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Thursday, May 10, 2007


As the clock ticks on Paris Hilton's remaining days of freedom, the heiress and her parents Rick and Kathy Hilton are working feverishly to try and get her 45-day jail sentence overturned so that she won't have to turn herself in come June 5th. In addition to petitions and pleas to the Governor for a pardon, the Hiltons are also hiring on the best attorneys that money can buy. Here are pictures of an unhappy-looking Paris and her equally unhappy-looking parents at her lawyer's office trying to figure out their next move:

For her part, Paris Hilton is trying to make sure that the public understands that she is very sorry for what she's done and does not feel that she is above the law. Here is the statement that Paris released thru her new attorney Richard Hutton:

"After reading the media's coverage of my court hearing, I feel the need to correct what I believe are misperceptions about me. I absolutely realize how serious driving under the influence is. I could not live with myself if anyone was injured or killed while I was driving while impaired. Clearly, no one should -- no matter how slightly. I am ready to face the consequences of violating probation. No one is above the law. I surely am not. I do not expect to be treated better than anyone else who violated probation. However, my hope is that I will not be treated worse."

It sounds like she's getting good advice these days, this statement is absolutely the right way to respond to all the negativity that she is getting in the press. That said, it might be too little, too late. If anything, I'm sure that this whole experience has really taught her a lesson ... whether or not she goes to jail, I sincerely hope that she will learn to respect the rule of law. [Source]


Previews of last night's new episode of Lost teased that previously unknown and shocking secrets about the island would be revealed ... and they were but not at all as I expected. I think I was anticipating that we would get a bunch of mind blowing revelations but instead we learned just enough truth to for me to rethink a whole lotta things about the island and the show itself. I've been waiting for a Ben flashback story ... and last night we finally got it:

Screencaptures courtesy of Lost Media

Ben has always said that he was born on the island and was "one of the few left" who were born on the island ... and now we know that he lied -- but are there any people left who actually were born on the island? What about his little girlfriend? They did a really good job making us think that he was born on the island but we now know that he was born in the woods of Portland, OR. Ben was a cute kid, lookin' all Harry Potter and stuff but there are problems with his age that don't seem quite right. When he was a child, he ran into Richard (as a shaggy-haired native) who turned out to the be the clean-shaven man who brought Juliet to the island and operates as one of Ben's top henchmen. Richard never seems to age ... if he is really a native of the island, are we to believe that they don't age? I'm not sure if that has been explained yet. The Dharma Initiative came to the island as some sort of hippie commune ... so when did it turn into an experimental lab? Who are the natives? Are we going to learn more about them ... say, next season? I'm a bit confused about Jacob ... is he a ghost? Ben believed that he was the only person who could see and hear him but then Locke could hear him too ... WTF? I hope it's supposed to be confusing but I don't it. It didn't make much sense to me why Ben would betray all of his people, killing his father I can understand ... but everyone else? I bet his little girlfriend survived ... and will show up again one day. It's clear that Ben is jealous of Locke, prolly always has been. I'm so glad that Locke finally got he balls to actually force some answers out of Ben ... tho, I don't think getting shot was in the plan. While Locke did get shot in the stomach I'm not ready to believe that he's going to die. People heal fast on that island ... don't count him out yet. And I am still confounded by Juliet ... it seems too convenient that she is a "double agent" ... her alliance with Jack is so infuriating. I can't even look at Jack anymore without wanting to punch his face. Something big is yet to come ... the Others are planning an attack on the survivor good guys ... so a showdown is looming. I am really excited to see how this will all end ... there are bound to be more deaths. Any bets who won't be making it to the fourth season? [Source]

UPDATE: Pink reader Melissa pointed me to the TMZ recap of last night's ep of Lost which has a screenshot of Jacob sitting in the chair in the shack:

Again I ask ... WTF? Is he really there? What's going on? I love it when Lost effs with your head like this. I'm so glad the show doesn't suck anymore :) [Source, thanks Melissa]

Covergirl Lindsay Lohan hosted a Nylon magazine party in NYC for their Young Hollywood issue ... and you'd think that she'd be happy about it ... but by the look of her severely scowly face that doesn't seem to be the case:

Photo credit: Splash News

I wonder what could possibly be making Lindsay have such a sour face? Under other circumstances, I would suspect too much botox but L. Lo is way too young to be botoxing her forehead ... right? [Source]

The poor dear couldn't crack a smile all night long ... even when she was flitting about with her friend Callum Best she was still frowning:

