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Monday, May 07, 2007

Extreme Makeover - DUI Edition

TMZ is reporting that makeover guru Ty Pennington was arrested early Saturday morning for drinking and driving:

The story is very light on deets but it does say that he was arrested at 12:35 AM and was released on $5,000 bond a couple of hours later. Strangely enough, I never watch any of his makeover shows on TV and last night Sarah made me watch one ... I found it very hard to believe that anyone could be that squeaky clean. Unfortch, I guess I was right. [Source]

UPDATE: Ty Pennington has released the following statement regarding his DUI arrest: "I made an error in judgment. We all make mistakes, however this is about accountability. Under no circumstances should anyone consume alcohol while driving. I could have jeopardized the lives of others and I am grateful there was no accident or harm done to anyone. This was my wake-up call. I also want to apologize to my fans, ABC Television and my design team for my lapse in judgment and the embarrassment I have caused."


Fall Out Girl

Britney Spears finished up her Comeback Concert Series this weekend at the Las Vegas House of Blues but before she rolled into Sin City with her party wagon she spent some time at home in Malibu, CA gettin' herself all purdy-ed up for her last hurrah. Here are pictures of a very cute lookin' Brit Brit lookin' tanned and ready to take on the world:

Let's not focus too much on her overuse of the barrette (which I don't really understand in a wig like that) and just take in her cuteness over all. The headband is very cute and the white dress is very lovely. Shoot, she could go out in a potato sack and I'd still love her if she wasn't wearing her fug cowboy boots! I wouldn't say, necessarily, that Britney has got her act entirely altogether again but ... she's getting closer. [Source]

After Britters spent the weekend shopping and pampering herself she packed up her bag o'wigs, her white chair and make her way out to Las Vegas for her final House of Blues performance. Here are pics of Britney as she de-boarded her tour bus upon arrival:

Photo credit: Flynet

I love that that chair and her 3 suitcases could just as easily fit inside a little U-Haul trailer and yet Britney is still touring the Southwest House of Blues' in a big ass tour bus. What she lacks in live singing ability she more than makes up for with pomp and circumstance. [Source]

Here are pictures of The M+Ms on stage at the House of Blues in LV last night rockin' the longer wig and doing her thang ... for a full 18 minutes! This was her longest performance of the tour:

Pink reader Alison was in the hiz last night and sends in this report: Trent! I had to run home and tell you all about our girl Brit-Brit's show in Vegas. She did 6 songs, and she looked amazing. The best part was you could tell she was feeding off the audience and even though everyone knew she was lip-syncing, they still loved her. She had the cutest smile on her face and would get excited when the crowd got excited. She looked really happy. I have to say that I too doubted her come back options, but it's pretty clear that everyone wants her to do it and has faith in her. She looked amazing - rocking the same outfits as the last couple shows. She's not back to her 6-pack status yet, but her stomach was pretty flat and she looked healthy - not something many Hollywood "It" Girls can claim these days... The crowd seemed to especially love "Do Somethin'" even though that definitely wasn't her biggest hit, but you could see her really get into it and play out how her life's been the past couple months. The choreography was a little lacking, but still pretty good for her first few shows around and if her rumors of losing her choreographer are true. She had quite a few really good hair flips worked in and that wig wasn't going anywhere! She definitely worked her butt as much as possible - probably so she wouldn't have to concentrate so hard on the lip-syncing - but hey, no one was complaining! She definitely rocked the house and everyone was happy with the performance, and we were outta there by 9:50 pm. Pink reader Kimberly also attended last night's performance but had a slightly different take on the experence: it was a very interesting night. We were in the bottom section, right in front of the stage, about 20 feet from her, and had a great viewing area. We could see the makeup caked on her face. She had 4 back-up dancers that she very smartly had dressed all the same; blond hair, pony-tails, lingerie, so she really stood out with her brown wig and pink bra. She started the set in a white, short cheerleader looking skirt, and then changed into a short denim mini. While she was admittedly in terrific shape, I couldn't get over how TIRED she looked. The set was a mere 18 minutes (my husband timed it - he's kind of silly), and the dancing wasn't anything I would consider overly rigorous. But by the end, she just looked really old and very tired, kind of like she had the weight of the world on her shoulders. It made me sad for her. She strikes me as a very young woman with a very old soul. I can absolutely see the validity of each report. This "comeback" might be a bit early for Britney to be taking on but it seems that she has the desire to get back on track ... I completely agree that she prolly feels as if she has the weight of the world on her shoulders. She can't possibly live up to the expectations, no matter what she does, and yet she still strives to be in the public eye. It will be a very interesting year for our dear Britney. It remains to be seen what these performances mean in the overall scope of her career (there was a rumor that she was going to do one last performance in San Francisco at a place called Red Devil but I can find no mention of the performance anywhere so I believe Vegas was her last stop) ... and we've yet to hear any new music at all. I can't help but keep rooting for her tho ... call me cruiseazy, I guess. [Source]

