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Friday, October 19, 2007

Skate Or Die

It looks like Britney Spears was involved in another hit and run accident, mere moments after she settled the last hit and run accident that she was involved in, but this latest hit and run wasn't as serious as Britney damaging a car or anything like that ... she just managed to run over the foot of an overeager videographer who was working for TMZ ... no biggie:

Photo credit: Splash News

Britney Spears got intimate with a TMZ photog yesterday -- she ran over his foot! It happened -- ironically -- as Spears was leaving a Bev Hills medical building. With one hand attempting to cover her freshly acquired Jolie-esque lips, Spears attempted to exit the parking lot in her Pumpkinmobile while using her other hand to steer. As she tried to make a quick left, with paparazzi by her side, Spears' tire ran over our sandal-wearing photog's foot. Spears stopped the car, trapping our guy for what must have seemed like 4 hours ... Spears looked shocked once she realized what she'd done ... but didn't get out of the car to see if he was okay. Our photog went to the emergency room and fortunately, nothing was broken. Hmm ... Well, I'm not gonna say that the guy prolly deserved it but he was wearing socks and sandals ... the fates have a funny way of punishing such crimes against nature. [Source]

Speaking of those Angelina Jolie-like lips ... it seems that Britney feels that her lips aren't quite as pouty as they should be so she had to go in and have them injected with whatever it is that they inject lips with these days yesterday afternoon ... and then she tried to hide the results:

How much do you want to bet that in Britney's mind it makes sense to get pouty lips like Angelina Jolie, who is widely regarded as a good mother, so that she can show the court that she can be a good mother. Doesn't this absolutely sound like a logical conclusion that Brit Brit might come to? [Source]

In a bit better Britters news, here are a couple of new promo images for her new album Blackout, both of which look immensely better than the album cover artwork that has already been approved:

Can someone please tell me why the first color photo is not being used as the album artwork for Blackout? It looks amazing ... and, best of all, it hasn't already been used as a promo image for the MTV VMAs or as the cover artwork for her Gimme More single. Grr ... I don't get it. Things aren't getting much better on the child custody front, despite the fact that Kevin Federline's lawyer himself has been saying that he believes that Britney will regain some of her visitation rights again soon. Apparently, Britney just will not comply with the court order to meet with a parenting coach, choosing instead to skip out on their latest scheduled meeting (prolly cuz she ran out to get lip injections). Unfortch, it seems clear that Britney is not all that interested in getting back custody of her kids ... and maybe it's for the best. I hate to admit it's plainly evident. How incredibly sad. [Source]

Last night MTV Latin America held its annual Los Premios Awards at El Palacio de Los Deportes in Mexico City, Mexico and a few of the pop stars that we know and love made crossed the border to be part of the action. And, for some reason, Robert Smith of The Cure decided to dig himself out of the grave he's been living in for the past few years and show up for the event:

Ay, ay, ay ... Diego Luna was lookin' pretty hawt, if I do say so myself. I gotta give props and lurve to Paulina Rubio and Julieta Venegas who are 2 of my fave Latin songstresses (and because I love her so, I won't say a thing about Julieta's unruly eyebrows ... tho, some landscaping 'tween those brows wouldn't hurt once in a while). Yeah ... Robert Smith may have looked like death warmed over but it is pretty cool to see him alive and kicking. He still looks better than Marc Anthony. [Source]

The show itself looked like it was quite entertaining ... and a couple of our US popstars ended up walking home with awards, the famed MTVLA Tongue-shaped trophies, by night's end:

"Los Premios MTV Latin America 2007" returned to Mexico City bigger and better than ever at El Palacio de Los Deportes on Thursday, October 18. Hosted by acclaimed Mexican actor Diego Luna, the sixth annual awards show was jam-packed with more music and more celebrities than ever before. In a spectacular night celebrating the best of music, Mana, Camila, Belinda, and Avril Lavigne topped the award winners list with two "Tongue" awards each. Mana took home the awards for "Best Group or Duo" and "Artist of the Year"; Camila reeled in "Best New Artist North" and "Revelation Artist"; Belinda scored "Best Solo Artist" and "Video of the Year" for her music video "Bella Traicion"; and Avril Lavigne clinched the awards for "Best International Pop Artist" and "Song of the Year" for her hit song "Girlfriend." The winners of "Los Premios MTV Latin America 2007" were selected by a record 12 million voters -- up 240% from last year -- who voted online at and via text messaging on their cell phones. Other artists celebrating in the award fest included Julieta Venegas who nabbed "Best Pop Artist." Babasonicos won the "Tongue" for "Best Rock Artist" while "Best International Rock Artist" went to Evanescence. Winning the award for "Best Alternative Artist" was Panda. Fergie grabbed a "Tongue" for "Best New International Artist." La Mala hauled in "Promising Artist" and No Lo Soporto landed the award for "Best Independent Artist." In addition, this year's show rolled out three new categories: "Influencia Award," "Best Urban Artist Award," and the "Fashionista Award." With more than three decades making music, English alternative rock legends The Cure were presented with the inaugural "Influencia Award" for their influence and trajectory in the music industry. Daddy Yankee captured the "Best Urban Artist Award"; and viewers voted online for Pablo Concha from Kudai and Paulina Rubio for the best dressed male and female celebrity on the "Los Premios" red carpet. Awww yeah ... holdin' it down for the Latinoids. I understand the show streamed live on the InterWeb and will be broadcast on the US digital cable channel MTV TR3S ... I'm deff gonna hafta check it out. Congrats to all the winners. [Source]

