Sunday, July 16, 2006

Here Comes The Bride Sk8rGrrrl

Well ... they finally did it ... after months and months of talking about it, Avril Lavigne and Deryck Whibley tied the knot in Montecito, CA yesterday afternoon:

Avril Lavigne wed Sum 41 frontman Deryck Whibley on Saturday afternoon at a private estate in Montecito, Calif., a source confirms to PEOPLE. At the outdoor, non-denominational ceremony, Lavigne was walked down the aisle by her father, John, to Mendelssohn's "Wedding March." She wore a Vera Wang gown and carried a bouquet of white roses. The couple said their vows under an awning decorated with white flowers in front of 110 guests, including family and friends from their native Ontario. Once the groom had kissed the bride, guests tossed rose petals at the newlyweds as they walked back up the aisle. After the wedding, guests were to be treated to an outdoor cocktail hour before the reception, including a sit-down dinner, under a tent on the estate. In contrast to the all-white ceremony, the reception will have a red theme, with centerpieces of red roses and other flowers. The couple's first dance is expected to be to the Goo Goo Dolls' "Iris." LOL! The Goo Goo Dolls? Well, it's somehow appropriate, don'tcha think? Deryck is 26 but Avril is only 21 -- strikes me as kinda young to be getting married but they've been a pretty rock solid couple ever since they hooked up a couple of years ago. I ain't gonna hate at all ... congrats to the happy couple! I wonder how long will we see a little punkyesque baby? [Source]

Awww ... poor Jakey Gyllenhaal. I think all the time that Lance Armstrong has been spending with Matthew McConaughey is really starting to get to him ... here are new pictures of a sad lookin' Jakey poo telling his sob story to anyone who will listen:

Sigh. Poor little Jake. Call me, I'll listen. [Source]

Alyson Hannigan and Jennifer Love Hewitt were among the celebs who turned out for the CBS 2006 Summer TCA Party in Hollywood, CA yesterday ... it seems quite clear that black hair is in this summer:

Alyson looks so freakin' cute with this dark hair. Not since she went all Evil Willow at the end of Buffy the Vampire Slayer season 6 have we seen Alyson Hannigan sportin' the dark and lovely locks. She looks great ... J. Love looks so non-committal in this pic but the black hair works for her as well. Props to Britney Spears for kick-starting the black hair trend for summer '06. [Source, Source]

Mariah Carey is back to work shooting a new videos for her upcoming tour in Los Angeles, CA -- they're being directed by Spike Lee ... let's take a peek behind-the-scenes and see what it's like to work with such a professional artist as she creates a new piece of art:

Wow! It really looks like fun! Whatev, that assistant need to thank his lucky stars that Mimi doesn't have Naomi Campbell's nasty habit of throwing shizz at the help. Hey, isn't this pink dress very similar to the same pink dress that she wore at the ESPY Awards earlier this week? Does Mariah Carey actually recycle outfits? How scandalous! [Source]

Josh Holloway is a supersexy beast ... except when she's shoving food into his mouth and then proceeds to chew with his mouth open:

Ew! Eh whatev, I still <3 him. TEAM SAWYER! [Source]

Slowly but surely Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo are getting more comfortable with being seen out together in public ... here are new pictures of the pair coming out of the Hyde nightclub hand-in-hand:

Photo credit: X-17

They do make a cute couple ... Vanessa is gorgeous, Nick is a lucky dude. Good for them! [Source]

Tobey Maguire's pregnant girlfriend Jennifer Meyer is really gettin' pretty big these days ... here are new pics of the pair taking the baby bump out for a night on the town:

Now y'all know I love pink and black but that animal print top Miss Thang is wearing is a bit atrocious. She looks pretty big, like she's gonna be poppin' soon ... which is good -- any more outfits like this and I might go into conniption fits. [Source]

Here are a few House of Dereon shots of Beyonce getting all made up, nice and purdy, by one of her underlings ... note how the woman who is dressing Beyonce is never allowed to look at the camera ... she prolly gets burned with lit cigarettes if she steps out of line ...

... oh wait, isn't that Beyonce's mom ... oh wait, isn't House of Dereon Tina Knowles' own line of clothing? Hmm ... I wonder how many cig burns Tina Knowles is really hiding. [Source]

And finally, it's time for the Hot Dude of the Week ... here we are, a week into my new life in Los Angeles, California and I'm already on my second Hot Dude of the Week already ... my, how time flies. To celebrate, let's get a wee bit racy and take a gander at a pretty spread open model named David:

Well, now ... what big thighs David has ... what big pecs David has and what a nice speedo he has. Woot! Enjoy! [Source]

My David and I spent the afternoon putzing around The Grove yesterday so that we could eat and then do a little window shopping before we caught a movie. Actually, window shopping turned into actual shopping after we popped into Crate and Barrel. We had planned on seeing the Strangers With Candy movie but ended up seeing A Scanner Darkly. So get this ... we're standing in line to purchase our movie tickets and this little person comes up to me and says "Hey, are you Trent?" ... I turn around and it's Nicole Richie! Random! We chatted for a bit, she met David and I met her friends and then they went off to go see Little Man. So crazy!

A Scanner Darkly is a very good movie ... if only for the innovative way it is presented. The whole movie was shot with Keanu Reeves, Winona Ryder, Woody Harrelson and others (hooray for Rory Cochrane for also being in this film ... I <3 him!) and then was animated over and is presented as an animated film. The plot has to do with drugs so the animation really lends itself to the story ... the only problem for me was, I had a hard time focusing on the dialog because I was constantly trying to focus on all the moving animations. It's a cool idea ... even if the story is a bit confusing ... I really enjoyed it. You do get to see Winona's boobs and a quick flash of Keanu's penis ... but they are both animated so who knows if they're really representational of the real things. Eh, I think it's worth checking out anyways :)

One more thing, I have to say hey to Pink readers Megan and her husband Peter who I ran into yesterday ... twas very cool to meet you both! XO

Can I just say, I love the sunshine here ... it's always so bright, you have to wear sunglasses to see anything ... it's great. I'm gonna go out and enjoy some of that sunshine! I'm out!