Shrek the Third had its premiere in Hollywood yesterday afternoon and all of the principle stars were in attendance ... including the newest addition, Justin Timberlake. Here are a few photos from the premiere red carpet:

Photo credit: Splash News

Everybody looked so happy to be there ... especially Eddie Murphy. He was prolly very happy to know that Scary Spice Melanie Brown (the woman who is shouting from the rooftops that Eddie Murphy is the father of her baby) is way the hell out of town in London ... I bet he was very relieved that there would be no awkward run-ins with her ... [Source]

... and speaking of awkward run-ins, I suppose it was inevitable that Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake would have to be in close proximity at some point along the Shrek promo trail. A few weeks ago, the pair avoided one another like the plague at a Shrek media day at the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills, CA but yesterday the couple had to come face-to-face:

I'm suuuuuure things weren't awkward at all. Nope. No siree. Not the least bit awkward. With all those cameras around, you know that they had to appear cool as cucumbers. LOL. [Source]

Paris Hilton has finally broken her self-imposed silence since she was sentenced to spend 45 days in jail this summer for violating the terms of her probation stemming from her DUI arrest late last year. Speaking directly to the media, er, paparazzi, Paris finally spoke out on the ruling and told the world just what she thinks about the whole thing:

Paris Hilton has spoken for the first time about the 45-day jail sentence she was handed on Friday – and she's not happy. Described as visibly shaken and tearful, the heiress, 26, who must serve time for violating her probation after she drove with a suspended license, made her feelings clear to photographers waiting outside her Los Angeles home on Saturday night. "I told the truth," said Hilton, according to Reuters (and as was first reported by TMZ.) "I feel that I was treated unfairly, and that the sentence is both cruel and unwarranted. I don't deserve this" ... The Simple Life star must report to jail by June 5. Hilton's attorney, Howard Weitzman, said after Friday's verdict that he plans to appeal. "I'm shocked and disappointed at the sentence by the judge," Weitzman said. "To sentence Paris Hilton to jail is uncalled for, inappropriate and ludicrous. She was singled out for who she is." Moreover, Paris contends that she is unfairly targeted by the police because she believes the po po want to "date her": Socialite Paris Hilton said police officers "hit on her all the time" and posed in a zebra-print outfit meant to resemble jail stripes before a judge ordered her to spend 45 days in prison. The 26-year-old multi-millionaire said she attracted attention because of who she was, but added that officers did not usually arrest her ... She will be shown wearing a zebra print outfit running away from models dressed as policemen on the front cover of June's issue of Harper's Bazaar. She tells the magazine: "I think I get in more trouble just because of who I am. "The cops do it all the time. They'll just pull me over to hit on me. It's really annoying. They're like, 'What's your phone number? Want to go to dinner?' "They just pull me over, and the paparazzi, of course, take a picture. All the time. I have so many cops' business cards." Hmm. I kinda have a hard time believing that she actually believes these things that she's saying ... er, well, I actually don't. It seems to me that if she were anyone but Paris Hilton she would've been put in jail a long time ago. I can kinda see how a judge might think it's about time she pay for some of her crimes ... call me crazy. I somehow don't think that the court will look very favorably on the proposed Harper's Bazaar magazine cover that is being talked about here ... but when has Paris really ever been all that concerned with what the court things about anything? [Source, Source]