Back here in LA, David Beckham teased in his latest blog post on his official website that he may be ready to return to the soccer field once again. Here is the full text of his latest blog post that went live yesterday afternoon:

OMG OMG OMG ... can I just say how much I love that Becks wrote that he's been working on his fitness? LOL! Someone has been listening too much to Fergie Ferg's album ... but I've always contended that DB is Becksalicious. [Source]

In the end, Becks did manage to not only suit up and sit on the bench with his fellow LA Galaxy team mates but he also got to sub in for a bit to partake in the action ... helping the LA Galaxy earn a tie with the New York Red Bulls at the Home Depot Center in Carson, CA last night -- keepin' hope alive for a playoff bid for the team:

Photo credit: Wireimage

A rusty David Beckham couldn't give the Los Angeles Galaxy a victory, so they settled for a tie that kept their slim playoff hopes alive. Jozy Altidore's header in the 16th minute helped the New York Red Bulls to a 1-1 tie Thursday night, when Beckham played for the first time in 1 1/5 months. A loss would have eliminated the Galaxy (9-13-7). Now, they need a win at Chicago on Sunday and help from other Major League Soccer teams to prolong their up-and-down season. "We're still in it, so that's a good thing," Galaxy coach Frank Yallop said. "A win would have been a lot better situation for us" ... Beckham entered the game as a substitute in the 68th minute with the score tied, drawing a huge cheer from the announced crowd of 27,000. He took five corner kicks in 22 minutes, but the Galaxy couldn't score on any of them. "He hasn't hit many corners in a while. He's rusty," Yallop said. "He was dying to get out there." The midfielder had missed 10 consecutive games after spraining his right knee in the SuperLiga tournament final on Aug. 29. He already was playing with an injured left ankle that occurred before he joined the Galaxy in mid-July. After the game, Beckham didn't speak with reporters, having left the locker room before the media was allowed in. Yallop said the plan was to play Beckham no more than 25 minutes. "He's not hindered by the injury, which is good," the coach said. "Match fitness is the biggest problem." Well, YAY! that Becks finally got to play again but BOO! that the Galaxy couldn't pull off a win. The LA Galaxy had won the previous 5 games straight leading up to last night's match against New York. Now, I'm not saying that Becks had anything to do with the loss but ... well, it's an interesting coincidence, no? It would be amazing if the Galaxy did manage to make it to the playoffs ... I'd love to see Becks play in more soccer games before the season ends. [Source]

Actually, I would really just like to see more pictures of Becks training to play in soccer games ... because then you might end up with a pic like this one that was snapped at Wednesday afternoon's training session:

Lord.Have.Mercy. He's got that hand way down deep in those shorts ... um ... yeah. Lucky hand ;) [Source]

In other Beckham news, The Sun is reporting that wife Vicki B. is suffering from a heinous chest infection that is threatening to derail her preparations for the upcoming Spice Girls Reunion Tour ... oh no! Say it ain't so!

Photo credit: Splash News

THE Beckham injury curse has struck again -- but this time it could hit the SPICE GIRLS' tour. Not only have DAVID and dad Ted been crocked, but poor POSH is under the weather, too. She has been fighting a chest infection for two months and hasn't been able to get fit for rehearsals starting next month. Victoria has tried homeopathic medicines rather than strong antibiotics and they haven't worked. A source told me: "Victoria can't get rid of her infection. She's worried she won't be fit while all the other girls are turning their bodies into machines." Posh is due to fly into London today with bandmate MEL B so the girls can shoot the video for new single Headlines. There is something funny and ironic about VB's illness being centrally located in her chest, I think. [Source]

Anyways ... Mel C. was given the honor of writing the first blog post on the official Spice Blog and she did confirm that VB would be flying out to London this weekend, presumably with Mel B who is also here in LA, so that the Spices could shoot their new video ... then the post took a markedly self-promoting turn focusing pretty much on what has been going on with Mel C.'s career:

Um ... I hope the other Spices aren't letting Mel C. be the sole author of the blog ... otherwise we won't get to hear any of the exciting things going on with the rest of them. [Source]

Tom Cruise has returned to the states to begin doing promo work for his just-about-to-be-released movie Lions to Lambs. Here are a couple pics of Tom in NYC showing up for a Q&A screening of the film this week:

Photo credit: Splash News

The trailers for Lions to Lambs remind me a bit of the old Tom Cruise that the world used to know, love and respect (as opposed to the crazy nut-job he's become in recent years). David is very interested in seeing the film but I'm not sure if I'm on board just yet. I may wait to hear what other people think about the film before checking it out. [Source]

