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Monday, November 05, 2007

Strike Won ... We're Out

After failing to come to an amicable agreement on both sides, the Writers Guild of America has put into action a strike today that threatens to bring Hollywood to a grinding halt. At first, I assumed that if a strike were to occur then we, the viewing audience, wouldn't immediately see the effects ... I was only thinking of the scripts that had already been written for movies ... I failed to realize that the writers of Late Night TV and other such live TV shows, like Saturday Night Live, will not be able to work. The strike is on ... the effects of which will become painfully evident as early as this week:

Hollywood writers went on strike Monday in a standoff with the big studios over their share of the profits from DVD sales and online broadcasts, despite last-minute talks to end the dispute. Writers in New York were the first to walk off the job, with several dozen members of the 12,000-strong Writers Guild of America manning a picket line outside the NBC network's studios at the Rockefeller Center. "The producers are really holding back on the new-media projects and that's the biggest issue for us. The deal we made for DVD sales 20 years ago just wasn't enough," said Peter Brash, a writer on soap opera "As The World Turns." "They just can't get away with it any more. It's just a whole bunch of corporate greed," he said, adding that while he hoped his show would only be off the air for a short time, writers were prepared for the long haul. The early casualties of the first major strike by Hollywood writers in nearly 20 years are likely to be talk shows, soap operas, and comedy programs. The two major US late-night talk shows "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" and "The Late Show with David Letterman," which both rely heavily on topical material, were reported to be among the first shows going into reruns. Major motion picture studios and television programs however typically have stockpiles of scripts that are thought likely to insulate them from the effects of the strike for a year or longer. Oh hell no ... this strike better not go on for "a year or longer"! I won't stand for it! The Young and the Restless is gettin' good ... how can we be expected to accept reruns at a time like this? Another fave show of mine, Heroes, is among the big shows readying a season finale that would end the season in December if this strike goes on for long: Heroes' second season may be coming to a close a lot sooner than expected due to the forthcoming apocalypse, also known in some circles as the damn writers' strike. Sources confirm that the show is going back and shooting an alternate ending to the Dec. 3 episode that, if used, would allow the episode to function as a season finale in the event of a strike. Originally, the episode was only supposed to serve as the conclusion of the current "Generations" arc. Should an 11th-hour agreement be reached and a strike averted (fingers crossed!), the alt ending would likely be scrapped. Damn. In all honestly, I'm kinda with the writers on this matter ... if they don't get a good deal now they'll be shut out for a very long time before they'll be able to renegotiate again. I really hope the big wig Hollywood Powers that Be see the light and cough up some dough ... or a whole lot of us are gonna be real unhappy, real soon. [Source]

You know who needs to go on strike for reals? Britney Spears. I would whole-heartedly stand behind her should she choose to protest going out in public every single day. Here are a few pics of Britney out and about this weekend doing a bit of shopping at A Children's Place (where she was seen feeling up on a fan) and awkwardly running into her ex-hubby's lawyer Mark Vincent Kaplan at the bar at the Four Seasons Hotel:

Our spies were there when Uber-lawyer Mark Vincent Kaplan was at the bar at the Four Seasons Hotel in Bev Hills at around 6:30 last night, when guess who walked in -- Britney, Alli Sims and Brit's manager, Sam Lufti. Imagine her shock when she came face-to-face with the man who engineered the custody miracle for K-Fed -- in a bar!! As the stunned trio faced Kaplan, the barrister said, "Nothing to worry about. I'm not on duty." With that, Brit and Co. walked out. BTW, she wasn't drinking. Yikes! So what's a Britney Spears to do after a compromising situation like this? [Source, Source]

Why ... she goes shopping for chandeliers, of course:

I. I have no words. The chandeliers thing is really weird ... and, I'm sorry to say, little Sean Preston and Jayden James look an absolute fright. I feel so bad for those little boys. IMHO, their mommy should be spending her time taking care of them ... and not shopping for chandeliers. [Source]

Blah ... let's move on ... Katie Holmes made good on her promise and ran in yesterday's New York Marathon, doing so in just under 5 1/2 hours. Here are pics of Katie at yesterday's race:

Photo credit: Splash News

Katie Holmes was among the tens of thousands of runners participating in Sunday's New York City Marathon, finishing the race in 5 hours, 29 minutes and 58 seconds. Husband Tom Cruise and their daughter, Suri, were at the finish line to congratulate the actress, according to event officials. Holmes had registered under an alias so she wouldn't draw too much attention to herself, event officials said, but her time was listed in the official results under her real name. Yeah boy ... using that alias was a great idea ... I'm sure that no one but the hordes of photogs were aware that Katie was running the race. Ah well ... good for her, I know my ass couldn't run a marathon so I have to give her props. While many of the other marathon runners prolly decided to spend a quiet night in after running the 26.2-mile race ... [Source]

