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Saturday, June 16, 2007

How Do You 'Do?

Candy Spelling seriously needs to get a hobby. What kind of person spends all their time on the Internet, scouring sites for information on people like Paris Hilton, Joe Francis and Britney Spears in order to write missives and post commentary to and about them as if anyone cared? Um ... on second thought, don't answer that question ;) But, seriously, wouldn't you imagine that an insanely rich old broad would have better things to do than to chastise the young folk of Hollywood by scolding them in open letters? Shouldn't she be focusing more on her own newborn grandchild than worry about what Britney Spears is doing? At any rate, Candy Spelling apparently has nothing better to do so she has sent a new open letter to TMZ, this time offering her sage advice and wisdom to our very own dear Britney. Here are a few pics of Brit Brit out and about yesterday going about one of her usual days:

Photo credit: Splash News

Dear Britney:

You made me do it. I didn't plan to write another letter now. I took two weeks off from because I didn't feel strongly about what anyone was doing -- or else I couldn't decide which side to believe.

You've driven me back to my laptop to ask why, if you have to slither in and out of cars, do clumsy imitations of gymnasts and wear clothes that are just too tight, trashy or skimpy, do you have to pose in front of photographers all the time? We've seen the body parts, poses and clumsy attention-seeking tricks before. You're wearing out your welcome. Some people never can turn away from a train wreck, so who can blame the photographers for waiting for your next one? Do you really want captions such as TMZ's own "Victim of Pap Smear" and "Does Britney Change Clothes for Cash" to be your legacy? You can do much better.

Unlike some others who are famous for being famous, you initially earned the fame and respect you achieved. You were a giant star, a Mouseketeer, a singer whose song titles became part of everyone's vocabulary. You made some missteps. We all do. But, when you become more famous for hideous, irresponsible actions than accomplishments, it's time to step back and figure out where you want your life to go. So many young girls still see you as a role model. Give those kids a reason to look up to you. They're probably even tired of the endless speculation about what undergarments you may or may not be wearing. I know their parents would like you to move on and get dressed. Even the school uniform was more dignified.

You're doing all right with the wigs. I know the paparazzi have a bounty on your (wigless) head. I think it's great that you have a variety of wigs (some very stylish) when you go out in public. If you do feel you need to show how your hair is growing back, at least make a deal with a photographer to sell the photo and donate the money to charity. Do you know what a statement that would make?

Enough with the sorry grabs for attention. Deep down, especially for your sons, people want you to succeed. You can always get attention if you need it. Visit someone famous in jail and attract a zillion photographers if you're that addicted to fame. Americans like winners. We like those stories about what people do with second chances. How about a moratorium on train wrecks and some time out for paying back the fans who helped you succeed?


Candy Spelling

LOL! I wouldn't be surprised if someone offered Candy Spelling her own advice column (what are you waiting for, TMZ?). Despite the fact that I find Mrs. Spelling's need to publicly scold young Hollywood very strange, I gotta admit that she does make some valid points. The line about the schoolgirl uniform being more dignified than her panty flashes is embarrassingly spot on. Even still, I would be mortified if my mother started chastising people on the Internet like this ... poor Tori Spelling. [Source, Source]

The 2007 Daytime Emmy Awards were held at the Kodak Theater in Hollywood, CA last night and a veritable Who's Who of television's daytime elite came out for the event. Here are a few pics from the red carpet last night:

Photo credit: Wireimage

Ellen DeGeneres and Portia DiRossi looked lovely as did Betty White. Tyra Banks, bless her heart, chose a pretty ridiculous gown for the event. She must've thought she was going to go on stage to accept and award and wanted to make an impression. Poor thing. I included a pic of Adrienne Frantz (who played Amber Moore on The Bold and the Beautiful and plays the same character now on The Young and the Restless) not only because I love her on her shows but because I was at the Hollywood and Highland center yesterday for a movie screening (which is also where the Kodak Theater is) and as I was coming up the escalator, Adrienne was at the top in her lovely dress hanging out with a few other soap stars posing for pics with fans. It was a very strange moment ... the Hollywood and Highland complex houses stores, restaurants, movie theaters and the Kodak Theater so at any time there can be a crush of celebrities on a red carpet right next to a family having dinner, paying no attention at all ... which is sooo LA. [Source]

Anyways, getting back to the Daytime Emmys -- Ellen DeGeneres, Bob Barker and The Young and the Restless were among the folks and shows that took home Daytime Television's biggest awards, here are a few pics from the press room:

Photo credit: Wireimage

After 35 years of giving away prizes, newly retired Bob Barker picked up one of his own at the Daytime Emmy Awards on Friday night. The 83-year-old former emcee of "The Price Is Right" won his 19th trophy as game-show host, beating a field that included last year's winner, Alex Trebek of "Jeopardy!" "Come on down!" presenter Ellen DeGeneres shouted. Barker received his second of three standing ovations of the night, having gotten his first when he introduced the evening's first presenters while on the arms of "Barker's Beauties," models from his show. "This proves that the judges had sympathy for an old man who doesn't have a job," quipped Barker, who retired last week after 35 years on "The Price Is Right" and 50 years in television. "I want to thank the television viewers across the country for inviting me into their homes for 50 years," he said, before concluding with his signature signoff. "And remember, help control the pet population. Have your pet spayed or neutered." Barker came into the show already a winner. He earned his 18th trophy at Thursday night's ceremony for craft categories as executive producer of "The Price Is Right." Barker's career was honored during the ceremony, which aired live on CBS from the Kodak Theatre in Los Angeles following the network's prime-time rebroadcast of Barker's last "Price" show. His early victory keyed a big night for CBS, which won nine trophies to go with its seven creative arts awards Thursday, giving the network a leading 16 wins ... PBS was second with 15 awards, including 13 creative arts trophies. Syndicated shows earned 11 trophies, including six by DeGeneres and "The Ellen DeGeneres Show." ABC was fourth with nine wins, while NBC earned five. DeGeneres scored her fourth consecutive victory for talk show and third win in a row for talk show host, keeping "The View" co-hosts Barbara Walters, Joy Behar, Elisabeth Hasselbeck and the recently departed
Rosie O'Donnell winless. "I really am shocked," DeGeneres said before acknowledging "The View" ladies and O'Donnell's controversial yearlong stint. "I thought Rosie brought a lot of new viewers to daytime television and it was interesting." DeGeneres joked that she planned to take a page from "The View" on her show. "And I want to just start with something controversial right now to kick it off and I know this might not be popular and I don't care because that's what I'm doing," she said. "I just want to say it — I think Bob Barker is a quitter" ... A Lifetime Achievement Award went to Lee Phillip Bell, who co-created "The Young and the Restless" and "The Bold and the Beautiful" with late husband William J. Bell.
All in all, a pretty big to-do for fans of Daytime Television. Click HERE to see a full list winners from the 2007 Daytime Emmy Awards. [Source]

In legal news, David Hasselhoff, who recently gained much negative attention with the release of a video showing him completely drunk and lying on the floor, managed to win custody of his daughters against ex-wife Pamela Bach yesterday. What I wanna know is how horrible a mother can Pamela Bach be that she could lose custody after that video was released?

Photo credit: Splash News

A beaming David Hasselhoff said Friday he had won a long-running legal battle with ex-wife Pamela Bach over custody of their two teenage daughters. "The judge said, 'Enough is enough,'" Hasselhoff said outside Superior Court after a closed hearing. Hasselhoff was awarded primary physical custody and full legal custody of the two girls, said Melvin Goldsman, his attorney. The teens will mainly live with their father, who will have responsibility for making decisions about their health, education and welfare, Goldsman said. "We're all gratified with the court's decision today, and David looks forward to moving on and living his life with his children," the attorney said. Bach and her lawyer, Debra A. Opri, declined to talk about the case in detail as they left the courthouse, saying they were prevented from doing so by a court order. "We're feeling good. The system works," Opri said. "The truth will be told," Bach said when asked about Hasselhoff's statements ... On May 7, Superior Court Judge Mark A. Juhas put a hold on Hasselhoff's visitation privileges for two weeks after the public leak of a videotape showing an apparently drunken Hasselhoff struggling to eat a cheeseburger while on the floor of his Las Vegas home. One of his daughters is heard chastising him. His visitation rights were later restored. Hmm ... obvs, we have no idea what went down in that courtroom but The Hoff must've busted out some major dirt on his ex-wife in order to win custody ... too bad there's no video to go along with it :( [Source]

In other legal news, a jubilant Foxy Brown emerged from a NYC courthouse earlier this week a free woman. Foxy was able to convince the judge of her good behavior and managed to avoid going to jail by, instead, having her probation reinstated:

Photo credit: Splash News

After being nailed for some bad behavior, Foxy Brown is getting some props for good conduct. The hot-tempered rapper, who has gotten into altercations with employees at both a nail salon and a beauty-supply store in recent years, will avoid jail time following a positive progress hearing. A Manhattan judge ruled Thursday that Foxy (real name: Inga Marchand) has managed to stay out of trouble since a temper tantrum a Florida store in February, and has kept appointments with her probation officer, passed her drug tests, and attended anger-management classes. Thus, she will no longer need court monitoring and will be placed back on probation. "I see a positive probation report here," Criminal Court Judge Melissa Jackson said during the hearing. "I'm going to restore you to probation. It was a real struggle to get you on board. I want to see you finish this sentence and go on to a happy life" ... [I]t was a kinder, gentler Foxy Brown who smiled demurely and thanked the judge following the ruling. About the only person who wasn't happy with the outcome was Probation Department attorney Mathilda Leo, who wanted the judge to make the Brooklyn rapper wait two more months before restoring her probation. Despite the gold star from Jackson, Brown isn't free and clear. was charged with battery and resisting an officer with violence following the Florida incident. That case is still pending after she refused to accept a plea deal. Shoot ... you know that Foxy did not wanna go down like Paris Hilton did. It remains to be seen if Miss Brown will be able to keep outta trubs long enough to be in the free and clear. Maybe she should bizzy herself with work instead of lookin' for trouble. [Source]