Poor Paris isn't the only person being "treated unfairly" in all of this ... her top minion, Elliot Mintz, is being made to pay as well. Just days (probably hours) after Paris was sentenced to jail time, her long time public mouthpiece and official excuse-giver was given his walking papers. And, of course, Elliot did his best to spin the story as favorably as possible:

Here is the text of Mintz' statement regarding his split from Paris' employ: The day after the hearing, I sent an e-mail expressing my sadness over the ruling of the judge and the irrational sentence he imposed. In that e-mail I also offered my sincerest apology for any misunderstanding she received from me regarding the terms of her probation. To the extent that I have miscommunicated information I received from her attorneys......I am deeply and profoundly sorry. I told her that I assume personal responsibility for my part in this matter. I believe when stated in court that she believed it was o.k. for her to drive under certain circumstances she was being absolutely truthful. Due to this misunderstanding, I am no longer representing Paris. For the record, I have nothing but love and respect for Paris and her family. Paris is a wonderful person and does not deserve the punishment that was handed down by the court. I only wish her my best. It's a shame that Mintz didn't stand in Paris' driveway and read this statement aloud to the assembled photogs personally ... you know, just for old times sake. Welp, Elliot is being made to suffer right along with Paris ... but at least he won't have to share her summer vacay plans. Since Elliot is now out of the picture, one of Paris' other minions, her long-time publicist Michael Levine, is stepping up to be her mouthpiece, saying: the 45-day jail sentence imposed by the judge may make Hilton more popular than ever. "It will actually increase her star appeal in a very sick and demented way," he said. "There's a segment of our society that's somehow engaged in the soap opera that is Paris Hilton, and this a very compelling plot line in the soap opera." Hey, why not make her the most popular celeb in existence and leave her locked up in jail forever? Hey, I'm only following the same logic. With less than a month left of freedom, it'll be very interesting to see how Paris chooses to bide her time until she gets locked up. [Source, Source]

OY! As if all this jail stuff wasn't bad enough, Pink reader Terra gave me the heads up that the site will be going back online sometime today:

But ... of course it is. [Source, thanks]

In other arrest and possible conviction news, Pete Doherty found himself arrested again (and for the umpteenth millionth time) over the weekend for loitering jay-walking drug possession ... natch:

Troubled singer Pete Doherty is showing no signs of curbing his drug-fuelled lifestyle, prompting speculation it might take its toll on his relationship with supermodel Kate Moss. The 28-year-old Babyshambles star was arrested over the weekend on suspicion of possessing a class A drug. Doherty was stopped in a car by officers in central London on Saturday night and held at a police station before being bailed. He has appeared in court on a number of drug offences over the past six months and was praised in April by a judge for "more than co-operating" in his struggle to beat his addiction to hard substances ... A Scotland Yard spokesman said: "About 10pm on (Saturday) police stopped a vehicle in Kensington High Street. He added: "The 28-year-old male driver was arrested on suspicion of possession of a class A drug. He was taken to a West London police station and subsequently bailed to return on a date in June." Sounds like just another weekend for Petey boy. Who knows if anything will come of this or any other arrest. He seems hell-bent on ruining his life ... maybe locking him in a cell with Paris Hilton will straighten him out. Talk about your intensive drug rehab tactics. [Source]

Spider-Man 3 has finally been unleashed upon the world (and breaking box office records the world over) and all the hard work that Tobey Maguire has had to endure for the past year is finally finished ... so he packed up his family and spent some downtime chillin' at Coldwater Park in Beverly Hills, CA over the weekend:

Photo credit: Splash News

You can deff tell that Tobey is a big football fan ... he even likes carrying little Ruby in that football position ... thankfully, he didn't get her mixed up with the actual football and toss her across the park while playing catch ;) [Source]