... Katie decided to change clothes, put on some high heels and head on out for a screening of hubby Tom Cruise's new movie Lions for Lambs at the Museum of Modern Art:

Photo credit: Splash News

Just hours after crossing the finish line in the grueling New York City Marathon, Katie Holmes stepped out again – in black, open-toed heels! – for husband Tom Cruise's film premiere. While many other runners would be huddled in bed recovering, Holmes and Cruise walked hand-in-hand into the Museum of Modern Art Sunday night for a screening of his new film Lions for Lambs (directed by Robert Redford and costarring Meryl Streep). When asked about his wife's resilience, Cruise beamed proudly, telling PEOPLE, "I know, I know. It's amazing." Also on hand were Cruise's mother and sister and Holmes's parents. "Isn't she amazing?" gushed mom Kathy. "She's such a good girl. We're so proud [of her]." See, despite the fact that I kinda believe that Tom was pretty insistent that she come out for the screening even tho she *just* ran a marathon in order to whip up some more publicity for his movie, I can't even hate on her. Her family does have a right to be proud of her ... or maybe she's a robot, too?! Hmmmm ... [Source]

Lance Armstrong also ran in yesterday's New York Marathon (finishing the race in 2:46:43 -- not far in front of Katie's time, I might add) but in all the buzz about Katie Holmes, not too many folks were all that interested in his participation:

But I feel it is my duty to show him some love ... after all, anyone who was/is such an intimate friend to Jake Gyllenhaal should be paid attention to every once-in-a-while. Wee! [Source]

The World Music Awards took place in Monte Carlo, Monaco this weekend where musical performers like Celine Dion, Patti LaBelle and Mika were honored with trophies of achievement. Here are a few pics from the show's red carpet arrivals:

Dion, who has sold 200 million albums worldwide, received the highest accolade - the Legend Award - at the star-studded ceremony in Monaco on Sunday. In presenting the honour, the tiny principality's Prince Albert said Dion's voice "soothes the world's hearts and creates smiles of love across the face of the world." Recalling her start as the youngest performer among 14 musical siblings, Dion dedicated the award to her family. "Every time I go on stage, it's all of them going on stage with me," she said in her acceptance speech in English and French ... Canada's Avril Lavigne received awards for best-selling pop/rock female artist and best-selling Canadian artist. The show paid tribute to 63-year-old LaBelle for her enduring contribution to R&B. LaBelle, whose career stretches back to the 1950s, had the entire audience, including the Prince, on their feet dancing to a rendition of "Lady Marmalade." "I love this show because it unites the world with music; we need peace in the world," LaBelle said. British pop star Mika was the big winner of the night, capturing awards for best-selling new artist, best-selling male entertainer, best-selling pop/rock artist and best-selling British artist. I understand that Prince Albert of Monaco called for a special award to be presented to Rihanna for having the Best Boobs of the year. Classy. [Source]

Back in LA, celebs came out for the Hollywood premiere of the big screen adaptation of the Cormac McCarthy novel No Country for Old Men at the El Capitan Theater last night. Here are a few pics:

Photo credit: Wireimage

I am a new fan of Cormac McCarthy's work after falling INSANELY in love with his amazing novel The Road. Having read the book twice already (and giving it as a gift to as many people as I could) I moved on to his earlier work. I really enjoyed No Country for Old Men so I'm interested to see how it will turn out in movie form. The preview trailer for the movie looks really good and appears true to the story. I am deffo gonna hafta check it out. [Source]

David Beckham suited up in his LA Galaxy whites to play in a Hollywood United FC vs Los Angeles Galaxy celebrity soccer match at the Home Depot Center in Carson, CA this weekend in order to raise money for the victims of the SoCal wildfires that have ravaged the area. Here are a few pics of Becks doing his thing for a very good cause:

Photo credit: Wireimage

David Beckham, Anthony LaPaglia and several actors and retired players joined forces to raise more than $90,000 for the victims of last month's wildfires in Southern California in a soccer exhibition Sunday. With England coach Steve McClaren watching, Beckham scored two goals and had three assists in 83 minutes in a 10-4 rout of LaPaglia's Hollywood United. McClaren is trying to determine if Beckham is fit enough to rejoin the national team. The game also was the last for Galaxy coach Frank Yallop, who announced his resignation to the players afterward, Beckham said. The 83 minutes was the most that Beckham played since joining the Galaxy in July. "It's probably the best I've felt in quite a few months now," Beckham said. "It was important for me to get a good workout tonight. I've been working hard trying to get myself fit." Beckham not only is preparing himself for the Galaxy's postseason schedule of four exhibitions in five weeks, but also said he hopes to be available for England's national team. He said he talked with McClaren on Saturday. "I want to be involved in every game possible but I've got to get my fitness right," Beckham said. "I can't put myself up for selection if I'm not 100 percent fit, or at least 90-95 percent fit." Among those playing for Hollywood United were former players Jorge Campos, Frank LeBoeuf and Eric Wynalda, Galaxy General Manager Alexi Lalas, Def Leppard guitarist Viv Campbell and LaPaglia, who started in goal. It is a bit strange that the longest time Becks spent actually playing on the LA Galaxy soccer field didn't come until after the season was over. [Source]

But, in the end, Becks looked good ... and isn't that all that matters?

