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Friday, August 24, 2007

You Can't Stop The Beat -- Or Lindsay Lohan

Holy shizz! It seems that all hell broke loose in celebrityland yesterday with plea bargains, bookings, a new DUI arrest, an almost fight on the soccer field, a definite domestic fight in the UK ... there was a whole mess of OMFGness going on yesterday afternoon ... let's try and sort thru it all so I can start to clear my head from all of this insane craziness!

First off, let's get the Britney Spears stuff outta the way ... Brit Brit has gone back to blonde and back to the nightclub scene and was spotted exiting the Opera nightclub in LA with a few of her dancer friends:

Hmm ... the last time that Britney was hanging out with her dancer friends she was gearing up for her string of performances at the various House of Blueses in the Southwest and in Florida. I suppose it's safe to say that Britney could still be contemplating a surprise performance at the 2007 MTV VMAs on September 9th at the Palms Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. I'm still not totally feeling that new song of hers that leaked yesterday but ... there is always hope that Britters might manage to pull off a kickass live performance. Hey, when it comes to being a Britney Spears fan all you've got to rely on these days is hope. [Source]

Pink reader Jennifer sends in a couple of really fun pictures of Britney's cousin Alli Sims from her days in college at LSU back in 1999-2000. Here is what Cousin Alli looked like back in the day:

Jennifer tells me that she was a Freshman at LSU during the 99/00 school year with Cousin Alli (who hasn't really changed much in recent years) and that they were sorority sisters at Kappa Delta together before Alli flew the coup and went to Ole Miss. Cousin Alli kept the truth about her relations with Britney to herself and her close friends, which is pretty admirable, I think (especially when you take into account just how popular Britney was back then -- I could understand why cousins these days might not be too keen on tellin' everyone they're related to her these days). [thanks Jennifer]

Alright, let's try and get thru all the good stuff in today's goss round-up. Lindsay Lohan has good reason to smile today (reasons that having nothing to do with tanning, bike riding, river rafting or hiking in the fresh Utah air) since she managed to weasel her way out of being charged with any felonies (despite being arrested for drunk driving twice in under 3 months and despite being arrested with cocaine on her person) and managed to plea bargain her way to only having to serve 1 day in jail ... which, I'm sure, will end up getting whittled down to mere minutes. Wouldn't you know, folks ... it's just her luck:

Photo credit: Ramey, X17 & Splash News

Lindsay Lohan will serve at least 24 hours in jail in her drunken-driving cases under the terms of a plea deal reached Thursday. Through her attorney, the actress pleaded guilty to two counts of being under the influence of cocaine and pleaded no contest to driving with a blood alcohol level of .08 percent or higher and reckless driving. Prosecutors dropped two counts of driving under the influence, which are which are seen as lesser offenses than the charge of driving with a .08 or higher "Lohan received the same sentence that anyone else with a second DUI conviction would get. She got no special treatment," said Deputy District Attorney Danette Meyers. Lohan did not attend the hearing in Beverly Hills. Although she faced a mandatory minimum of four days in jail, she was given credit for one day already served. Prosecutors also agreed she could serve 10 days of community service instead of two days in jail. Lohan, who was also placed on three years probation and ordered to complete an 18-month alcohol education program, has until January 2008 to serve her jail sentence. Earlier in the day, she dodged felony charges, with prosecutors filing misdemeanor counts after tests found she possessed insufficient amounts of cocaine, authorities announced. The actress was charged with seven counts, including two counts each of driving under the influence, driving with blood alcohol of over .08 percent, being under the influence of cocaine, as well as reckless driving, the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office says. The charges stem from two separate DUI incidents, one in May in Beverly Hills and one in July in Santa Monica. Daaaaaaayum. Now you know that Paris Hilton must be pissed as all hell. While she had to serve 23 days in jail for driving on a suspended drivers license, Lindsay gets off with practically nothing for being arrested while driving under the influence of alcohol AND cocaine! Yeah, "pissed as all hell" might not even accurately describe how Paris must be feeling today. Lindsay's mother Dina Lohan spoke to Marc Malkin regarding Lindsay's courtroom developments and had this to say: "It's really sad," Lindsay's mom said when I asked how her daughter was doing after being sentenced to jail time. "Something bad is going to happen, I'm afraid." When I asked Dina how the family is holding up, she said: "Busy, busy." Uh huh. Well, it should come as no surprise at all that daddy Michael Lohan was a bit more talkative when he was asked to comment to “I am very thankful that the system saw it is long-term rehab that Lindsay needed and not long-term incarceration. This is a good thing. Lindsay is putting her life back in order. I believe Lindsay wants to do that. I believe Blair Berk, her attorney, and Bev her counselor at Cirque Lodge have Lindsay's best interests at heart. The results are going to speak for themselves. I believe that Lindsay's restoration, as mine, can and will be a great sermon to many." Amen, Michael Lohan, amen. [Source, Source, Source]

