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Saturday, December 15, 2007

My Night On The D-List

Halle-freakin'-lujah! Britney Spears unleashed a new music video for her second single Piece of Me from her amazing album Blackout last night and I am ecstatic to see that it turned out pretty awesome. Here are a few screencaps from the vid:

On the one hand, I was worried that it would turn out pretty subpar, somewhere along the lines of the mostly meager Gimme More video (or her amateurish Do Somethin' video) because, really, isn't that what we've come to expect for our dear Britney in the past couple of years? But, on the other hand, I had hope that famed music director Wayne Isham would be able to whip up a pretty decent if not faboo video despite Britney's crazy antics. The result is a music video that looks great, has a great concept ... and even features a choreographed dance sequence! Granted, it's not the second coming nor is it among the best music videos of the year ... but it's pretty damn OK and when you're talkin' Britney Spears -- that's saying a whole helluva lot these days. [Source]

Here is the full Piece of Me music video:

Great song, great video ... thank the Gods!

In NYC last night, musicians and celebs came out to Madison Square Garden to partake of and/or perform in the Z100's Jingle Ball festival concert. Here are a few pics from last night's show:

Photo credit: Wireimage

Colbie Caillat, Jordin Sparks, Backstreet Boys and Avril Lavigne were among the performers who appeared on stage along with Alicia Keys, Fall Out Boy, One Republic featuring Timbaland and more. The line-up was amazing ... not only was there a nice number of performers on the bill but the performers they got was impressive. It looks like it was a pretty kick-ass show ... head on over to the official Jingle Ball site to see more pictures and hear the artist interviews. [Source]

Tattooist extraordinaire Kat Von D attempted and, I am assuming, successfully set a new Guinness World Record for the Most Tattoos Done in a 24 Hour Period here in LA at her shop High Voltage Tattoo. Here are a couple pics of Kat inking one of the tats on a lucky recipient yesterday afternoon:

Photo credit: Mavrix

According to the rules set by Guinness World Records, each tattoo had to measure a minimum of 2.25 x 2 inches and an approved LA design was used. Each person receiving one of these tattoos was charged $20 that will be donated to Vitamin Angels, which is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing vital nutrition in the form of supplements, to developing countries, communities and individuals in need. As you might imagine, this attempt at a world record will be featured in the second season of LA Ink. There hasn't been any official confirmation whether or not the record was set but I'm pretty sure Kat was able to get 'er done. Congrats!! [Source]

The always expressionful Whitney Port, from MTV's The Hills, has become one of Clinique's Happy Day Ambassadors and spent part of her week in NYC fulfilling the role and duties of her new title. Whitney took kids from Big Brothers, Big Sisters ice skating in Wollman Rink and then spent some time hanging out with fans at Bloomingdale's department store on 59th Street. Here are a few pics of Whitney, and her many faces, at the Bloomingdale's event this week:

Photo credit: Splash News

She absolutely looks like the perfect spokesperson for Happy ... and Surprised, Shocked, Elated and Thunderstruck. Good for her for using her Hills fame for such a good cause :) [Source]

In other ice skating news, here are pics of Les Beckhams (all 5 of them) out for a nice night of family skating together at a rink in London's Hyde Park where the family has relocated to correspond with the Spice Girls Reunion Tour ... and, I imagine, to spend the holidays:

Victoria and David Beckham have been getting into the Christmas spirit - bringing their three boys to a Winter Wonderland. In a bid to calm Victoria's nerves ahead of her Spice Girls London comeback gig at the O2 on Saturday, the 33-year-old relaxed with the four males in her life at the seasonal attraction in London's Hyde Park ... While the Beckhams wrapped their sons Brooklyn, eight, Romeo, five, and two-year-old Cruz up in preparation for the chilly winter evening, the couple looked freezing and ill-prepared for the two degrees Celsius temperature. Victoria, dressed in a fitted grey t-shirt and skinny cardigan huddled into David's body for warmth as the couple watched their middle son Romeo ice skate ... Posh Spice wisely decided to stay off the ice in a bid to avoid a potential accident - her bandmate Emma Bunton is currently on crutches after she sprained her ankle on stage in Las Vegas last weekend. The reunited five-piece were set to pre-record a performance of 2 Becomes 1 for BBC's Strictly Come Dancing, but have postponed it to next week to give Emma more time to recover. Okay ... I can forgive Becks the ridiculous hat that he loves to wear (all the damn time, it seems) since he has been so generous with his new Armani Underwear ads ... besides, he does look adorable with his kids at the ice rink, despite the fact that his robotic wife is hanging all over him. Don't mind me, I'm only extremely jealous that she gets to not only hang all over him whenever she wants but she gets to sleep nekkid with him too. I hate her. Okay, not really but ... I think you see my point. [Source]

Speaking of those Armani Underwear ads, here are a couple new pics of Becksie poo in his undies ... one appears to be one of the actual ads and the other appears to be a behind-the-scenes photo from the shoot. Vicki B. has publicly responded to the claims that Becks's bulge in the first Armani Underwear ad released has been Photoshopped or manipulated in some way ... which, in the end, doesn't really matter since sales of the expensive undergarments has shot up 30% since the ads hit the InterWeb:

Speaking about Mr Beckham's Armani advert Posh said: "He is very much in proportion. He does have a huge one, though. He does. You can see it in the advert. It's all his." Mmm hmm ... I have no doubt that David Beckham has an amazing package, but there is something so off about the bulbousness of his basket in that first pic. I still contend that the roundness of his lunchbox looks an awful lot like a sports cup. If Becks would like to offer evidence to the contrary, I'd be happy to inspect the goods myself to make a final determination. Fake or not, the pics are still hot ... and the ads appear to be working (even tho they haven't even been officially released yet) since sales of Armani Underwear are up already: SHOTS of David Beckham posing in tight white pants have sparked a 50 per cent increase in sales of similar briefs, a retailer says. The footballer's publicity shots for Armani underwear have prompted a huge increase in sales of white pants at Selfridges. They are currently outselling boxer shorts by two to one. Demand for the entire Emporio Armani underwear range was also up 30 per cent. Director of menswear David Walker-Smith said: "David Beckham is a global style icon, appealing equally to men and women. Where he goes, fashion is bound to follow, so briefs are the big story for underwear." You put David Beckham in nothing but a pair of socks and sales would skyrocket thru the roof. Mmmm ... that should be his next campaign ... wearing nothing but socks :) [Source, Source]

One last bit of Becksness, here is a new promo photo for a new luxury phone by Motorola which features Mr. Goldenballs himself and a snake:

...[H]ere's the star sporting the slippery reptile while plugging MOTOROLA's new RAZR2 V8 LUX. The luxury-edition handset is obviously shrouded in 18-carat gold-plate and is likely to be a hot product for the design-conscious. It's certainly shiny and will have you standing out in the crowd but also comes with an engraved diamond-cut pattern on the sideband. As with these handsets, you can pretty standard specs like 3G and a two megapixel camera. But it is also only 12mm thick meaning you can slip it into your trousers and there won't be a large bulge. Well, by the looks of Becks's bulge ... he could prolly fit quite a few of these new Motorola RAZR2 LUX phones inside ... snugly. [Source]

Paris Hilton and her #1 pooch Tinkerbell want to wish you and yours the Happiest of Holidays this year:

Nothing says Happy Birthday Jesus like a Paris Hilton Xmas card. [Source]

Kylie Minogue is featured on the cover of the new issue of Dr. Who magazine (is it wrong that I never knew such a thing existed?):

She looks amazing ... eve tho I've never watched the show, I am very much looking forward to the Dr. Who Xmas Special which airs in the UK on Xmas day ... and I hope will be available for those of us here in the US. [thanks Amanda]

Ashlee Simpson is, ironically, on the cover of the new issue of Complete Woman magazine looking nothing like a complete woman at all:

These have to be the worst photos of Ashlee Simpson ... ever. She looks like Amanda LePore's little sister in this pics. On second thought, she looks exactly what I imagine JonBenét Ramsey would've looked all all grown up. Scary. [Source]

And finally, it's time for this week's batch of photos sent in by Pink is the new Blog readers -- Katrine sends in a pic of her friends Emily and Stephen who were recently married in South Lake Tahoe -- Kristen sends in a pic with all her best girlfriends from her recent wedding in Hawaii which took place over the Thanksgiving weekend this year -- DeAnna sends in a beautiful pic with her newborn daughter Mallory Raye lookin' pretty in pink and who was just born this past July -- Lindsey sends in a very cute pic with her baby nephew -- Molly sends in a cute pic from her recent shopping excursion in Chicago, IL rockin' a pink Santa hat:

Thank you all so much for your amazing photos ... they are always so fun. Much congrats on the nuptials and the babies and I love you all for taking the time to send in little pieces of y'all to share on the blog! XOXO

Les News:
Yesterday afternoon was a pretty hectic day but I managed to get all my shizz taken care of, managed to get out to see my boy Josh for a haircut and managed to meet up with The GangTM at Pink Taco where they all got to meet Sarah. Here are a few pics from our fun dinner at Pink Taco:

After dinner, Darion and Hot Paul went off to enjoy the rest of the night together and the rest of us went over to Seattle's Best inside Borders for coffee and hot apple cider ... and we randomly ran into the fabulous Kathy Griffin:

Kathy was so sweet and so kind ... she said some very nice things about my blog and was a real sport to talk with us for a bit and then pose for a fun pic. Afterwards we randomly ran into a poster advertising her upcoming Hollywood show and decided to take a pic with that too. Also, it was my extreme pleasure to meet Pink reader Beth who came over to say hello at Pink Taco.

We had a great night ... but an early one. Sarah and I wanted to get some rest before we trek down to Anaheim to see Tori Amos at the Grove for the second-to-last date on her American Doll Posse Tour.

And so ... that is all for now ... I am out.



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