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt spent a lovely night out in Prague over the weekend where they shared a lovely, loving dinner together:

Photo credit: Splash News

Can't you just feel the lurve? They appear to be seething with it. [Source]

David Beckham heated up the soccer field this weekend in a match against Sevilla during their Spanish First Division soccer match at Santiago Bernabeu stadium in Madrid, Spain ... here are pics from the game:

I just love it when Becks wins ... he tends to get all amorous and nekkid. Woot! I can't wait til he brings his winning streak here to the US this summer. [Source, Source]

Apparently, I am not the only person who is uberexcited that the Beckhams are moving to LA ... Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are so beside themselves with excitement that they went out and bought a new place to live right in the Beckham neighborhood:

Photo credit: Splash News

David and Victoria Beckham will soon be able to call on high profile neighbours to help them settle into Californian life. The couple's close friends Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have just bought a luxurious £18 million mansion just down the road from the new Beckingham Palace in Beverly Hills. The 1.3 acre property was not even on the market, but couldn't refuse Tom Cruise's impressive offer. The Cruise's trumped the Beckham's in terms of price: Posh and Beck's paid £11 million for their sprawling villa, which they signed the deal on last week. With seven bedrooms and nine bathrooms, Cruise's property will provide ample space for the couples' daughter Suri, 1, and Cruise's adopted children Isabella and Connor ... Tom and Katie played a large role in the Beckham's decision to move to America, with Victoria and Katie already regulars on the Hollywood shopping circuit. David sought counsel from Cruise before deciding to transfer to Los Angeles Galaxy. David said at the time: "Obviously I asked him for his advice because he is a very wise man and a very good friend of mine. It's going to be a big help for us to have friends when we arrive in L.A." I fully expect Tom Cruise to be knocking on the Beckhams' front door hoping to borrow some sugar or some nonsense like that ... I have a feeling that TomKat loves Becks more than I do. [Source, Source]

Mother's Day is still days away but that doesn't mean we can't get the celebrating started a little early. Here are 2 absolutely ADORABLE pictures of new moms Tori Spelling and Maggie Gyllenhaal spending some quality, nurturing time with their new babies Liam and Ramona:

I think it's great that both moms have no qualms about loving and nurturing their children no matter who might be watching ... that Maggie would even breast-feed her baby in plain sight is remarkable. It's such a sweet picture ... head on over to Celebrity Baby Blog to check out the full-sized pic. [Source, Source]

And finally, I linked to a Tori Amos item yesterday (via the amazing site that I want to further highlight today ... Tori Amos thrilled the chorus of PS22 in NYC (and their superfan choral director) by showing up to hear them sing a new off her just-released album American Doll Posse for her last week. You can read the full chronicle of how all of this came about at the PS22 Chorus Blog but here are a couple of really cute videos to check out in the meantime. First, here is a vid of the chorus singing the song Dragon for Tori (eventually bringing her to tears):

And here is a continuing video of Tori singing her song Father's Son with the chorus:

It is very clear from these videos (and the many others on the PS22 Chorus Blog) that the music teacher is a big Tori Amos fan. I love that he used Tori's music to teach his class ... and that Tori was not only lucky enough to hear them for herself but that she was so kind as to sing with them. Love it :)

Les News:
Well, I finally made it home to Detroit. David and I spent a lovely morning and afternoon together before I had to fly home to Detroit. It is really good to be home with my folks. They look great and are very happy that I am home. We spent a nice evening catching up together before they went off to bed. Then I went over to Sarah and Mark's to hang out with them for a little while. Coincidentally, Legally Blonde was airing on TNT and since Sarah and never seen it and since I was still jazzed from seeing the musical version of it on Saturday we watched it together. I've got a pretty bizzy week ahead ... and thankfully, the weather promises to be gorgeous.

Make plans now, Detroiters, SASS is happening this Friday night (click HERE for deets) and I hope to see y'all there so we can just kick it like Tae Bo!

But for now ... I am out.



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