Lindsay Lohan herself is speaking up in the wake of all the legal wrangling that went down yesterday, here is full text of her official statement:

It is clear to me that my life has become completely unmanageable because I am addicted to alcohol and drugs.

Recently, I relapsed and did things for which I am ashamed. I broke the law, and today I took responsibility by pleading guilty to the charges in my case. No matter what I said when I was under the influence on the day I was arrested, I am not blaming anyone else for my conduct other than myself. I thank God I did not injure others. I easily could have.

I very much want to be healthy and gain control of my life and career and have asked for medical help in doing so. I am taking these steps to improve my life. Luckily, I am not alone in my daily struggle and I know that people like me have succeeded. Maybe with time it will become easier. I hope so.

Clearly, this statement is meant for her to show the world that she is remorseful, accepting responsibility for her actions and is making an honest commitment to try and straighten up her life ... whether or not she actually means it is another story. I hope, for her sake, that the things that she expresses in this statement are true and heartfelt. Oh and if they're not, I'm sure she can get off again should she fall off the wagon again and put other people's lives at risk by getting behind the wheel of a motor vehicle while intoxicated again. Please learn your lesson Lindsay, your luck can't hold out forever. [Source]

In other Lohan craziness, In Touch Weekly is reporting that Ali Lohan (the little sister) was involved in some motor vehicle drama of her own recently:

Photo credit: Splash News

More trouble for Lindsay Lohan's family: Her 13-year-old sister, Ali, has been involved in a traffic accident after allegedly sneaking out of the family house. She was in a car that crashed on Friday night, family insiders say. Nassau County police will not give any official details of the accident. "We don't normally comment on traffic accidents unless there is a death or serious injury," Lt. Kevin Smith tells In Touch. The accident, in which two people were slightly injured, happened at 7:20 p.m. on Friday, close to the Lohan family home in Merrick, on New York's Long Island. "Ali had snuck out of the house to be with her friend, a 16-year-old boy who has a learner's permit. He had taken the car without his mother's permission," says the insider. "Luckily, she was not hurt." But, TMZ is reporting that this incident didn't exactly go down in this manner, that Ali was never involved in this vehicular incident: Reports surfaced today saying that Ali Lohan, Lindsay's 13-year-old sister, had been in a car accident near her home in Long Island, NY. Not true, TMZ has learned! It was falsely reported that Ali was in a car driven by a 16-year-old boy with a learner's permit that crashed on Friday night. TMZ contacted Nassau County Police who told us they were unaware of the accident. According to reports, the boy had taken the car without permission, picked up Ali and crashed. We spoke to Lohan's rep, Leslie Sloane, who told us, "I just got off the phone with Ali. She was never in the car!" We're told Ali knows the boy from school -- but that's it. Sooooo, which is is it? Was Ali involved in this car accident or is her sister's luck rubbing off on her, too? All I know is that if, God forbid, I'm ever faced with a vehicular crime I hope I happen to be with a Lohan and not a Hilton. [Source, Source]