Elsewhere in NYC, Brad Pitt was spotted taking his eldest son Maddox Jolie-Pitt out for a little jaunt near Times Square after the pair grabbed a bite to eat at the space-themed eatery Mars 2112 yesterday. You may recall that the day before, Brad spent the day with his youngest son Pax Thien Jolie-Pitt -- it was only fair that the other kid get equal time:

Photo credit: Splash News

Little Maddox (who ain't really so little any more) looks like he's ready to scrap with someone ... yeah that, or he was just wiping boogers from his nose. Whatever the case may be, he is a lucky kid to have Brad Pitt as his dad. [Source]

Kate Moss and Pete Doherty have been named as the new faces of the Roberto Cavalli Fall/Winter ad campaign and here are a few photos from that campaign:

I'm not a big fan of the whole cowboy look so the Kate Moss pic does nothing for me. Pete Doherty looks like a cross between Johnny Depp in Cry Baby and Debbie Gibson circa 1989 in his pics. Again, they do nothing for me. [Source, thanks Collette]

Here is a nice look at what Paris Hilton's communal prison digs look like inside the CDRC jail in Lynnwood, CA:

From what I understand, it's more spacious than Hyde is yet not as well lit as Area. I can see the charm ... and just think, there is no need to drive back to your place when you're finished partying. [Source]

Here are a couple pictures of a new residential high-rise going up in NYC's West Village, created by artist Julian Schnabel, that also has a certain charm to it ...

... I can't quite put my finger on it but something about this place appeals to me ... tho, not everyone is as thrilled with this place as I am. [Source, thanks Kristen]

Here is this week's batch of photos sent in by Pink is the new Blog readers -- Julie sends in a pic celebrating the fact that her husband (last name Fink) successfully defended his dissertation to become a phD -- Laura sends in super cute pic of her daughter Addison wearing an out-of-print PITNB t-shirt -- Emily sends in an equally cute pic of her little nephew Rohan -- Hannah sends in pic taken with her friends Melissa, Carolyn and Lesley in front of some of the amazing and awe-inspiring Moai Statues on Easter Island -- Tara, from Catholic University in Washington, DC, sends in a pic with friends Caitlin, Lori and Biz in front of the Pura Besakih in Bali, Indonesia -- Brooke sends in a fun pic from Beijing, China:

Cute babies, amazing trips and a phD ... it doesn't get any better than this. Much congrats and love to you all for sending in your amazing pictures. When the pic from Easter Island arrived in my inbox I was just floored. Thank you, all of you, so much for the amazing pictures. XOXO

And finally, I have to send out lots of Birthday Lurve to a new friend Tom who is celebrating 2 birthdays today. Since he didn't celebrate his birthday last year, he's lumping that party onto this year's party:

As you can clearly see, Tom must've been the coolest kid in school back in the day. And, as far as I can tell, he is a pretty cool kid these days as well. Happy Birthday, Tom! Shots are on me! XOXO

Les News:
So, yesterday I received a last minute invite to a private screening of the new movie Hairspray. As far as movies based on musicals that are based on movies go, I have been very excited to see this movie. I had no idea I'd get to preview it over a month before it gets released but I jumped at the chance to check it out:

Now, because the movie won't open for weeks, I'm gonna hold off on posting a full review of the movie, just so I don't spoil anything too early for those of you who are planning on seeing it when it gets released on July 20th. I was planning on seeing Hairspray: the Musical in NYC before I saw the movie but it didn't work out that way. I am a big fan of the original John Waters movie and will reveal that this new version is not as "dirty" as the original. The musical numbers are amazing ... the audience last night cheered and clapped thruout the whole thing -- a few people gave a standing ovation for a number right in the middle of the film! I brought along Mike with me to the screening and he loved it more than life itself. He couldn't say enough good things about the movie. I still plan on seeing the musical before the movie gets released in July and will write up a more detailed review then. For now, I loved what I saw ... and predict big things for this movie.

I have a few things to take care of this afternoon before I go out to celebrate Tom's birthday tonight ... so I'm gonna get to it. Have a great Saturday! I'm out.



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