Thursday, October 05, 2006

Hit The Roady, Brody

News broke yesterday that the friendly relationship between Nicole Richie and Brody Jenner came to an abrupt halt after Nicole decided to extricate herself from a situation that she was uncomfortable dealing with. The bottom line is that she's pretty much over dealing with Brody's growing need to find fame:

Photo credit: X-17

Nicole posted a message on her official My Space blog that pretty much explains how she feels about the whole situation. It would seem that she doesn't want to be involved with someone who tirelessly appears to need media attention. It's so sad, really. Once Brody decided to try and become a main player on a certain MTV reality show that follows a couple of Laguna Beach chicks, it appears that she decided to opt out of being involved in any way shape or form. Upon reflection of the whole relationship (and a fairly short one at that), she reveals in her My Space comment that she just realized what she had suspected all along -- that her heart just wasn't in it after all. So, pretty much, Brody Jenner is so yesterday. I always thought they made a cute couple ... I know for a fact that Brody is a super nice guy and I really hope things work out well for him. He's deff one of my faves. Nicole appears to be taking all of this in stride, she sounds very content and not at all upset ... which pretty much tells you right there that the whole thing needed to be dunzo. Peace the Spork Out Bichie ... it was fun while it lasted. [Source]

Fantasy Island

Kevin Federline has returned home to Malibu, CA after spending the weekend sowing his oats in his home-away-from-home Las Vegas, NV. It would appear that The Federline takes great pride in showing off the fact that he has his own record label -- Federation Records. Not only is homie sportin' new ink on his arm in celebration of his label but he's also rockin' some major bling in celebration as well:

I sincerely believe that it would behoove Mr. Federline to hang on to those expensive baubles that he likes to show off. I find it very difficult to believe that his record label will be anything more than a vanity label that will only release crappy music of his making. I believe he is also planning on releasing music from his "protege" Ya Boy but I wouldn't count on Federation Records turning into something like Maverick Records. I think the only thing that might keep the label going would be if Britney Spears decided to release music on his label ... ugh ... the thought of her once booming career going off to die on Federation Records brings a tear to my eye. Boo. [Source]


So last night was the third season premiere of Lost and things got off to a pretty good start, I would say. I wasn't surprised that this season kicked off in much the same fashion that last season did. I liked the use of music both times ... harkening back to old skool tunes is a cute little convention. I am pleased with the way things started off ... I'm very intrigued to see what transpires over the next "two weeks" on the island and I'm very, very interested in seeing how the dynamic of characters plays out as well:

Right off the bat we're introduced to a new character, Juliet ... and we're supposed to believe that the normal actions that occur in the first few minutes of the episode are occurring off the island but, of course, things aren't usually the way they first appear. You can tell that Juliet is upset at the very beginning ... she is remembering something, she plays the song Downtown by Petula Clark on her CD player, and looks as if she has been crying. Is she tired of being on the island? Is she remembering life off the island (city life? downtown life?) or is she just frustrated with her relationship with "Ben" (but we still do not know what kind of relationship she has with him and who we later find out is the real name of Henry Gale -- the supposed leader of The Others). Up til now, all the books referenced on the show have been classic literature (including the Bible) but the book club book, chosen by Juliet, is a "fluff" book by Stephen King -- this must mean something (and I can't tell, but the book looks like it's Carrie). It seems clear to me that Juliet and Ben are equals in some way ... lovers? Who knows for sure just yet ... they have an interesting dynamic. I can't wait to find out what her deal is. Ahh soo much to talk about ... I think we're supposed to believe that Jack, Kate and Sawyer are being used in different experiments ... I don't trust the guy who was locked up with Sawyer, I believe Kate will get the worst treatment of the three and Jack, I have decided, sucks ass and I officially cannot stand his character. He has been bugging me all last season and now that we're well aware of his psycho-jealous-stubborn bullshizz I'm way over him. He irritates me to no end now. Team Sawyer all the way. Sawyer may be a lug-head but I hope Kate chooses him once and for all (after all, Jack'll prolly fall for Juliet who looks a lot like Sarah). We also became aware of another part of the Dharma Initiative -- The Hydra. It looks like a zoo/aquarium ... which I'm sure will play a huge part in this season. I'm glad we've got off to a good start ... lots of questions ... we'll see if the answers are satisfying enough (and come in a timely fashion) to keep the party going. [Source]

UPDATE: Pink reader Brandi brought this to my attention ... head on over to the official Lost gallery at and click to image #33 ... there is a little girl in the cell where Jack is being held ... where did she come from? She did not appear in the episode that aired last night:

Is this a mistake? A scene that was cut before the episode aired? A precursor to something we'll see in the future? Is she one of the kids who was kidnapped from the Tailies in season 2? Interesting ... [Source]