OY! Moving on ... while all of this Lohan drama was unfolding and taking up everybody's interest, the wily Nicole Richie sneaked into jail to begin serving her sentence and sneaked out 82 mins. later having satisfied her full sentence -- oh yes, Paris Hilton must be effing pissed the hell off as all get out:

Nicole Richie served 82 minutes of a four-day sentence for DUI on Thursday due to jail overcrowding, according to the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department. Accompanied by her lawyer and boyfriend Joel Madden, the five-months pregnant Richie entered the jail in Lynwood, Calif., at 3:15 p.m. for booking, listed at 5'1" and 105 lbs. She was processed into the system and released at 4:37 p.m., a sheriff's statement said. "Miss Richie was cooperative during the process," the statement said. The statement said she was released "based on her sentence and federal court guidelines." Under the current sheriff's policy, non-violent female offenders sentenced to 30 days or less are booked and released within 12 hours. Richie was "treated in the same manner as other inmates with a similar sentence," the statement said. LOL! Can you really blame the celebs for enjoying this sort of treatment? I can't. If the citizens of LA County are happy with these sorts of jurisprudencial outcomes then they should rest assured that this sort of thing will continue to happen for the rich and famous -- except Paris Hilton, that is ;) [Source]

Jake Gyllenhaal's BFF Austin Nichols has joined the ranks of the celebs arrested for driving under the influence ... homey was busted in Jackson, MI (hometown holla!!!!) early this morning and here is his fabulous mugshot:

Jackson police arrested television actor Austin Nichols early this morning on suspicion of drunken driving and lodged him in the Jackson County Jail. Nichols, who appeared in the HBO series "Deadwood" and stars as John in the current "John From Cincinnati," has been living at Clark Lake this summer. Extended family members live at the lake. Lt. Aaron Kantor said a city police officer stopped Nichols' car on N. Jackson Street at Louis Glick Highway at 2:30 a.m. The 27-year-old actor was administered a breath test at the scene and hauled to jail. Kantor said a blood-alcohol content measurement was not available yet this morning. Pssssh, you can tell by the glassy look in the boy's eyes that he wasn't drunk ... he was prolly just crying over the fact that Jakey poo is bizzy introducing his, apparently, on-again girlfriend Reese Witherspoon to his family on Martha's Vineyard right at this moment. I dunno that Jackson County will let Austin off the hook like Linds or Nicole but I wouldn't be surprised if we never heard of this little incident again. [Source]

Amy Winehouse and her new hubby Blake Fielder-Civil have managed to stick together thru thick and thin ... thru rehab and relapse ... and now, apparently, thru ass-whipping and love-tapping. Here are a few gruesome pictures from the aftermath of the Winehouse/Fielder-Civil smack-down that took place yesterday after Blake allegedly caught Amy trying do drugs again. Uh, can someone please tell me why this woman isn't locked away for her own safety? Oh right, cuz she said No, No, No:

BLOOD-SOAKED and battered, AMY WINEHOUSE shows the terrifying extent of her meltdown after an incredible dawn bust-up with junkie hubby BLAKE FIELDER-CIVIL. Our shocking pictures reveal the pair's cuts from their brawl — while the blood on Amy's ballet shoes is evidence of her habit of injecting heroin between her TOES. Police quizzed Amy later in the day but she is refusing to press charges. Amy — her mascara tear-streaked — had run screaming from the posh Sanderson Hotel in Central London at 3.30am yesterday and was chased down Regent Street by Blake, who was bleeding from scratches to his neck. One witness said: "She was 200 yards in front. He was yelling her name. The road got to a bend and she ran round it." The witness, who saw the drama while driving, said singer Amy flagged down a young woman in a black Ford Fiesta and jumped in, but Blake didn't see. He frantically checked for Amy in shop doorways and even wheelie-bins. The witness said: "When the car got to Charing Cross Amy ran to a newsagents for cigarettes. You could see she'd been in a fight. Her clothes were bloody and she was covered in scratches and bandages" ... Meanwhile, a pal of Amy's told how it took FIVE HOURS to calm Amy down during the day — and spoke of fears that drugs will kill the singer. The pal said: "She said she and Blake injected heroin on Wednesday night. She does it between her toes as it gets her high quicker. They started to fight after a row about drugs. She was a blood-stained mess. She looked like an extra from a slasher movie." The pal added: "Everyone is completely terrified she'll kill herself with drugs before the week is out." Ye gods! The whole sad mess is pretty much spelled out HERE. All I know is that these two must be in love ... til death they do part. [Source]