He even gave us a peek at his creamy thighs. Can we really be expected to ever be angry at him for anything at all? I think not. [Source]

In other celeb-sports related news, Gavin Rossdale (former front man for the band Bush and current wife to Gwen Stefani) spent part of his weekend participating in the Chris Evert Celebrity Tennis Classic pretending to be a tennis player:

Photo credit: Splash News

But I think I like him best when he's pretending to train to be a tennis player ... while he's half-nekkid:

Photo credit: Splash News

MMMM yes. [Source]

In further hotnessness, Matthew McConaughey spent part of his birthday weekend playing with some friends at the beach. He also spent part of the time squeezed tightly into a wet suit ...

Photo credit: X17

... for which, I'm sure, we are all grateful. And yes, I could actually go for some nuts right about now, thanks ;) [Source]

Vanessa Minnillo and Nick Lachey joined Salt N Pepa at the launch of the El San Juan Hotel & Casino this past weekend ... here are a few pics of this strange mix of peeps:

Photo credit: Wireimage

Hee hee, I <3 LaNessa ... I love how close Vanessa stuck her face to Nick's crotch region. It looks like the girl can't get enough. From what I hear about what's tucked away in those trunks, I can't say that I blame her. I'm so glad to see Salt N Pepa back on the scene. I really love watching their show on VH1. I had no idea that they werre such an odd couple. I knew Pepa was a freak but I had no idea that Salt was all into Jesus. See, it's stuff like this that makes reality TV worth watching ... and with this writer's strike in full effect now, we're gonna need good pairings like this to make reality TV bareable. [Source]

In busted celebs news, an allegedly inebriated Shia LeBeouf found himself an unwelcome customer at a Chicago area Walgreens pharmacy in the wee hours this past weekend ... after refusing to leave the premises in his apparent drunken state, the police were called to take him away:

Shia LaBeouf was charged with misdemeanor criminal trespassing after the "Transformers" star refused to leave a Chicago drug store, police said Sunday. A security guard told LaBeouf that he needed to leave the Walgreens store because he appeared to be drunk, police said. When LaBeouf, 21, refused to leave, the security guard detained him and called police at about 2:30 a.m., according to police spokeswoman Laura Kubiak. After he was arrested, police noted that LaBeouf was "very courteous and polite," Kubiak said. Police said he posted bond before 7 a.m., but Kubiak did not know the amount. C'mon ... how many of us have stumbled our way into a 24-hour convenience store afterhours in a partially intoxicated state in order to sate our intense hunger brought on by all the boozing? I understand that Shia was not given a sobriety test so I'm pretty sure his lawyers will be able to get him off on this ridic arrest. Hahahhahaha ... boy, I'd pay money to see Shia LeBeouf all drunk and causing a ruckus in a drug store. That'd rule. [Source]

Dita Von Teese is the new face of the Frederick's of Hollywood Holiday campaign. Here are a few pics from her really cute pin-up inspired ad campaign:

No one does this sort of stuff quite like Dita ... she always looks so good and manages to make lingerie not look trashy. Click HERE to see all the pics from this campaign. [Source]

And finally ... in yet another way to try and pry Spice Girls fans from their hard earned money in their latest bid to squeeze even more profit out of their long-awaited reunion, here is our first look at the new 2008 Spice Girls Calendar:

I'm sure it's only a matter of time before the lunchboxes, paper plates and toilet paper Spice Girls products will be released as well. [Source]

Les News:
Yesterday was a hella chill day. David and I spent most of the day just recuperating before I had to drop him off at the airport. We had a great late lunch at Olga's (where we met Pink reader Susan) and then milled about at Barnes & Noble before he was on his way. I spent last evening and night here at Sarah and Mark's place. It's so nice now that it's not filled to the gills with partygoers. We lounged and napped and went out for food from Cedar Garden (the best.Middle Eastern food.ever) before returning to our lounging/napping.

Today I'm hanging out with my folks for a bit and I think Sarah and Mark are having peeps over again ... the party never stops around here.

I'm hearing that snow might be on the horizon around these here parts ... I'll be glad to miss it once I fly home tomorrow night :) Happy new week! I'm out.



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