Last night was also the Project Runway reunion (which, infuriatingly always airs before the season finale at Fashion Week) and I gotta say ... it was totally worth watching:

The bottom line is that Keith and Vincent suck. It's hard to determine who sucks more ... Keith won't own up to his cheating and Vincent is a pompous fool who doesn't have the skill and talent to stand up to his posturing. I think that Vincent sucks more because he's not only crazy (that laundry thing was insane) but he's also really gross (all of his turned on bullshizz was nauseating -- I really feel for his wife). I loved how catty everyone got and I'm glad that people held their ground. There really wasn't much more insight gained from this reunion ... everyone pretty much came on and did what they did all season long. It was fun to watch but I really want to get to the nitty gritty and see who wins it all in the end. Congrats to Michael for winning the Fan Favorite award of 10gs. I would've voted for Uli but he's a good pick too. [Source] has bonus video of Vincent talking about how much he hates "blogs" because they only exist for "morbid, sick bastards" who are written by folks "drinking wine" all the while. Yeah, he just hates blogs because people call him out on his crazy bullshizz:

Click HERE to watch his interview. It's hilarious. He seems utterly dumbfounded that people would comment on his insane behavior that he chose to release on national TV. Get a clue, dude ... people only talk about you cuz you're nutty. When the season is over, I doubt anyone will mention you again. [Source]

Okay ... so let's move on ... People magazine has a bunch of photos from Anna Nicole Smith's commitment ceremony to her shady-ass lawyer Howard K. Stern ... the event took place on a yacht in the Bahamas ... here are a few pics:

You know, Anna Nicole totally looks spaced out out her mind ... this would be shocking under normal circumstances with anyone else, but it's pretty much par for the course in her case. The couple is going to great lengths to make it look like an actual wedding without it actually being a wedding. All I see in Howard's eyes are dollar signs ... it's been that way since the first time I saw him. He is working hard to get ahead in life ... the whole thing is just sad. [Source]

In other sad news, Larry Birkhead, the self-proclaimed father of Anna Nicole's newborn baby girl, is also workin' hard to get ahead in life ... here are a couple pictures of Larry gettin' down to business:

Photo credit: Splash News

You see, by being photographed with baby toys he appears a loving father. Then he gets himself all spiffied up for his court appearance where he is demanding that Anna Nicole submit her child to a paternity test. The truth is only moments away ... it won't be long until we finally know who the daddy is. The more I think about it, the more I'm putting my money on Larry. [Source]

Paris Hilton appears to be in fine spirits one day after she claims that Shanna Moakler socked her in the face at Hyde ... here are some pictures of Paris looking no worse for the wear:

Photo credit: Splash News

Paris spent the day shopping which is a testament to her fortitude. She's such a good little debutante for braving an alleged assault one night and then spending some money the next. [Source]

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen continue their rein of terror upon the poor unsuspecting people of Paris, France ...

Paris Fashion Week is like Halloween and Xmas all rolled into one for the twins. They now have free license to wear whatever horrid things they like and can do so out in the public streets. You know, it's kinda like every other day for them ... but more French. [Source, Source]

Speaking of fashion ... behold ... the people in charge of determining what's in or out for the whole wide world:

Photo credit: Splash News

LOL! Give me Michael Kors, Nina Garcia and Heidi Klum any day of the week. [Source]

Jessica Simpson is desperately trying, in vain it would seem, to keep pimpin' out her new album A Public Affair. Here are pictures of Jess in NYC trying to get people to notice that she has a new album for sale:

Photo credit: X-17

Hey, Jess doesn't need to pull out her "big guns" on me ... I already bought the album. I don't even hate it ... some of it is pretty good ... I'm sure the other 14 people who bought it would agree. Oh yeah, she's also promoting a new movie of hers ... which will prolly do much better than her album did. [Source, Source]

Justin Timberlake is channeling his Brokeback Mountain side for the new issue of Citizen K magazine ... here are a few pics:

He looks good in flannel. But I'm a bit suspicious of that last photo ... do you suppose he's trying to cover up his double chin? [Source]

And finally, Fergie Ferg is on the cover of the Hot Issue of Rolling Stone magazine:

It would seem that she really wants us to believe that she is a pretty girl. Yeah, well ... we don't always get what we want, now do we? [Source]

Les News:
Last night was a pretty chill night ... got my shizz together for my trip to Detroit tonight. Hung out with Jim for dinner and TV watchin' and a bit of reading. Not a bad way to spend a night, not at all.

I'm off to Detroit tonight ... I'm looking forward to being back home in D-Town. I'll be coming atcha from Motown for the next few days. That is all. I'm out.