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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Wrecks, Dies & Videotape

Woot! Last night was a really freaking fun night so I have a lot to get thru today ... let's get the show on the road and try and get this post up at a reasonable hour, shall we?

First off, we must start things off with our dear Britney Spears (as is our usual addiction custom) ... no big surprise, Mrs. Oh My God that Britney's Shameless was at it again last night ... spending all hours of the morning cavorting all over town and getting as much shopping in as possible -- which was quite a feat considering the stores had been closed for hours. BUT, no store will ever remain closed for Britters as we learned from last night's festivities. It would seem that Britney is back in her "no pants wearing" phase as she was photographed wearing a men's shirt and fish net stockings (and not much else) as she did some late night/early morning eating and shopping all over the place, winding the party down at Kitson on Robertson Blvd. in West Hollywood at about 2 AM ... cuz, really, at this point it's what we'd expect from her, yes?

Britney Spears' wild antics continued Wednesday night. At 7 p.m., the singer and paparazzo beau Adnan Ghalib kicked off their night at Gaucho Grill in Sherman Oaks, California, where she noshed on two beef empanadas, grilled salmon, spinach and rice and a Coke. She also puffed on some cigarettes. At around 11 p.m., Spears was spotted with Sam Lutfi. Police pulled them over for speeding; she was not ticketed. Along with Lutfi, Spears — in a crotch-length spangled green dress, ripped fishnets and her double-breasted corduroy pea coat — then went to Ralph's supermarket and left with two carts of groceries. One photographer yelled, "You're hot!" and Spears replied, "You're mean because you're being sarcastic," before smiling and laughing. Photographers began shouting questions:

Q: Britney, what do you want to say to Adnan on TV?
B: (Thinks for a second) "I think he's a nice person."
Q: What was the result of your pregnancy test?
B: "I never had a pregnancy test."
Q: Britney, what are you going to do now? Go to college?
B: (sighing) "Oh, I wish I was in college."

Two random guys then approached and joked "Britney, you don't like black guys? "Yeah, I like black guys," she said, laughing. She then let one of the guys pose with her in front of the cameras and hugged him. At 2 a.m., Spears, Lutfi and another pal hit L.A.'s Kitson boutique. The store was opened just for them. Spears walked out about 20 minutes later with three shopping bags. The crew drove one block to Kitson's Men's store. Spears came out wearing a men's pin-striped shirt and black skinny tie, her hair in a messy bun, around 2:20 a.m. In a fake British accent, Spears said to photographers, "Where is your driver when you need them?" Asked if she'd do anymore shopping, Spears replied, "No." At 2:25 a.m., she was spotted sipping on an orange beverage. A photographer yelled, "Is that a screwdriver?" She nodded and smiled before driving off.

People claim that Britney Spears's days of performing for an audience are over and I contend that the opposite is true. I really think she gets something from all of this attention and she knows that the more outrageous she acts in public the more attention she will get as a result. The sad thing is that she prolly thinks she's in control when she's really not. I honestly have no idea how the story of Britney Spears will play out in the end but I am desperately hoping it ends happily ... or at least on a positive note. I can't help but lurve her, y'all. I have to keep hope alive. [Source, Source]

Incidentally, Cousin Alli Sims is back in SoCal and, curiously, she was not at Britney's side last night as all the craziness went down. Cousin Alli did her best to let folks know that she is back in town -- back on the scene -- by having a very public lunch at The Ivy, also on Robertson Blvd.:

Photo credit: Splash News

Who knows if Cousin Alli will ever be allowed back into Brit Brit's inner circle (it's possible, since Sam Lufti managed to weasel his way back in) but since she has gone on the record to say that Britney's new beau, Adnan Ghalib, "creeps" her out I don't know that she's welcome any longer. This does not bode well for her entertainment career. [Source]


Last night's ep of Project Runway was a pretty good one considering that the season did get off to a bit of a slow start. The show finally hit its stride a few eps ago and this one felt just right as well. When I found out that the challenge would be an Avant Garde challenge I had NO doubt that whoever was paired up with Chris was gonna have the win in the bag ... and boy, did they deserve the win:

