Friday, June 08, 2007

Do Not Pass Go, Do Not Collect $200 ...

... Paris Hilton, you are going back to jail. Judge Michael Sauer has just ordered that Paris Hilton be sent back to jail to serve out the remainder of her sentence:

TMZ is reporting that Paris Hilton, soon to be Inmate #9818783 again, was physically led from the courtroom in tears yelling out "Mom! Mom! Mom!" and screaming "It's not right!" Lord, she will do anything just to get a little attention.

UPDATE: A'ight ... let's take this back just a bit ... the scene this morning both at the courthouse and at Paris Hilton's West Hollywood home was complete madness. There was so much bullshizz going back and forth regarding whether or not Paris was going to have to appear in court or not and then when it was determined that she had to get her ass to court to face the judge, well, things just got more insane. A handcuffed Paris Hilton was led from her home, in front of about a million cameras, into an awaiting police car. Needless to say ... she did not look happy at all:

Photo credit: INFdaily

If anything, this sort of embarrassing display in front of the world's media seems to be the most perfect form of punishment for Paris Hilton over pretty much anything else. Her entire existence is made up of her public image and despite the many, many cracks in her character she has managed to remain a very popular figure in the media. Having her carted around in front of the cameras handcuffed and in tears like a common criminal has a certain poetic justice about it.

BUT ... Judge Michael Sauer could care less about that sort of punishment, he remains adamant that the terms of his original sentence be carried out and that Paris Hilton become, once again, Inmate #9818783. She is prolly on her way back to jail right this very second. It's still unclear just how long she will have to serve in jail because the LA County Sheriff has been using some funny math when determining how much jailtime credit she deserves.

I really hope she made the most of her one day respite from the slammer yesterday ... cuz if she thought she was having a nervous breakdown before all of this insanity today then she's prolly in for a rough next few weeks.