Thursday, October 05, 2006

Hit The Roady, Brody

News broke yesterday that the friendly relationship between Nicole Richie and Brody Jenner came to an abrupt halt after Nicole decided to extricate herself from a situation that she was uncomfortable dealing with. The bottom line is that she's pretty much over dealing with Brody's growing need to find fame:

Photo credit: X-17

Nicole posted a message on her official My Space blog that pretty much explains how she feels about the whole situation. It would seem that she doesn't want to be involved with someone who tirelessly appears to need media attention. It's so sad, really. Once Brody decided to try and become a main player on a certain MTV reality show that follows a couple of Laguna Beach chicks, it appears that she decided to opt out of being involved in any way shape or form. Upon reflection of the whole relationship (and a fairly short one at that), she reveals in her My Space comment that she just realized what she had suspected all along -- that her heart just wasn't in it after all. So, pretty much, Brody Jenner is so yesterday. I always thought they made a cute couple ... I know for a fact that Brody is a super nice guy and I really hope things work out well for him. He's deff one of my faves. Nicole appears to be taking all of this in stride, she sounds very content and not at all upset ... which pretty much tells you right there that the whole thing needed to be dunzo. Peace the Spork Out Bichie ... it was fun while it lasted. [Source]