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Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Breaking Britney Spears news these days would entail a 24-hour period where she was not seen flitting about town to this or that gas station, drug store or boutique. Unfortch, there is no such breaking Britney Spears news like that today. As per her usual, Brit Brit spent another day all over town doing nothing of substance except putting herself in new situations where the paparazzi was a able to photographer her every move which, of course, she claims to hate. Here are pictures of Britney with her hanger-on Adnan Ghalib grabbing a bite to eat at Jerry's Famous Deli and then later on in the day picking up a few more things to eat at Ralph's grocery store:

Photo credit: Splash News & JFXonline

Clearly, the grocery shopping wasn't happening fast enough for Britney's liking because she couldn't wait to pay for her chocolate bar before ripping into it to eat it right there in Aisle 3 ... [Source, Source]

... which seques into this new OK! magazine coverstory that claims that our dear Britney is not only planning to convert to Islam but is also planning to have more children with her married paparazzo companion:

It was a chaotic Monday for Britney Spears. She showed up late to her court custody hearing (hey, at least she showed!), saw the paparazzi crush and turned right back around, getting back into her car and driving off for a day of shopping, praying and, well, more driving. Now the pop star has lost both custody and visitation rights with her precious sons, Sean Preston and Jayden James and, as an insider reveals only in the new issue of OK!, friends fear she may seek to heal her loneliness by having another child — this time with her married paparazzo boyfriend, Adnan Ghalib! "Britney hates when things are taken from her," a family member of Kevin Federline tells OK!. "The court's taken Preston and Jayden away, so she'll just have another kid to take their place. That's the way she thinks."

I'm fairly horrified that this makes perfect sense with the Britney Spears that we have come to know over the past couple of years. These sorts of rumors hardly ever come to fruition, they are usually of this outrageous nature just to sell magazines, but if we're talking Britney Spears these days ... we're talking this report might actually have some basis in fact ... [Source]

... especially when faced with photographic evidence of Britney Spears actually shopping for home pregnancy tests in between snacking on chocolate bars at the grocery store:

Yeah, I have no words. Is it possible that Britney is merely effing with the photogs and that is why she let them shoot her picking up a home pregnancy test? Absolutely. Is it possible that she is actually pregs or really wants to be pregs again? Absolutely. Pink reader Sara suggests that we refer to Britney and Adnan as Pap Spears -- I think if this baby thing is real then the name is totes apropos. [Source]

Sarah Michelle Gellar Prinze, a scary-looking Seth Green, Brendan Fraser, Andy Garcia and others were on hand here in LA at the ArcLight Theater for the Hollywood premiere of the new movie The Air I Breathe:

Photo credit: Splash News

First things first, SMGP looks absolutely stunning in this beautiful blue dress. Second things second, Seth Green looks absolutely and UTTERLY ridiculous with that fug-ass moustache. Clearly he's going for laughs 'cuz there is no way he thinks that thing looks good on his face. It's so oblong ... it looks really, really bad on him, so sorry to say. All that being said, I'm kinda excited that SMGP is appearing in a project that doesn't involve vampires, scary killer dead Japanese women or any other such sci-fi/horror nonsense. The movie sounds interesting (it's based on an ancient Chinese proverb that breaks life down into four emotional cornerstones: happiness, pleasure, sorrow and love) and I'm very much looking forward to seeing SMGP in, well, anything. I'll always be praying for a return to the Buffy character that has endeared her to my heart for all time but in the meantime, I'll take what I can get. [Source]

Matthew McConaughey has announced, via his official website, that he and girlfriend Camila Alves are going to be having a baby of their own. Here is the full text of his blog post announcing the news:

Havin A Baby

Got some blessed news ... a celebration of life and bounty ... a new born conceived ... yes, my girlfriend Camila and I made a baby together ... it's 3 months growin in her womb and all looks healthy and lively so far ... we are stoked and wowed by this miracle of creation and this gift from God, and so excited for the adventure that will come in raising this child, being mother and a father, and shepherding him or her through this life ... from moms and dads, to family, to community it takes the best will and support from everyone to raise the healthiest children we have in society ... wish us the best, keep us in your prayers, and God bless evolution ... thanks for being fans of me and my work and now this new and miraculous chapter in my life, as me and camila and our child do our best to just keep living ... wow, mcconaughey