Maybe she was worried that her mom Dina would try and move in her man or something? I don't get it. Pink reader D-Mac was also at the party at Tenjune last night (sharing his pics with us here) and reports that Lindsay and Callum were lookin' all cozy ... sharing a few kisses thruout the night ... she should prolly look happier about it. [Source, thanks D-Mac]

Uh oh ... poor Victoria Beckham found herself in a bit of lurch yesterday when her expensive BMW broke down on the streets of Madrid as she made her way to pick up one of the young'ns from daycare. Thankfully for her, she was able to catch a ride in another one of her fleet of vehicles:

Victoria Beckham knows a little something about being out of tune - when it comes to the engine of her car, that is. Her sleek BMW convertible, valued at £50,000, broke down in Madrid on her way to collect four-year-old son Romeo from nursery. Flashing her pins in tiny denim hot pants, Posh took the drama in her stride - but stopped short of taking a look under the bonnet. After calling for back up, it wasn't long before a replacement car arrived - this time a Range Rover - and she took off again. See, celebs have the same sorts of problems that regular folk do. It's just like when you have to use your Range Rover when your BMW breaks down. [Source]

Andy Roddick walked away from the ATP Master Series Internazionali BNL D'Italia held in the Foro Italico, Rome with a win under his belt and decided to treat his fans with one of his trademark belly flashes in celebration:

Photo credit: Mavrix

You know, I wouldn't be opposed if Andy decided to take up the habit of ripping off his shirt after he wins a tennis match ... much like David Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo do when they win soccer matches. It's just a suggestion. [Source]

In other hot dude news, here are pictures of Heath Ledger taking his little daughter Matilda Rose out for a stroll on the streets of London earlier this week:

Heathie pie must be taking some time off from filming scenes for his new movie The Dark Knight which is currently shooting in Chicago, IL to be with his family. It's okay to swoon now. [Source]

The Diva Supreme Diana Ross brought the house down last night in London as she performed to a sold out house at Wembley Arena ... here are pictures of Miss Thang doing her thang up on the stage:

Original soul diva Diana Ross demonstrated her Supreme star quality this week as she took to the stage at Wembley Arena. The glamorous star, currently on the European leg of her I Love You tour, dazzled crowds with her vocal skills and a wardrobe of dramatic gowns, which included a figure-hugging number in sizzling scarlet. Backed by a seven-piece band the stunning 63-year-old kicked off the show with a succession of hits spanning three decades - including classics Baby Love, I'm Coming Out and Chain Reaction - before going on to perform tracks from her new album, I Love You. And, in true diva style, the Sixties Motown legend - who toured the US after appearing on American Idol at the start of the year - made four costume changes during her 80-minute set, switching between a colourful succession high octane ensembles. The concert concluded with a powerful performance of I Will Survive - but not before Diana had asked the crowd to sit down so she could tell them exactly what she thought of them. "I love every single last one of you," she said. Four costume changes? Pffft. Mariah Carey makes four costume changes per song when she's on tour. But in the end, who cares how many times she changes her clothes ... Diana Ross looked stunning in that red dress. It's hard to doubt the sincerity of a woman who claims to love you when she's wearing that much mesh netting. [Source]

Well now ... Kylie Minogue is still making headlines down in Chile where she is spending quite a lot of time hanging out with her friend Alexander Dahm ... er, who just happens to be married to another woman. The two of them have been going out on a lot of friend-dates (even taking a cruise together) which have making tongues wag all over the place. Here's a picture of Kylie and Alexander enjoying an innocent meal together:

They are meant to be just good friends. But it is clearly a friendship that is easing Kylie Minogue's heartache. On holiday with married Chilean film director Alexander Dahm, 39, she beamed as they took a coastal cruise. She also giggled as the pair shared a sunset meal in a resort in South America where they have been staying together for a week ... Friends told the Mail that Kylie, 38, was smitten by Mr Dahm, whose wife is expecting their second child in seven-and-a-half weeks. One said: "Initially Kylie was telling us that they were just friends. But her tune has changed. She has been saying he is the most amazing guy she has known since (former boyfriend) Michael Hutchence, which is a very big thing for her to say. When we asked if there was anything going on like an affair, she said "Well, what do you mean by an affair?". Then she said something quite peculiar, she said "sometimes you can have a mental affair." But Mr Dahm's wife Laura was adamant that the pair were not having an affair. Speaking from her home in Mexico City, she said: "This romance is not correct. It is not happening. I feel for Kylie -- it must be awful to be portrayed as the other woman. They are just friends." I am utterly convinced that nothing inappropriate is going on between Kylie and Alexander ... but I can see how their relationship could be misconstrued. Even still ... Alexander must be a really great friend ... Kylie hasn't looked this happy in ages. [Source]