Tom's wife Katie Holmes, who herself has gone a little nutty in recent times, also made the trek home to the States as well ... and she brought along last year's fashion trend with her:

Photo credit: Splash News

Now y'all know how leggings and those evil capris drive me up the wall but life has been good since the horrid trend seemed to die down ... and now we have Katie Holmes trying to make it happen all over again. I say No! We must take a stand and not let people think this fugly look is acceptable. Take up arms, people, fight back the desire to let it slide ... I know I can't be the only person afraid of all the heinous cankles that oftentimes come with this look. Join the Fight! Let's stop the insanity before it begins again!!! [Source]

Okay ... I think I've calmed down a bit ... let's move on. Here are new pictures of Lindsay Lohan taking a break from her new dance training schedule to get in a little shopping cuz, you know, there's always time for shopping:

Photo credit: Splash News

See ... I'm growing more concerned here. Lindsay looks to be about a sneeze away from letting her ample boobs pop out of her top, giving the world another one of her trademark nip slips. We all know it's just a short hop, skip and a jump away from nip slip to crotch slip ... then worse. I dunno if I believe she can really keep it together ... but I do hope she does. [Source]

Beyonce brought her opulent world tour, dubbed the Beyonce Experience 2007, to the SC Olimpiyskiy Arena in Moscow, Russia last night ... here's a quick look:

Photo credit: Mavrix

Uhhh. What? I don't know that I really care for all this angel biz but I wouldn't mind seeing B-girl take another nosedive down those stairs of hers on her extravagant stage set. [Source]

Prince William likes playing dress up ... so he got to get all dolled up in his Navy Blues uni and take to the high seas to ride around a speedy boat with a few hot-looking Royal Navy dudes ... here are a couple of pics:

Wills was brought along on a few Navy maneuvers just so he could get a taste of Marines life. I dunno that it's a good idea for Wills to go speeding around on boats like that ... his fragile hair looks like it's holding on for dear life. If he ends up at all like his father Prince Charles, then he's really gonna regret putting such a strain on his poor head follicles. That said, I can appreciate risking male pattern baldness just to hang around with a few hot military men who have refer to you as Sir all the time ;) [Source]

Pink reader Elisa emailed me yesterday afternoon with the news that Amy Winehouse was arrested in her hometown of Bergen, Norway on drug possession charges and then Pink reader Astrid sent in the newslink (in English) news report of her messy arrest. Apparently, Amy has still got the hankering for some herbal refreshment even tho she's trying to kick her addictions ... which clearly she is failing at:

Amy Winehouse could barely stand on her feet and experienced great difficulties talking to the police when she was arrested. A central police source confirms to VG Nett that the security manager at Hotel Norge alerted the police about substance abuse around 6 PM Thursday. When the police entered the hotel corridor, they quickly noticed a heavy marihuana odour. They knocked on the hotel room door and were met by a very wobbly pop star. Winehouse had problems remaining on her feet when she opened the door and saw the uniformed police. Making matters even worse, the scandal-ridden artist was so intoxicated she experienced great difficulties communicating with he police officers. The police officers found 7,2 grams (0,25 oz) marihuana inside the smoke filled room. Also present was Winehouse's husband Blake Fielder-Civil along with another 24 year old man. The three were brought to Bergen police station. The pop star made her statement to the police around 11 PM, and admitted to smoking marihuana. A very confused Winehouse was awaken around 7 AM in her holding cell. After getting all her confiscated personal belongings back, she wondered where she was. The pop star wanted to hail a cab, and asked for the address of her hotel. Instead, she was given directions for a quick walk back to her hotel about 250 meters (820 feet) from the police station. Honestly, the Norwegian police should just be happy that she wasn't bloodied and bleeding all over them when she opened the door. I guess we should take comfort in the fact that she was only smoking weed ... tho, who knows what else the troubled chanteuse has been doing behind all those closed doors. [Source, Source, thanks Elisa and Astrid]

And finally, much congrats goes out to Shar Jackson (the first Kevin Federline babymama of note) for winning the Celebrity Rap Superstar competition on MTV last night. Shar went up against Playboy Bunny extraordinaire Kendra Wilkinson and ended up proving that she was the best of the bunch:

At long last ... Shar is getting recognition for more than just letting K-Fed put babies inside her. She's got talent, y'all ... and I wouldn't be surprised if she ended up putting out some music of her own some day soon. I think the audience and the judges got it right ... Shar was deffo the best celep rap superstar of this bunch. [Source]

Les News:
I ended up grabbing a book and planting myself at a coffee shop for most of last night just to get out of the house and try and get thru this huge pile of books I've amassed. I've been in a reading mood lately so I'm trying to capitalize and get some books read while I can.

Tonight, tho, is another story ... I'm meeting up with Adriana and some other folks to go roller-skating, so there'll be no time for reading. I haven't been on wheels in a long time ... so I'm excited. I'll be sure to be back with a bunch of fun pics. I hope y'all have a great weekend, too ... I'm out.



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