Chris and Christian made one fierce team ... mostly because little Christian has enough fierceness in him to carry the weight of the team all on his own ... but I digress. I fully expected Chris to come up with an amazing design that would be really over-the-top, really avant garde. He and Christian really did a great job with their dress. I knew it from the first moment I saw it that they were gonna win. Victorya and Jillian's design was also very, very cool as well. I loved it -- the whole look of it was extremely cool tho, I don't know that I would classify it as avant garde. The whole look, from the outfit to the hair, looked very much like it walked off the stage of Madonna's Confessions on the Dancefloor Tour ... which is prolly why I love it so much. I am so glad that Victorya chilled the eff out ... I don't want to hate her so hopefully her days of being a raging beyotch are over. Altho I fear she may not be the one to win the whole thing, Sweet P has become my new fave since Kevin got Auf'ed last week. And Ricky's day of reckoning is nigh ... he will really be crying very soon because his luck is just about to run out. I liked Kit a lot but I totally agree that she had to go. The assessment that her dress looked like a cheap version of Scarlett O'Hara's dress from Gone with the Wind was SO SPOT ON. I damn near jumped out of my seat and exclaimed THANK YOU! Wee, I love this show so much ... it looks like next week's ep is gonna be the trash episode ... I love those challenges. AND, last thing, Christian may think he's the fiercest beyotch around and he even be pretty fierce for a little man ... but no one is fiercer than Nina Garcia. Period. The end. [Source]

Okay ... omg omg omg ... last night was the Hollywood premiere of the new JJ Abrams produced movie Cloverfield ... omg omg omg ... which was held at the Paramount Theater on the Paramount Studios lot ... omg omg omg ... and I was very, very fortunate enough to attend as well. Here are pictures of Michael Stahl-David, Jessica Lucas, Lizzy Caplan, TJ Miller, Odette Yustman and Mike Vogel -- the principal cast of Cloverfield -- on the red carpet at the premiere last night:

Photo credit: Wireimage

Holy shitballs, y'all ... this movie SO ROCKS. I know it doesn't open in theaters until Friday and I did my best to keep from reading/seeing anything that would spoil the movie until I got to see the movie myself so I don't want to ruin anything for anyone cuz I think seeing it cold (ie. unspoiled) will heighten one's appreciation of the movie itself. The movie is very much the Blair Witch Project of this generation ... think Blair Witch meets Godzilla. The You Tube generation is gonna eat it up!!! I cannot urge y'all enough to go see this movie ... I can't wait to see it again myself. But, I'm getting ahead of myself ... I'll talk more about the movie (in as general terms as I can) at the end of the day's post. Take note of these names, these faces ... the Cloverfield cast may be relatively unknown right now but I think we'll be seeing a lot more of all of them very soon :) [Source]

Since Cloverfield is a JJ Abrams/Bad Robot production, one would expect his friends and colleagues to show up to support his movies ... which is exactly why most of the cast of the new Star Trek prequel showed up in support last night ... here are pictures of Chris Pine (Capt. Kirk), Zachary Quinto (Spock), Zoe Saldana (Uhura), John Cho (Sulu), Karl Urban (Bones) and Anton Yelchin (Chekov) on the red carpet last night:

Photo credit: Wireimage

Darion and I were sitting four rows right behind Zachary Quinto and Chris Pine (sitting together) who were sitting right in front of my girl Michelle Trachtenberg. I got to chat for a bit with both of them at the afterparty and they are so stoked for this new Star Trek movie. Zachary gushed at how cool it's gonna look and Chris was just so geeked that he gets to play Capt. James T. Kirk. I mentioned yesterday that I have been watching "old" movies on cable over the past couple of weeks and Just My Luck was among them ... and for some STRANGE reason I felt the need to mention this to Chris. Hahahahaha ... the movie is bad but I kinda love it so he seemed appreciative ... I think. [Source]

Incidentally, Chris's Just My Luck co-star, the fabulous Lindsay Lohan, was also in the Cloverfield hiz last night. I believe this was the first red carpet event that L. Lo has been to here in the US since she left Utah -- and people, she looked AMAZING in person. Here are a few pics of the other celebs who came out for the Cloverfield premiere:

Photo credit: Wireimage

Yes folks, 99% of the cast of Laguna Beach/The Hills were all in the same room and no one was killed. In fact, I got to spend quite a bit of one-on-one time with both Heidi Montag & Spencer Pratt and Lauren LC Conrad and Audrina Partridge ... er, separately, of course. Oy, I've got stories ... all of them good ... but they will come at the end. There were just so many folks at this premiere ... I ran into, like, 15 celebs in the bathroom alone (Harold Perrineau and Dominic Monaghan from Lost and Breckin Meyer -- who I love in Clueless and The Craft) ... it was very surreal. There are a lot more pics and my vague review at the end of today's post ... but I must move on ... [Source]

Here are a few pics of Kylie Minogue making her secret entrance onto the set of her new music video for her new single Wow which is currently filming right here in LA:

Photo credit: Splash News

You know, I had a *crazy* notion that Kylie might maybe come out to the premiere last night but, alas, she was too bizzy working. Boo. I'll have my moment, I tells ya. That day will come. In the meantime, we wait to see how her new music video will turn out. Wow is my favorite song on her new album X so I'm glad it's being released as a single. [Source]

Maroon 5 made an appearance on MTV's TRL this week to do a little performin’ ...

Photo credit: Wireimage

... and frontman Adam Levine was in the house to do a little lookin' hawt. Le sigh. He does his job very well, don't you think? [Source]

Life and Style magazine have the first pic of Gwyneth Paltrow as she made her exit from the hospital this week after she was quietly admitted for "unspecified" reasons:

Actress Gwyneth Paltrow checked out of New York's Mount Sinai Hospital in the early morning on Jan. 15 after taking care of a "personal" matter, according to her rep, and Life & Style has the exclusive photo! In the photo, Life & Style is on the scene as Gwyneth, followed moments later by husband Chris Martin, exits the hospital after an overnight stay. "Gwyneth and Chris drove up to Mount Sinai around 4:30 p.m on Jan. 14," an eyewitness on the scene tells Life & Style. "Her doctor met them there and took Gwyneth immediately up. Around 8:45 p.m., Chris stepped outside of the hospital and had a driver go and get them some pillows, dinner, and some brownies. They would be staying the night in a suite."

Hmmm ... tongues are already wagging that the couple are pregs again ... which is a plausible guess considering how much info they are not giving out. I guess time will tell ... but 2008 is really shaping up to be the Year of the Baby so ... I'm gonna guess yes, Gwyneth is ready to pop another one out. [Source]

Kate Moss tried to look all Truly Outrageous a la Jem and the Holograms as she celebrated her 34th birthday with friends in the UK this week ... check it:

Apparently, Kate was out to celebrate an hour for each of her years which means that her party was a nonstop cavalcade of go go go. I have to be honest ... I don't really hate her starry makeup. I mean, of course it looks ridic and if she wore this out on any regular night I'd have to go off ... but it was her birthday and she looked kinda cute. I approve. Happy Birthday, Kate ... you're actually kinda cool sometimes. [Source]

Elsewhere in the UK, Prince William tried to show that he's not just another pretty face ... he's also capable of operating a winged machine that was designed to lay siege on foreign opponents in open warfare (well, okay ... maybe not really but doesn't that make for a better picture than Wills behind the wheel of a tiny prop engine plane?). Hmm ... you don't think Wills is trying to overcompensate for any shortcomings, do you?

Ecstatic Prince William has described the "amazing feeling" of flying a plane by himself for the first time during his Royal Air Force course. The 25-year-old royal is eight days into an intensive flying course in Lincolnshire. The Prince piloted a propeller-driven Grob 115E light aircraft around an airfield at RAF Cranwell yesterday where he is stationed with 1 Squadron of 1 Elementary Flying Training School. William admitted he was stunned when his instructor told him he was ready to fly solo. He said: "God knows how somebody trusted me with an aircraft and my own life. It was an amazing feeling, I couldn't believe it. I was doing a few circuits going round and round then Roger my instructor basically turned round and said 'right I'm going to jump out now' and I said 'what, where are you going?'.

Aww ... bless ... the Royal cutie thinks he's funny too. You know, I wouldn't mind seeing Prince Harry in a get-up like this one ... I just love a man in uniform. [Source]

Clay Aiken is a geek:

What more needs to be said? [thanks Chloe]

UPDATE: My BFF Sarah thinks Clay looks like Reba McEntire ... I tend to agree :)

After two long weeks of fake/pretend marriage, Eddie Murphy and Tracy Edmonds have decided to call it quits. And folks say that true love doesn't exist in Hollywood:

Eddie Murphy and Tracey Edmonds have called it quits just two weeks after their intimate wedding, PEOPLE has learned exclusively.