I might be a little late with this but, have any of y'all managed to catch the Prego commercial that features Emma Bunton, the artist formerly known as Baby Spice that is airing on US TV right now? While watching an ep of The Golden Girls this morning I finally saw the commercial myself for the first time and ... well, I just had to share:

Apparently, Campbell's (the company that owns Prego) will not allow YouTube to host their commercial (which makes no sense to me at all, I would think that they would want people to see their commercial) so it can't be seen online. According to the commercial, Prego tomato sauce has so many spices in it that not even a Spice Girl can think of another spice to add to it. Is desperation a spice? How about that one? [Source]

Naomi Campbell, who recently completed a week's worth of community service in NYC for assaulting her assistant, is now gracing the cover of W magazine. The cover story chronicles Naomi's struggle with her community service sentence complete with photographs shot by famed photographer Steven Klein:

The article is a fascinating read ... comprised of a daily diary kept by Naomi (well, as told to writer James Reginato) during her work week. Here are some excerpts from the Naomi Diaries: Monday -- What I wear walking into my community service has no connection to what I'm going to do when I get inside. This is how I dress, and this is how I carry myself. What do they expect me to do—walk in looking all drib and drab? I've never looked drib and drab in my life. There's no plan for this week. It's kind of unfolding as it goes. The judge at my sentencing had promised that my car could drop me off at the door of the Sanitation Department every morning. I asked for that mostly because I've had a stalker. But then this gentleman from the Sanitation decided I had to be dropped off outside the gates so I would have to walk past the press. After I found out about this, I was in a car with my friends Norma Augenblick and Steven Klein, and Norma said to Steven, "You should shoot this" ... Some people can handle a drink or a line of cocaine, but I've finally come to realize that, for me, it's all or nothing—and it has to be nothing. And my life has changed since. I'm not saying this to excuse what I did. I threw the phone—I threw it, but I didn't bash it—and that was wrong. I'm guilty. I take responsibility. So I keep on sweeping. I'm moving so fast they tell me to slow down. I'm getting very protective of my pile of rubbish — kind of the way I feel about my Hermes handbag or my Louis Vuitton. I keep looking around to make sure no one is crossing into the area I was assigned to sweep. I guess that's my all-or-nothing behavior again: Once I start sweeping, I have to sweep everything ... Tuesday -- I say my prayers and rush to the shower. It's freezing outside. Really cold, so I wear a Giuliana Teso fur coat. I'm rushing because I don't want to be late. I make sure I arrive every morning early, at five to eight ... Thursday -- I'm up at six. I pray every morning and every night. It's something I do because I am very grateful that I'm sober today, that I'm clean. So it's just my little ritual. I get dressed in an Etro top and Pologeorgis fur and put on this Knicks cap that Spike gave me. On my way in today, I decide to say hello to the paparazzi, because, I mean — God bless them — it's like they've been doing community service too. They've been out here in the cold all week. I highly suggest y'all read the entire piece. I simply love that Naomi revealed that she actually felt as protective of her "pile of rubbish" as she is of one of her designer handbags ... LOL! Just think, if Naomi Campbell can turn her week-long stint of community service into a magazine cover story than can you imagine what Paris Hilton can turn 45-days in jail into? There's got to be a Broadway musical in there somewhere. [Source]

And finally ... it's game time ... can you guess who this very scary-looking leg belongs to?

Photo credit: Big Pictures

Here's a hint, this actress isn't dead yet. Good luck! Click HERE to find out who it is. [Source]

Les News:
Yesterday evening I was able to grab a quick meal with my good friend Sherri and her boys Kyle and Daniel. Daniel was born in December and has already doubled in size. He looks nothing like he did when I met him for the first time last Xmas. As always, it was great getting to see Sherri and catching up on what's been going on in her life.

After dinner, I met up with VLB and our mutual friend Gina at The Living Room in Berkley, MI. When I arrived the ladies were already on their second (third?) martinis and I knew the night was going to be fun as hell:

Gina and I haven't been able to hang out for years so it was really good seeing her again. As always, VLB and I had a blast hanging out as well ... I cannot divulge all the things we talked about (martinis have a way of loosening the lips) but I can assure you ... some things are better left unsaid ;)

Tonight I'm meeting up with Tracey and Sarah because we're all going to see Molly Ringwald in Sweet Charity at the Fisher Theater. Woot! That is all ... I am out.



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