Wednesday, July 05, 2006

The Match-Up

There have been a few rumors swirling around today about the possible engagement of Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn (again) and I was hesitant to say anything because, well, there has yet to be an official confirmation from either the Aniston camp or the Vaughn camp. But ... the AFP seems to believe that the pair recently got engaged in Paris, France ... eh, sounds pretty trustworthy to me:

Actor Vince Vaughn has proposed to Jennifer Aniston, his co-star in the movie "The Break-Up", during their recent trip to Paris to promote the movie, according to reports. Aniston, the 37-year-old ex-wife of heartthrob Brad Pitt, said yes after Vaughn, 36, popped the question while down on one knee and is already making plans for the wedding, the Internet Movie Database website said Wednesday. It added that Aniston -- who started dating Vaughn while pairing with him on the set of "The Break-Up" -- wanted to wait until all the fuss over Pitt and girlfriend Angelina Jolie's new baby had died down before exchanging vows. And now I'm realizing that the AFP is sourcing the IMDB news page. Oh what the hell ... I'm tired from all the packing and trailer loading ... so what if I'll deliriously believe anything I read at this point. I'm not really invested either way ... so I'll send out a cautious congratulations to the (possibly) newlyengageds. [Source]

UPDATE: TMZ to the rescue ... we have an official denial ... and life goes on.

This Is The First Day Of My Last Days

Well ... today is my last full day living here in Detroit. Even tho I have about 8 million things to do today, I'm gonna do my best to enjoy today as any regular ol' day here in Detroit Rock City. Let's get to the day's goss ...

Boy, Lindsay Lohan really knows how to party ... as if getting a tabloid magazine to foot the entire bill for your birthday celebration wasn't cool enough, check out this sweet-ass cake that she her friends got to enjoy. It takes a real diva to insist on having her own face on her own cake:

Gee ... isn't that a lot of smoke floating around in that second picture ... a whole lotta smoke ... and so suddenly. Check it, she hasn't even lit her candle yet so that means she hadn't blown it out yet. I wonder where all that mysterious smoke came from? Surely it's not what we prolly think it is ... L. Lo is the kinda girl who just says no. [Source]

Unfortunately, Lindsay's birthday celebration didn't last too long ... you know, because she died somewhere along the way:

Photo credit: X-17

I'd really like to Peace the Spork her out but I'm just to destroyed right now to find the words ... but I'll try. Lindsay was a brave and courageous little Hollywood "It" Girl who was stolen from us in her prime. She will long be remembered as the party girl with a big heart and a lotta soul. While her little sister Aliana might try to step in and fill her shoes, there will never be another Lindsay Lohan. She will be sorely missed ... and ... I'm sorry ... I have to go blow my nose now ... [Source]

While Linds partied 'til she ... you know ... died and stuff, we must find the strength to move on. While he's not the hardcore caliber partier that L. Lo is was, Dieter Schmitz from Laguna Beach at least gives it a valiant effort. Here are a few pictures from Dieter's recent debaucherous trip down to Mexico:

That's a lotta liquor he's got goin' on there. I'm sure Dieter was just fearful of drinking the water so he resorted to drinking everything else he could get his hands on. Love it! It's too bad we didn't see more of this side of the lad when he was running around chasing Jessica on the first season of Laguna Beach. Ah yes ... Jessica ... the girl who dumped him for Jason and then was dumped by Jason for LC. Gawd, I miss that show ... when does the third season debut again?[Source, thanks Zoe]

I'm sorry, but I just have to say AWWWWWWWWWWWW! every time I see a picture of Gwen Stefani and her new baby boy Kingston James. Check it, the little sweetie is sleeping soundly against his mother's bosom:

Photo credit: X-17

The little guy looks wiped out from all that hanging out he did with Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt and the other Jolie-Pitts over the 4th of July weekend. He is so damn cute! [Source]

Woot! Check out these awesome new pictures of Tori Amos and her fave drummer Matt Chamberlain in the recording studio at Martian Studios in Cornwall, England:

This is from Matt's official website: Hello--just finished tracking the new Tori Amos record out in Cornwall England. It was a really fun and intense 3 weeks of non-stop playing, eating, playing, sleeping and playing. All I can say is that it rocks! I love it! Tori is about to release a box set of rarities in September and has already completed the recording of her new studio album! I cannot tell you how excited I am for new Tori music. She looks so cute in this pic! [Source via Undented]

Le Sigh. What to do with our dear Jakey poo? We should be all excited that homie is riding around on his bike with his shirt wide open so that we can feast on his manly chest ...