"After much consideration and discussion, we have jointly decided that we will forego having a legal ceremony as it is not necessary to define our relationship further. While the recent symbolic union in Bora Bora was representative of our deep love, friendship and respect that we have for one another on a spiritual level, we have decided to remain friends."

The couple exchanged vows in a sunset ceremony on New Year's Day on a private island off Bora Bora in French Polynesia. But, according to a source, the honeymoon got off to a rocky start. "Eddie started yelling at Tracey in front of people," says one of Edmonds's wedding guests. "He did it on a few occasions and it was very embarrassing." Since the couple's nuptials took place in a foreign country, the wedding was purely ceremonial – not legal. Murphy, 46, and Edmonds, 40, originally said they planned to have a legal ceremony in the United States, but that is now off.

Marc Malkin contends that the issue over name changing was one of the big problems leading to the break-up:

The Eddie Murphy and Tracey Edmonds split apparently involves some name-calling. And that name in particular is Murphy. I'm told one of their major—and ongoing—disagreements was whether Edmonds would take Murphy's last name. "He was insisting she change her name," a source just told me. "It was a huge issue. They were arguing about it before they left for the wedding."

Honestly, I just think that Eddie Murphy has a problem with women (ie. Mel B). Make of that what you will. [Source]

In other break-up news, the once rock-solid marriage between Mary Jane Watson and Peter Parker/Spider-man has finally come to an end ... the happy couple is dunzo, y'all and prolly not in the way that you would imagine. Needless to say, the comic book world is left reeling:

Those who know Spider-Man only from Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst in the movies might be surprised to learn that in the comic book, the web-spinning hero has been married for almost 21 years. That's why the comic world is in an uproar over Marvel Comics' decision to undo the marriage of Peter Parker and red-haired bombshell Mary Jane Watson, reversing two decades of storytelling. In Amazing Spider-Man #545 last week, Peter and Mary Jane make a tearful deal with the devil-like character Mephisto: In exchange for saving Aunt May's life, Mephisto erases all traces of the Peter-Mary Jane marriage from memory. In the issue out this week, subtitled Brand New Day, Peter Parker returns to his roots — young, nerdy and single. Aunt May is alive and well and Mary Jane is again just part of the cast. The marriage never happened.

And this, folks, is how the comic book world handles the issue of annulment. I bet there are a lot of folks out there who wish this sort of thing could actually be a reality. A lot of fans are pissed that 2 decades of storyline have been erased but I don't think they really get it ... Mary Jane and Peter may not be married now but that only means they can get married again in the future. I think it's great ... comic books need a shake-up like this every once in a while to keep stuff interesting. I like it. [Source]

Sarah Jessica Parker is featured on the cover of the new issue of Allure magazine:

I'm a new fan of SJP so I think she looks pretty pretty on this cover. Click HERE to see some behind the scenes pics from SJP's Allure photoshoot if that sort of thing sounds interesting to you. I'm all about the new Sex and the City movie so I've got my eye on this one. [Source]

And finally ... Abercrombie and Fitch kindly remind you that Spring is just around the corner:

And the company has unleashed a new set of male nekkidness on their website to drive the point home. I know I'm listening. Woot! [Source]

Les News:
Okay ... so last night was prolly the funnest night I've had in ages. Darion and I met up at the Paramount Studios lot for the Cloverfield premiere and we couldn't decide which we were more excited about ... the movie or the party. I have been anxiously awaiting this movie for months now and I really wanted it to be good. I am VERY HAPPY to report that the movie is really freaking good, very cool and will prolly be a huge hit with fans of JJ Abrams's work -- which is bascially, everyone on Earth:

First thing -- go see this movie. You will deffo want to be among the first people to see this movie before your friends and/or family either end up spoiling it for you or they hype up/tear down the movie so much as to alter your perception of the film. Back when the Blair Witch Project came out in the late 90's there was so much hype about how it was "the scariest movie" when, in fact, it was a finely tuned, very inventive suspenseful movie that really could scare the shizz out of you if you let it ... and if you didn't dwell on all the hype. I think the same can be said about Cloverfield ... stay away from spoilers and see it cold and then make your determination -- I think you'll agree that it's a very neat, innovative and deceptively simple "scary" movie. I plan on seeing it again, maybe a couple more times and will write more about what is actually in the film after the movie has been out for a few weeks. I was not disappointed in the least ... there is a lot of pay off for folks looking to see "the monster" (which is glimpsed in the trailer) ... it comes in little teaser bits but at the end there is a big OMG moment. I found it curious that "the monster" or whatever the hell the thing is sounded a lot like the monster from Lost (ie. the roars were similar if not exactly the same). I wonder if there is a tie-in there (ie. if the Lost monster left the island to pay a visit to NYC to say hello ... and then mayhem ensued). Anyways ... GO SEE THE MOVIE ... and then email me your thoughts if you wanna, I may not get to respond to everyone but I'm very interested to hear how other people perceive the film.

2 things before you go to theaters this Friday ... there is a lot of shaky camera motion. I don't get motion sickness but a lot of people I spoke with last night felt the effects of the camera movement, so beware. Also, fans of the Star Trek prequel deffo want to see Cloverfield in theaters on opening weekend ... trust me.

Man, oh, man ... the afterparty was seriously sick as hell. It was held on Stage 16 of the Paramount Lot right next to the NYC street which is where the movie was shot. I'm telling you, the movie looks like it was filmed in NYC ... I was shocked to learn that it was really filmed here in Hollywood. Anyways ... the headless Statue of Liberty was there ... as was the head itself ...

... and a whole bunch of fun celebs that Darion and I got to meet and mingle with:

We got to meet Michael Stahl-David, Jessica Lucas, Lizzy Caplan and TJ Miller who all star in the film. They were really very cool to us. Lizzy Caplan, some of you might remember, was also in the amazing movie Mean Girls (which is why I kinda squealed and mebbe embarrassed myself in front of her when we met). I think I want to bring TJ home with me just because he was so cool. He and Lizzy promised to write up something for the blog and the only reason I mention it is because I really hope they follow thru. I'd totally understand if they can't due to time constraints, etc. but I hope they do send me their write-up nonetheless ;)

It's always a pleasure to see Michelle Trachtenberg out and about ... and she was lookin' damn good in her little outfit. Lindsay, of course, was a beautiful sight. As always, she was so nice to me and was very obliging to Darion and me for photos. The biggest surprise was how much time I got to spend talking with Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt. I never know how folks might respond to things I write on the blog but it is my hope that they get that I only really write about the people I like ... or like to watch on TV or whatever. So I bumped into them and then kinda hid cuz I was a bit scared. Hahahaha. At the party, tho, we got to talkin' and everything was very cool. They both seem to really love the roles they play on The Hills, which can't be easy, especially how they are oftentimes reviled (ahem). But in person, they were totally chill, very complimentary of the blog, extremely charming and very fun to hang out with. They are really excited for new eps of The Hills and for new music from Heidi which is set for release very soon. OH -- and to clarify, I tried to take the red-eye out of Spencer's eyes but blue eyes are hard to fix. Besides, I think he prolly likes the scary red eye look :) You may also note that LC has some redness in her eyes, too.

I also got to spend some time with LC and Audrina on the other side of the soiree. They, too, were very complimentary and were very sweet to Darion and me. We chatted a bit about the movie (they both loved it, too) and about Paris, France (surprisingly, it was LC's first trip to Europe) and how excited we all are for new eps of the show. For me, it was like actually being on The Hills so of course I was in heaven. I didn't get to run into Kristin Cavallari who was also at the party but it's all good, I can't complain in the least ... D and I got to meet our fair share of cool folks:

I got to spend some time meeting and talking with Pink readers Sara and Hailey before we called it a night. Much, much love goes out to Charlie for taking such amazing care of us last night. We had an absolute blast all thanks to you. Your awesomeness is very much appreciated :)

Man ... night's like last night don't come along often ... I feel so fortunate to be able to partake of fun stuff like that.

Not sure what's going on tonight ... prolly something chill ... so I guess that is all for now. I am out.



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