Back in LA, David Beckham finally arrived home from his jaunt to England (where he played in a friendly match against Germany in the new Wembley Stadium this past Wednesday) and was rushed from the airport, to the Home Depot Center and then, ultimately, to his wife Vicki B.'s warm loving robotic arms:

Photo credit: Splash News & Wireimage

Despite the fact that Becks claims that all this crazy flying is not adversely affecting his game, I understand from folks who were at last night's game that Becks looked tired as hell and wasn't really lookin' or playin' his best ... [Source, Source, Source]

... not only was the exhausted little lamb feeling drained from all his traveling but he was feeling pissy too -- and quite ready to throw down and whip some ass:

Photo credit: Wireimage

Just six hours after landing from London, David Beckham was at the center of a mid-field scuffle in Los Angeles. A capacity crowd of 37,000 inside Home Depot Center stadium watched the face-off Thursday night between the English star and Jesse Marsch after the Chivas USA midfielder tackled Beckham from behind. The Galaxy's $6.5 million man fell forward, got up and ran over to Marsch, shouting in his face. A grim-faced Marsch stood his ground while Beckham was pulled back by teammate Edson Buddle. Beckham continued shouting at Marsch when the referee tried to grab and usher him away. But by then players from the L.A. began streaming onto the playing field. A standoff ensued – but Beckham quickly backed out of it and circled around until cooler heads prevailed. "It was a professional foul, and maybe it was a little bit harder than I would have liked it to have been," Marsch admitted to PEOPLE after the match. He also apologized to Beckham during the second half. "I tried to tell him that I respect his game, respect what he's about," said Marsch, "and he just kind of gave me a nod, but he was kind of done with me then." As for the rest of the game, Beckham, 32, did not connect on a couple of first-half free kicks, and near the end – as 5 a.m. London time approached – a tired Beckham, limping slightly, had Carlos Pavon handle a corner kick ... "He looked hobbled," said Galaxy coach Frank Yallop, expressing concern that the British beefcake was beat. "I used him tonight and I shouldn't have done that." Beckham, who has been struggling with an ankle injury, had spent the last four days with the England team, which had been defeated in a 2-1 loss against Germany at Wembley Stadium on Wednesday night. During the next 12 weeks, Beckham faces more than 22 games as he travels more than 75,000 air miles across 128 time zones – which translates into nearly a solid week in the air. "I'm not going to deny there comes a point when your body can't do it anymore," said Galaxy boss Alexi Lalas. "If at any point we felt it was detrimental to his health or ability to help our team we would take action." Yikes! So either Becks is going to step up to the challenge and figure out a way to play with superhuman strength and stamina ... or he's going to slowly destroy his abilities and prolly end up kicking some ass the next time someone fouls him. David Beckham may be an amazing soccer player ... but even he has his limits. I guess this is the price you pay for a $250 million dollar contract. [Source]

Rob Zombie was all scowls at the LA premiere of his new remake of the classic horror film Halloween. Here are pics of director Zombie and a few of the principle cast on the red carpet at Mann's Chinese Theater in Hollywood, CA last night:

Photo credit: Splash News

The original Halloween (and Halloween 2 [which always struck me as the perfect continuation of the first movie], for that matter) has to be among the best horror films of all time. It is a simple, suspenseful and absolutely terrifying masterpiece that can never be improved upon ... but I have no doubt that Rob Zombie definitely gave the movie his best. Honestly, I am confident that Zombie is capable of crafting a suitable remake and I am very excited to see it for myself. Rob really knows his way around horror films and I am anxious to see his take on this movie masterpiece. Halloween opens wide on August 31st. [Source]

Jennifer Lopez teamed up with Secret antiperspirant to hold a casting call for a few new dancers. Here are a few pics from the auditions here in NYC:

Photo credit: Splash News

I don't know that J. Lo was all that impressed by these ladies but I'm sure she managed to find the right dancers to dance behind her without managing to steal too much of her limelight. [Source]

After J. Lo was done torturing the dancers she got her bootyliciousness down to the Roseland Ballroom for a Secret (sponser, get it?) VIP performance last night:

Photo credit: Wireimage

Clearly, J. Lo is getting ready to hit the road for a tour with her undead hubby Marc Anthony and she wanted to warm up her chops in front of an NYC audience. Alls I know is that J. Lo looked pretty damn hot on that stage ... despite a few missteps in recent months *cough* El Cantante *cough* La Diva Latina still can bring the hawtness. [Source]

Katie Holmes packed up her wind-up, cute as hell babygirl Suri Holmes-Cruise and jetted off for a little shopping jaunt in gay Par-ee, France this week ... here are a few pics:

Photo credit: Splash News

Clearly Suri was good to go on day one ... but by day two she was too pooped to do do much of anything but lie there like a sack of cute potatoes. They should get a bigger spring for her so that she can last longer on these little jaunts. [Source]

Here are a few pics of Hayden Panettiere (with Heroes co-star Masi Oka) in the new issue of FHM magazine:

She looks really good in these pics ... and I'm so glad they let her keep her clothes on -- FHM is one of those magazines that isn't really known for their great articles. See, she can do sexy and alluring while not being nekkid :) [Source]

And finally, here is the first official production photo from the new Disney Broadway musical The Little Mermaid:

The Little Mermaid is in previews in Denver, CO and won't be coming to Broadway until later on this year ... but this is a nice little peek at what's to come. I know I'll have to make sure and be back here in the city when this one finally opens. [Source]

Les News:
Last night was so much fun ... at long last I was finally able to see Hairspray on Broadway. Even tho I really wanted to see the show earlier this summer before seeing the movie, I'm glad that things worked out this way so that I could watch Lance Bass perform the role of Corny Collins. Hairspray cast member Lori Eve Marinacci (who plays Shelley in the show) invited David and me to be her guests at last night's performance and we had an absolute blast!

So now, having seen the original movie, the musical version of the movie and the movie version of the musical version of the original movie, I think I have a good understanding of the entire Hairspray mythos. There are things in the musical that are not in the movie (musical) and vice versa but they both have all the elements from the original movie version. It's really neat being able to see all the portions of the original movie (which I love) show up in the new incarnations. Paul C. Vogt, in the role of Edna Turnblad beats the hell out of John Travolta's performance in the movie (musical). No lie ... I didn't really care for Travolta but Vogt's Edna was really pretty spot on. That said, I really didn't care for Jerry Mathers (Leave it to Beaver) in the role of Wilbur Turnblad on stage last night ... Christopher Walken was amazing in the movie version. I can't possibly compare all the actors from both incarnations ... so I'll just say that both are fun and both are deff worth checking out. Ashley Parker Angel (Link) and Tevin Campbell (Seaweed) are really great on stage ... fans of the blog should see the show now that there's a fun cast :)

After the show, Lori invited us backstage to meet the other girls in the cast ... and we got to throw Lance Bass into the mix for a quick picture in front of the vanity:

Last night was the first time that Lance and I met and in all the hub-bub backstage there really wasn't time for much other than hellos, nice to meet yous and a few pictures. So fun. I also got to meet Pink reader Brian after the show who is pictured above :)

ACK! So much going on ... what a hell of a Friday, huh? Enjoy y'all's weekend. I am out.



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