Photo credit: X-17

... and yet ... we must deal with this pesky spandex as well. Jake Gyllenhaal is hot ... and I lurve him to death but OY! those spandex are going to kill me someday. I might just have to find the lad, take them off him and do away with them once and for all. See ... you just have to find the silver lining :) [Source, thanks Kelly]

It looks like old habits die hard ... the on-again/off-again relationship betwixt Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock seems to be on-again ... here is a new picture of the pair on holiday together in Saint-Tropez:

Photo credit: Finalpixx

I thought these two were "just friends"? I don't know about you but I don't lust after my friends' asses like Kid Rock seems to be doing over Pammy pie's ample booty. Well, if you can't kick it you might as well stick it. [Source]

Evangeline Lilly appears to be camera-shy these days ... here are pictures of Evangeline covering her face as she tries to make her way thru London's Heathrow airport over the weekend:

Whoopsie! See, this is why it's never a good idea to walk thru crowded, enclosed spaces with your hands covering your face. I bet that lady is gonna sue her ass. [Source]

The World Cup tournament is quickly coming to a close ... I have to send out a huge mess of congratulations to Team Italy who secured their place in the finals yesterday after defeating Team Germany ... I also have to salute the Italian players for being amongst the more amorous team on the field:

With all that humping going on, it's a wonder that the boys could focus long enough to actually win their games! Let's give it up for the man lurve!!! Team France and Team Portugal square off today to decide which one of the two teams will meet Team Italy in the final game. Good luck, y'all! [thanks Suzanna and Kate]

Kylie Minogue is just about ready to get her little booty back on the stage so that she can resume her Showgirl tour that was interrupted last year by her illness ... Kylie is finally ready for her homecoming:

She is going to tear it up ... those Aussies lucky enough to attend this upcoming tour are in for a kickass tour! All the recent Kylie news has been so good ... I'm so happy! Yay Kylie! [Source]

And suddenly ... the fug tracksuits make sense ... here are the first promo pictures of Madonna and her entire touring family dressed in H&M apparel:

H&M is outfitting Madge's entire touring crew with a full wardrobe in exchange for these promo pictures ... sounds like a good deal to me. Maddy looks great in these pics ... she needs to ditch the Ed Hardy caps and go for this chic look. If you like this look you can pick up your very own "specially designed track suit that [H&M] created for the superstar artist." While I love this tracksuit on Madonna, I think I'll pass. [Source, thanks Mark]

Here's a quick little game for y'all ... check out these somewhat provocative pictures of Jessica Alba and Rosario Dawson ... which one do you think sucks best?

It's a tough call ... they both look like really good suckers. Who wins, Team Alba or Team Dawson? [Source, Source]

Here's one more quick little game ... can you guess which Hollywood "It" Girl thinks that this is a good look for ... well ... anyone?

Click above to see full size image

While the socks aren't as horrid as leggings and not nearly as terrrrible as those dreaded capris, I can't say that this look is a very good one. The knobby knees are hidden by the socks so you might have a tough time guessing who it is. [Source, thanks Leah]

Pink readers Alli and Suzi participated in the annual Peachtree Race in Atlanta, GA yesterday and did so in honor of Pink is the new Blog:

Alli writes: My sister Suzi and I read PITNB every day and it was her idea to honor you during our run in yesterday's Peachtree Road Race! We got together with 55,000 of our closest friends for a 6.2 mile run down Atlanta's best-known boulevard, Peachtree Street. We got great cheers from the crowds lining the sidewalks, "Go Pink! Go Pink! Go Pink!" How freaking cool is that! Congrats on the run, ladies -- and thanks for bringing us along with you :) XO [thanks Alli and Suzi]

And finally, Pink reader Jennifer sends in these screencaps from a music show on Channel V in Singapore that gave a huge shout-out to Pink is the new Blog -- check it:

Global domination, y'all ;) But seriously, I'm just completely floored that so many people all over the world even know about PITNB, let alone like to read it. Thank y'all for the endless support ... I heart you all! [thanks Jennifer]

Les News:
So ... Sarah, Mark and I trekked out to visit with Tracey and my beautiful goddaughter Zakiya for an impromptu visit ... it turned into a full-fledge cook-out. We had a total blast ... the best part of the whole visit was getting to see Zakiya walk on her own two feet:

I know you can't tell from these pics, but this little scamp is totally mobile and is getting herself into everything! I'm gonna miss that little girl.

I have to send out a quick Happy Birthday to my very good friend Jeremy who turns one year older today:

I just found out that today is his birthday so I had to give show him some Birthday Lurve on the blog. I hope you have a great day, Jeremy ... and even tho I can't party with you, I'll be there in spirit! XOXO

So ... I guess that's it ... as I mentioned earlier, today is my last day here in Detroit. Sarah and I hit the open road tomorrow morning for the West Coast. I'll do my best to have a post for tomorrow morning ... and I'll also do my best to post from the road along the way. I have a plan up my sleeve to post while we drive in the car ... the posts may be short but I'll do my best to share the trip will all y'all.

I love you Detroit ... but I'll be back. D-Town is my home, it will always be my home and I'll be back in town very soon and very often.

That is all ... I'm out!