in. She could hardly contain herself. "She'll know how much it would have meant to David to have scored the winning goal and she was over the moon for him. The youngsters loved it too." They are all so cute! It must be really cool watching your dad score the winning goal at the end of a grueling World Cup game with all the world watching. Yay Becks! Congrats!! [Source]

Madonna and fam have descended upon NYC as she prepares to bring her Confessions Tour to the Big Apple. Here are pictures of Madonna, Lourdes and Guy Ritchie arriving in NYC:

Madonna is about to thrill NYC with 5 nights of her tour beginning this Wednesday night. Tater and I have floor seats for her first night at Madison Square Garden this Wednesday night and I couldn't be more excited. I've heard so many great things about this tour and I've done my best to try and stay away from reading or seeing too much about the show before I actually get to see the show for myself. Bring it on, Maddy! I can't wait!! [Source]

Here are new pictures of Gwen Stefani and little Kingston James out for a walk in LA over the weekend ... check out Kingston's little knit cap:

Photo credit: X-17

Look at his little feet! Gwen is positively glowing ... as she should, she looks beautiful and her baby is the cutest thing ever. [Source]

It looks like Famke Janssen is a huge fan of PDA ... check out these cute pictures of Famke makin' out with her dude on the streets of NYC:

I love her ... she is one of my favorite actresses. She always plays really interesting characters ... I'm just glad to know that homegirl is gettin' the good lovin'. She looks happy :) [Source]

I wonder if Sarah Jessica Parker is gettin' the good lovin' ... by the looks of SJP in these pictures, she looks really hungry for it:

I can't imagine that Matthew Broderick is a demon in the sack so I really doubt that SJP is gettin' any sex in the city ... maybe that's why she looks like she's on the prowl. [Source]

Check out this RIDICULOUSLY hilarious picture of the happily married Alyson Hannigan and Alexis Denisof. Uhhh ... what the eff is going on with his hair?

He's got prettier hair than Alyson does. I bet he's got a really cool comb in his back pocket to make sure that his feathered flip never looks out of place. He's so purdy. [Source]

Well, well, well, well ... WHAT DO WE HAVE HERE?!? I wonder what Selma Blair, who just announced that she is divorcing Ahmet Zappa, is doing hanging out with Diddy on a beach ... alone ... and together ... on a beach ... alone:

What a strange pair ... what could these two possibly have in common? Are they friends? Are they more? Is this a scandal in the making? Stay tuned ... [Source]

Jessica Simpson is pulling out all the stops to try make her new single, A Public Affair, the hit of the summer. She has enlisted director Brett Ratner to direct her video and she got a whole bunch of her best girlfriends to appear in the video with her ... girls like Christina Applegate, Maria Menounos (the anti-Vanessa Minnillo?), Christina Milian, Andy Dick and Ryan Seacrest. The video will also feature Desperate Housewife Eva Longoria who is photographed here running around on the music video set:

Much like the song itself and judging by Eva's outfit, it appears that the music video will have a heavy 80's influence. It looks like she's missing all the jelly bracelets and the hot pink leg warmers. I can only imagine what Jessica will be wearing. [Source]

We are just a couple days away from the release of Superman Returns and the hype machine is still in full swing ... here are a few promo pictures of Brandon Routh using his super powers to whip up more publicity:

I'm actually quite fond of the super hero ability to take off your clothing faster than a speeding bullet. I bet Brandon would get more attention if he took off more than just his tie. [Source]

And finally, I'm sure quite a few of you are missing watching new episodes of Lost, so to bide your time until the next season beings, here are a few pictures of Matthew Fox on the cover of D magazine:

It's gonna be a little while before we get new eps of Lost ... so we must do what we can to try and pass the time. Enjoy! [Source]

Les News:
As I mentioned yesterday, Tater and I spent some of the afternoon at the Gay Pride parade before returning home to chill out for a bit with his roommate Sashie. Last night, we were in the mood for a movie (actually, I was in the mood for popcorn) so we decided to go see WordPlay at the IFC center:

When I saw the trailer for WordPlay a few weeks ago I thought the documentary about the American Crossword Puzzle Tournament (the tournament participants and crossword puzzles in general) looked really cute ... I had no idea that it would turn out to be so damn good. I'm not even kidding ... I laughed out loud way too many times to count. The movie is so cute ... sure the crossword junkies portrayed in the film are a bit nerdy (er, well ... actually they're extremely nerdy) but they're also very endearing. I really enjoyed this film very much. I know it doesn't sound like it would be very interesting but I really liked it. I, for one, never even get to complete an entire crossword puzzle, let alone do so in record time. It's a pretty fascinating subject. Check it out ... you may be surprised at how fun the movie really is.

It's a rainy and gloomy day here in NYC ... we may venture out to do some shopping today ... Tater and Sashie have been raving about a new little restaurant that just opened up in their neighborhood called S'Mac. This place specializes in macaroni and cheese dishes and I think we're gonna have to check it out.

I hope y'all are enjoying your Monday ... have a great day!

I'm out!