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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Les Hills?

That wild and crazy Britney Spears was at it again last night as she, once again, took Hollywood by storm ... which basically means that she went out for coffee and ended up whipping up a whirlwind of attention as per usual. Britney busted out her fave hot pink wig and also busted out from underneath her short dress (thankfully, she was wearing underwear) to reveal a rashy-looking bottom. Look, as long as she's not sporting the red rash on her fronts (that we know of) I think we should be glad. Britters also revealed that she has gone back to black since dying her hair color again:

It sounds like it was just another run-of-the-mill type Monday night for our dear Britney. I'm not sure what to think about all that redness that Brit's got going on on her buns and legs. Maybe the next time she goes to the drug store she can steal a tube of ointment to clear that shizz up. [Source, Source]

Britney's ex-husband and all around bane of her existence, Kevin Federline, has been keeping himself out of trouble for the past few months ... going so far as to stay away from clubs, parties, etc. so that he can try to get people to believe that he is a good parent. But, even "good parents" have to go out every once in a while. Here are pics of K-Fed out with his friends for a Boy's Night Out on the town at Busby's Sports Bar in West Hollywood this week:

Photo credit: Splash News

Yeah, I dunno where that yellow Lamborghini came from but you know it don't belong to K-Fed. His days of fancy cars are long gone as these days he's happy to enjoy any new scraps of cash he can get out of his ex-wife in their on-going child custody battle. Unless K-Fed cashed in the college funds of his sons a bit early to buy this car, I think it's safe to assume it's not his new whip. Oh wait ... that's ridic ... there is no way that there is a college fund at all for either of the Spederline children. [Source]


Last night was the much anticipated, much-hyped third season finale of The Hills and while the drama was kept to a minimum (too far a minimum, I must add) there was a lot of new information presented and, of course, during the after show, LC made the announcement that this season of The Hills isn't quite over yet ... bonus episodes which were filmed in Paris, France will air in 2008:

Alright ... I ain't gonna lie ... last night's final ep was really way more chill than I was hoping for. This season of The Hills has been so amazingly fun and soooo overly dramatic that I was kinda expecting mega fireworks for the season finale. While I'm very glad that LC was finally allowed to go to Paris (with Whitney) and while I'm really glad that things continue to disintegrate between Heidi and Spencer, I'm afraid the fun drama was really lacking in this ep. Whitney did not disappoint with the facial expressions and I'm very happy to know that Lisa Love has been taking my advice to cover up her bald spot instead of highlighting it. I think we're supposed to believe that Heidi and Spencer are dunzo but didn't we just see them out shopping for an Xmas tree together, hugging and kissing all the while? Well, let's not pay attention to that right now, in the ep Heidi packed up her bags and went back home ... could it be that the wedding is really officially off? LC was finally rewarded for all of her hard work and was allowed to go with Whitney to Paris to help out with a debutante ball (which we saw pictures of just a few weeks ago) ... and which we'll get to see in the just announced bonus episodes that will air on MTV in the Spring. LC and Whitney were only in Paris for a few days but it was enough time for them to film some more episodes to satisfy our insatiable craving for more Hills! [Source]

Mike and I were able to attend the Live Finale event at Area nightclub last night which was turned into a big ol' party for a whole bunch of rabid fans of The Hills. Pretty much everyone who was on the show this season came out for the event ... except for our fave bad boys Spencer Pratt and Justin Bobby ... they were both no-shows. Heidi came out to walk the red carpet and meet with the fans (who came out in droves to see her) but she didn't stay for the party ... hmmm. Here are a few pics from the red carpet arrivals:

Heidi revealed to me that she couldn't stay for the event because she had to get back to the studio (presumably to work on her album) but she did want to come out to see the fans. Um, yeah. I gotta tell ya, tho, she looked really good in her little silver dress (which, incidentally, she wore this past weekend in Las Vegas for the Spike TV Video Game Awards) and Mike and I noticed right away that she was not wearing the engagement ring that Spencer gave to her ... does this mean the wedding is not going to happen? Is Speidi really dunzo?? Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt kept everyone guessing at the The Hills finale after party Monday night. Montag, 21, appeared at the Los Angeles club Area without her engagement ring and without Pratt, 23, triggering fans to call out: "Heidi, where's the ring? Heidi, where's Spencer?" As Montag flashed her ring-less finger for photographers, another fan called out, "You're better off without him!" Fans may have to wait until season four for more details on the couple's tumultuous romance as Montag was mum on the red carpet. While Spencer was noticeably absent last night, he did call in to Ryan Seacrest's morning show on KIIS FM to give his side of what is going on with him and Heidi: After last night's season finale of The Hills saw Heidi Montag leave fiancé Spencer Pratt, Pratt took to the airwaves Tuesday morning, telling Ryan Seacrest on his KIIS FM radio show that he's, "madly in love with Heidi and trying to win her back to marry her. In my mind I'm not moving on or looking for dates. I don't know where Heidi is, I know she needs her space, but I don’t want to get back to my bachelor days," said Pratt. "Heidi is the most perfect girl on the planet." When Seacrest asked Pratt if Montag was with him during their live phone interview, Pratt only said, "Hahah, nice try." In fact, Pratt seemed determined to keep details of his relationship status with Montag a secret, citing surprise bonus episodes of The Hills as a reason to stay mum. "Eight episodes are going to clarify [what happened in the finale]," Pratt said. "It's top secret. I think the wedding is definitely on pause, last I heard." But if there is one universal truth about The Hills, it's that nothing is what it really seems on the reality show. Sources tell PEOPLE the couple were together at Koi following last night's live broadcast INTERESTING! So Heidi didn't really have to go to the studio since she showed up with Spencer for dinner at Koi with the rest of The Hills folks. Personally, I don't think they're really doing a good job of keeping their real lives in sync with their lives on the show. That being said, I can't wait to watch the bonus eps. [Source, Source]

The party last night was really fun ... I have more pics and more deets at the end of today's post.

Alright ... let's move on ... Will Smith was on hand at Grauman's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood yesterday afternoon to embed his hand and footprints in his very own cement square in the famed courtyard on Hollywood Blvd. (just in time to promote his new movie I Am Legend which opens in theaters on December 14). Will's BFF Tom Cruise also showed up to lend his support for his friend ... here are a few pics from the event:

Photo credit: Splash News

Days before the release of his latest film "I Am Legend," rapper-turned-actor Will Smith sank his hands and feet into the cement in front of Grauman's Chinese Theatre Monday in Hollywood. The two-time Oscar nominee shook hands with fans and posed for photos when he arrived on Hollywood Boulevard for the ceremony that immortalized him among Hollywood's elite. In "I Am Legend," scheduled for release Friday, the 39-year-old Philadelphia native portrays scientist Robert Neville, who finds himself alone on Earth thanks to a virus that destroys most of the world's population, except for some survivors who have become horribly mutated. Using his own immune blood, Neville tries to concoct a way to reverse the effects of the virus. "This one is special," Smith told KCAL9 about the movie shortly after the Grauman's ceremony. "We made a really aggressive attempt at a different type of movie, so I'm anxious to see how people respond to it." As much as I'm not a huge Will Smith fan, I must admit that I'm anxious to see his new movie. I read the book and loved it so I can't wait to see how it translates to the big screen. It should be noted right off the bat that the story has been changed a bit (Will's character in the book is Caucasian) but I'm hoping the story hasn't been changed too much in the movie version. I also hope they didn't mess with the ending either. I'm kinda hoping this movie will put Will Smith in my good graces again ... I guess we'll see. [Source]

Amy Winehouse was turned away from visiting her jailbird hubby Blake Civil-Fielder this week (most probably because she showed up with some gross looking sores/scabs/lesions on her arms -- ICK!) so she did the only thing she knows how to do these days to wash away her pain ...

