Wednesday, July 05, 2006

The Match-Up

There have been a few rumors swirling around today about the possible engagement of Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn (again) and I was hesitant to say anything because, well, there has yet to be an official confirmation from either the Aniston camp or the Vaughn camp. But ... the AFP seems to believe that the pair recently got engaged in Paris, France ... eh, sounds pretty trustworthy to me:

Actor Vince Vaughn has proposed to Jennifer Aniston, his co-star in the movie "The Break-Up", during their recent trip to Paris to promote the movie, according to reports. Aniston, the 37-year-old ex-wife of heartthrob Brad Pitt, said yes after Vaughn, 36, popped the question while down on one knee and is already making plans for the wedding, the Internet Movie Database website said Wednesday. It added that Aniston -- who started dating Vaughn while pairing with him on the set of "The Break-Up" -- wanted to wait until all the fuss over Pitt and girlfriend Angelina Jolie's new baby had died down before exchanging vows. And now I'm realizing that the AFP is sourcing the IMDB news page. Oh what the hell ... I'm tired from all the packing and trailer loading ... so what if I'll deliriously believe anything I read at this point. I'm not really invested either way ... so I'll send out a cautious congratulations to the (possibly) newlyengageds. [Source]

UPDATE: TMZ to the rescue ... we have an official denial ... and life goes on.