Lord ... you just know that his hot bod has been primed to make a baby for some time now. I guess this means that Matthew is gonna have to grow up a bit ... maybe wear a shirt more often then he's used to -- or maybe not. I can see how McConaughey can be a really cool dad ... I can't wait to see what the little darling is gonna look like. Geeze Louise, there are babies everywhere these days! [Source]

In further babyesque news, Jessica Alba appears to finally be showing signs of her pregnancy:

Photo credit: JFXonline

I do believe that is a bona fide baby bump she's got goin' on there. Jessica is so tiny I figured it would take some time for her to actually start showin' .. but there it is. It's a wee bump but a bump nonetheless. [Source]

I can just say that there aren't many folks on planet Earth that I heart more than Erykah Badu?

Photo credit: Splash News

The woman is just fierce and she looks amazing even if the wind is blowin' her crazy 'fro all around. And that's all I have to say about that. [Source]

Kylie Minogue has landed in LA:

Photo credit: Splash News

And now the search is on ... maybe I'll run into her at my friendly local Coffee Bean ... or at an event or premiere ... OR maybe she'll just reach out and want to hang with me. See, it's delusions like these that keep me happy and sane on a Hump Day like today. I don't know how or when but I'm convinced that I'm gonna have my very own Kylie Minogue moment some day :) [Source]

In extremely sad news, movie actor Brad Renfro was found dead at a friend's apartment yesterday morning after he spent the previous night hanging out with friends. It has not been determined what the cause of death was but, sadly, Brad has had a bad history with substance abuse ... he was only 25 years old:

Renfro died Tuesday at a Los Angeles apartment where he spent the night with friends, Craig Harvey, chief investigator for the Los Angeles county coroner, tells PEOPLE. Renfro was heard snoring overnight, but found not breathing later Tuesday morning, and the friends called 911. Paramedics declared him dead at the scene at about 9 a.m., Harvey says. A cause of death was not immediately determined, but Renfro had a history of drug problems. Drug overdose is a "possibility considering his history, but right now all we have is the history of his drinking the previous night," Harvey says. "All that we have is that he was last known to be alive during the morning hours and he was snoring." The actor, who starred in The Client and Apt Pupil, had recently completed a movie with Winona Ryder and Billy Bob Thornton.

Renfro's friend and former lawyer Blair Burke reveals that she was very saddened to learn of his early passing, saying that she feels as if she "failed" him:

Former Renfro defense attorney Blair Berk, who routinely represents celebs battling substance abuse (including Lindsay Lohan and Mel Gibson), tells PEOPLE that there's something particularly tragic and disturbing about the talented actor's death at such a young age. "As critical and prescient as you become in this town, all I did was cry when I heard the news," Berk says. "I feel in some respects like we all failed." Renfro, 25, was drinking Monday night, according to roommates who discovered his dead body Tuesday morning and made the 911 call. Coroner's office Lt. Cheryl MacWillie says the autopsy will be done on Thursday, but toxicology results normally take several weeks.

This is just really sad news all around. Renfro has had many problems with substance abuse in the past but nothing in recent months made it seem to the public that he was in danger again. I loved his performances in both The Client and Apt Pupil and honestly always thought that he would be able to salvage his career and would one day be back on the scene makin' movies again. He just finished work on a movie with Winona Ryder ... it's just so sad that his life had to end at such an early age. He will be missed :( [Source, Source]

In other sad news, the long-running musical Rent has announced that it will be ending it's run this June after a successful 12 years on Broadway ... it will become the 7th longest running show on Broadway once the final curtain comes down:

The Broadway production of Rent will end its award-winning run at the Nederlander Theatre in June. The Jonathan Larson musical will play its final performance June 1, according to a press statement. The musical, which is the seventh-longest-running show in Broadway history, will have played 16 previews and 5,012 regular performances. Inspired by Puccini's La Bohème, Rent, according to press notes, "tells the story of a group of young artists struggling in New York's East Village in the early 1990's and the obstacles they face, including AIDS, homelessness, poverty, lack of healthcare, and homophobia." Rent, written by Jonathan Larson and directed by Michael Greif, opened at Broadway's Nederlander Theatre on April 29, 1996, following a sold out, extended limited engagement at Off-Broadway's New York Theatre Workshop. Lyricist-librettist-composer Larson died of an undiagnosed heart ailment on the eve of the first downtown performance. He would not see the musical go on to win every major best musical award, including the Tony Award, as well as the Pulitzer Prize for drama. The production launched the careers of Taye Diggs, Wilson Jermaine Heredia, Jesse L. Martin, Idina Menzel, Adam Pascal, Anthony Rapp and Daphne Rubin-Vega.

I am actually at a loss ... Rent holds such a special place in my heart, I am extremely saddened that the show is ending its run so soon. Rent is the one show that I have seen more than any other musical ... a touring company version of the show set up shop in Detroit in the late 90's which allowed me to rush for tickets more times than I'd like to admit. I managed to befriend a few of the touring cast and also made some great friends in the rush lines. The first time I saw Rent ever was with my new friend at the time Diana and she and I grew to become really good friends over the years. I was very fortunate enough to get to see Rent on Broadway a few times, most recently last year when I got to see Anthony Rapp and Adam Pascal reprise their roles as Mark and Roger. I deffo plan to see the show again (hopefully a few more times) before it ends in June. [Source]

Kentucky Fried Chicken is reaching out to Lauren LC Conrad now that she is no longer employed by Teen Vogue magazine with a kind offer of new employment. Here is the full text of an open letter to LC from Gregg Dedrick, President of KFC:

An open letter to Lauren Conrad:

Whether running a fashion show for the hottest young Hollywood stars or walking the red carpet at a new club, you always have an "Original Recipe" for success.

We recently heard about your decision to leave "The Hills" and move down the street from one of our restaurants. In keeping with KFC's tradition of Southern Hospitality, made famous by Colonel Sanders himself, we'd like to welcome you to the neighborhood! Moving can be stressful and tiring, so allow your new neighbor, KFC, to cater a VIP housewarming party for you and your friends.

In the spirit of New Year's resolutions and your commitment to a fit lifestyle, you can enjoy the party guilt-free by removing the skin on our chicken and choosing a side of our green beans for a meal high in protein but low in fat and calories.

Furthermore, we heard the "reality" of your job situation is changing soon. We are very impressed with your self-titled clothing line and would like to invite you to design one of our Retro T-shirts that benefit Colonel Scholars, a charity providing deserving students with much needed college scholarships.

KFC has been welcoming folks through our doors for more than 50 years and we'd love to help ease your transition from "The Hills." All you have to do is tell us a date and we'll cook up some of the Colonel's home-style favorites that will make you feel settled no matter how many boxes have to be unpacked.


Gregg Dedrick
President of KFC

What a nice offer! I deffo think that LC should go for it ... after all, it's not like KFC is jockin' Heidi Montag or Spencer Pratt. Shoot, I'd say yes for the popcorn chicken alone! [Source]

And speaking of the infamous Speidi, Heidi Montag has opened up to Life and Style magazine revealing her innermost thoughts and feelings about why she simply cannot get married to Spencer Pratt at this time in her life. It is a touching and very poignant portrait of a Speidi that we don't usually get to see ... do keep a box of Kleenex nearby in case you need to dab your eyes dry as you read:

It was a typical Heidi Montag– Spencer Pratt moment as the duo spent Jan. 9 in Los Cabos, Mexico, holding hands and frolicking in front of the cameras. But this wasn't a trip to scout out wedding spots — or even a sign that their wedding is back on. In fact, the Hills couple's engagement and nuptials are still on hold, and their Mexican sojourn didn't exactly end well. "I've been throwing up all night," Heidi told Life & Style once she was back in LA. "I just got back from Mexico. I don't know what I have; I don't know if it's food poisoning. I'm just so sick." But insiders wonder if it was a stomach bug — or if Heidi's sickness was really caused by stress over ongoing relationship drama with Spencer. "The wedding planning really broke up the engagement," an insider says. "Heidi isn't convinced Spencer understands the meaning of a lifelong commitment." And while the two are still committed to each other, another insider says, "If Spencer wants to get things back on the marriage track, he's definitely going to have to work on his issues." Perhaps he's already gotten the memo: "I'm being a good boyfriend," Spencer insists to Life & Style. But is he really being good enough to win back Heidi's hand in marriage? "I need to learn to compromise more and listen to what she wants," Spencer, 24, tells Life & Style. Easier said than done. "He's got huge issues with control," says the second insider. "He always needs to be the one calling the shots." Those controlling tendencies came out when Spencer refused to understand Heidi's desire for a big, traditional fairy-tale wedding. Now "Heidi just can't see herself walking down the aisle with him until he gets it together," says the first insider. Heidi also wants Spencer to take her future seriously. She hopes to become a music star, but she knows it won't be easy. "Both she and Spencer are going to have to put everything they have into her career if it's going to work," says the second insider. But that's tough when Heidi is forced to be both the breadwinner and the homemaker. "Spencer never had to clean up after himself before, so Heidi's the one left with all the domestic duties," the first insider says, adding, "Heidi says, 'The only way I'll marry Spencer is if he starts acting like a man instead of a little boy. I feel like I'm dating a preschooler sometimes — it's always playtime with him.'" But Spencer doesn't want (and need) to become more sensitive in only Heidi's eyes. "He's fed up with being known as the bad guy," says the second insider. "He's trying to turn his reputation around." In fact, Spencer says when filming of The Hills wraps, he and Heidi "will be going to Africa with the United Nations." As for his attitude about things closer to home? "Spencer wants to make peace with former pals Lauren Conrad and Brody Jenner," says the insider. Sounds nice — but will it work? "I'm really making an effort to change," Spencer tells Life & Style. And despite his reputation as a smooth talker, this time he actually sounds sincere.


Uh Oh ... Zac Efron was rushed to the hospital yesterday ... but fortunately for fans of the tween-heartthrob all's well with his Zaciness ... it turns out all the little bugger needed was an appendectomy:

Zac Efron was hospitalized Tuesday for an appendectomy, his rep tells PEOPLE. The 20-year-old High School Musical star was rushed to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center for the surgery. "Zac had his appendix removed and is recuperating," the rep says.

Don't be surprised if this little piece of Efron ends on eBay sometime soon. I wonder what something like this would go for. [Source]

In other Zac news, here are a few pics from his photospread in the new issue of Details magazine:

Don't the kids just grow up so fast? I do appreciate that he is trying to look a serious and mean in these pics ... actually, he looks like he's just suffering thru a bad headache. So angsty! [Source]

Rachel Bilson is featured in the new issue of GQ magazine:

My she is lookin' quite patriotic in some of these pics. The come hither stares coupled with the blow-up doll mouth pout don't really work for me ... it just doesn't look very Rachel Bilson to me. [Source]

Janet Jackson is featured on the new issue of Billboard magazine ...

... and this is RUMORED to be the cover artwork for her new album Discipline:

But I'm not convinced it's legit. The face looks wrong, looks Photoshopped but who knows. I guess it could be the real cover artwork ... yes? No? [Source]

Les News:
Last night I got to hang out with Michael at Señor Fred where we drank deep blue margaritas and dined on fairly decent Mexican food. I like hanging out with Michael cuz we're able to talk about politics and stuff without any weirdness. Fortunately, we tend to agree on most things so we don't run the risk of fighting ;)

Tonight, I'm meeting up with Darion cuz he's gonna go with me to the Hollywood premiere of Cloverfield. Yeah, we are both really freaking excited. I'm hoping there'll be a WiFi connection in the vicinity of the after party cuz I would like to upload my pics to my online album at as soon as I take them. Those of you who have already registered should be able to access the pics via the link you were sent upon registration. Woot! It should be a fun time. I'll have pics on the blog and full deets tomorrow :)

Oh and one last thing ... I've been watching a lot of "old" movies on cable TV lately and some observations - Sister Act is a really good movie, I still don't understand how Biodome got made (and what the eff was Kylie Minogue thinking?), Shop Girl sooo wants to be Lost in Translation, We Are Marshall is much better than I thought it would be and Clueless really rules the world.

That is all ... I'm out.



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