Photo credit: Splash News

... she went to the corner store to fill up on junk food again. Can someone explain to me again how this woman is a high profile celebrity rather than a regular ol' homeless person roaming the streets? You know you're in bad shape when you make Britney Spears look classy. [Source]

Nicole Richie spent some time at The Grove here in LA this week to do some Xmas/baby shopping for the upcoming holidays and impending birth of her first child with Joel Madden. Here are pics of a bundled up Nicole making her way from store to store to store:

Photo credit: Splash News

I understand that Nicole did some shopping in the baby department at Nordstrom and then made her way to Baby Gap before grabbing a bite to eat at the Cheesecake Factory. It must be really fun doing Xmas shopping this year for Nicole since she has an entire baby wardrobe to compile before she births her young'n. I can't wait for the little tyke to get here. [Source]

Hilary Duff was spotted enjoying lunch with her sister here in LA this week:

Uh, I'm not sure what it was exactly that she ate for lunch but by the looks of these photos, I think I might not want to know. Ew. [Source]

Everyone's favorite British boy band McFly, who are always lookin' for new and fun ways to get nekkid for their fans, have done it again this week as they appeared on the Live Lounge Tour with UK radio host Jo Whiley. Apparently, Jo paid a little visit to the McFly boys in their home and they played some songs for her ... but not before they got nekkid during a game of Never Have I Ever ... which of course was captured in pics and video:

See, this is why I love McFly so. I contend that if all boy bands got as nekkid as McFly does (and as often, for that matter) then the reign of the boy bands would've never ended. And now you ca see why they are everyone's favorite boy band. [Source, thanks Amanda]

Victoria Beckham paid a visit to the Larry King Live show on CNN last night where she answered a bunch of probing questions that folks in America have been dying to know (like Why don't you ever smile? LOL). Here are a few screencaps from Vicki B's appearance last night on the show:

Last week, Barbara Walters dubbed her "fascinating." This week, Victoria Beckham is back to being just her plain, old, fabulous self. Speaking to Larry King Monday night from Las Vegas, where the newly reunited Spice Girls are pop-tarting their way through a series of shows at the Mandalay Bay, Beckham told the avuncular host that it's "fun being a Spice Girl again." "I'm having so much fun. The response has been completely overwhelming," the 33 year-old brunette-for-now said. But, why reunite? And, why now? "It just seemed right, she said, adding that she had agreed to this tour so her sons – Brooklyn, 8, Romeo, 5, and Cruz, 2 – "can see Mummy be a pop star again. [They're] seeing what Mummy does. That I just don't moan at [them] and make them eat their dinner and clean their teeth. They're seeing Mummy doing what she loves doing." Hubby David's take on the reincarnation? "He's on tour with [us]. He's a Spice Boy. I respect everything that David does, and he respects and loves what I do. We complement each other, we support each other. We have a lovely family and we're very, very happy. We're very lucky." Lucky enough to also have good friends who've helped ease the family's transition from London to Los Angeles – friends like Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, whom Beckham calls "very kind, caring, funny people." As for rampant rumors that Cruise has been proselytizing, Beckham categorically denied any such behavior, telling King: "Tom has his religion that he's very passionate about. I don't know anything about Scientology at all. He's never tried to talk to me about it. He does his thing, we do our thing." Larry King also asked her about the possibility of having more children with Becks and specifically asked if she wanted to have a baby girl. She responded by saying: I would love a little girl at some point. But, you know, I have got three boys at the moment that are hard work. They are very, very active. And I'm constantly getting soccer balls kicked at me. I think at some point a little girl would be great but at the moment I want to enjoy the children that I've got. The rumors are not true. I'm not pregnant. I keep getting asked, am I pregnant? I'm not pregnant. And hopefully I will be blessed enough to have more children at some point. But at the moment my children keep me very, very busy. They actually put me in goal and they just all kick footballs with me. I'm the goalie of the family. Hmmm ... this extended denial really makes it sound like she doesn't plan on having any more babies ever. I can't believe how much more ... human ... Vicki B. sounds when she talks in interviews. It's always such a shock to see her funny and charming after constantly seeing her as a cold, unfeeling automaton on a daily basis. In case you missed last night's interview on Larry King Live you can click HERE to read the entire transcript from the show. [Source, Source]

In other Beckham news, everyone is all a-twitter over the release of the first David Beckham for Armani Underwear ad that hit the InterWeb yesterday morning ... including David Beckham himself. Becks added the ad to his official webiste along with a bit more information about the upcoming ad campaign:

David is to be the global face of Emporio Armani Underwear from January 2008. He recently shot the new advertising campaign in Los Angeles, which will debut in the February edition of Vanity Fair USA and will then feature lifestyle magazines and billboards in all the major cities around the world. Speaking of the collaboration, David said, "I've been a big fan of his for a long time, so I'm happy to be working with him now." The new Emporio Armani Underwear advertising campaign will be featured on the Emporio Armani website from 1st January 2008. Woot! Woot! I can't wait for January 1 to roll around ... but in the meantime, I'll just have to content myself with the little sneak preview we got yesterday. Click HERE to see a larger version of Becks's Armani Underwear ad. [Source]

One last bit of Becksness ... Adidas released a new Happy Holidays pic featuring Becks for us all to enjoy:

Yeah, he's not nearly as nekkid as I would like but I'll still take it. Yes, please. [Source]

Carrie Underwood is featured on the cover of the new issue of Glamour magazine:

It's ironic that she's not looking as glamorous as she usually does ... especially for this magazine. This might be her cheesiest magazine cover yet. [Source]

But, as cheesy as Carrie looks on the cover of Glamour, nothing beats the King of Cheese Michael Jackson on the cover of Jet magazine this month:

Talk about your mother of the bride look. All that's missing is a big ol' corsage pinned to his lapel. I really don't get him ... at all. [Source]

And finally, here is the latest promo pic of Heath Ledger as The Joker which is featured on the cover of Empire magazine but without all the text:

Is it wrong that I love his outfit? I'd totally rock that green vest with fun purple pants. I'd go easier on the make-up but still ... it's not a bad look. [Source]

Les News:
Last night, Mike and I had the best time hanging out with the gang from The Hills at the season three Live Finale Party at Area nightclub. We got there in time to hang out on the red carpet while they taped the preshow stuff. It got really cold last night but nothing was going to make us miss last night's party. Here are some of my pics from the red carpet:

Everyone was so sweet and nice ... and they did a great job of keeping all their secrets to themselves (altho, LC did fake me out for a sec when I thought she was gonna tell me what the big announcement was before she made it live on the air). I got to chat with Elodie, who looked amazing I might add, before the party got started and she told me all about her new bath and beauty line Jolie en Rose. All you Team Elodie fans in the SoCal area have to come to to see her at the Nordstrom Department Store at The Grove this Saturday at noon to meet her as she hosts a launch party for her new beauty line. She sounded very excited about her new endeavor and I hope she has much success ... afterall, she had the best burn on The Hills EVER when she sabotaged Heidi on her way out the door from Bolthouse Productions. I also got to chat a bit with Jarett the personal trainer who was trying to convince me that he is the man to get me motivated and off the couch. I'm sure he's an excellent trainer (as his amazing abs can attest) but I dunno if anyone is able to my ass to the gym. Who knows ... maybe I'll give him a call and see if he can work his magic on me. Jarett was showing off his ripped stomach to the screaming girls in the crowd and I'm still kicking myself for not snapping a pic :( If he could get me abs like his I really might take him up on his offer. I hope his magic wand is working ;)

The whole event was just too much fun ... MTV really knows how to take care of their fans and a great time was had by all. I, for one, am very happy that there will be more Hills to be had this Spring cuz I know that I am not ready for it to be finished quite yet. I got to meet Veronica who live blogged the entire event for and provided some of the funnest reading ever ... make sure you check it out.

Today, David flies back to NYC and I won't get to see him again until after Xmas so we're gonna spend the day together before we meet up with my friend Michael for dinner. We've got some alone time on the books for this afternoon so ... I'm out.



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