Friday, March 14, 2008

You Want A Codpiece Of He?

I imagine it is fairly difficult to improve on a hot man like Eric Bana but the costumier on his movie The Other Boelyn Girl decided to give it a shot anyways. Eric confesses to Page Six that he was a bit embarrassed by the fluffed size of his unit ... at first ... then he decided to make the best of it and get some good use out of it. By the looks of that thing poking out of his his robes, it looks like you could really have some fun with it:

Photo credit: Splash News

Was that a goblet in his pocket, or was he just really excited to be playing Henry VIII? Eric Bana might be sporting some impressive, um... hardware in the pictures above, but that's not really him under those tights. Not entirely, anyway. While shooting the new Natalie Portman-Scarlett Johansson period flick, The Other Boleyn Girl, it seems the actor was aided by a codpiece. "It was a rather large package," said the actor about the accessory (back in the day, when men wore tights, they accentuated their groins with codpieces). "I felt a bit embarrassed and wanted the costumer to eliminate them from my wardrobe. So, on the set I was a bit outrageous, balancing objects on it, including a coffee cup," the 39-year-old actor says. "She had compassion and reduced it so that only a demitasse cup could be accommodated." Scarlett has also commented on the piece in question, saying last year, "I won't get over that codpiece for a long time. We'd be ready to do a scene and I couldn't look at anything else."

Hahahahaha ... you know, even tho I *know* it's fake, I am also having a hard time getting it out of my head. La la la, la la, la la la ;) [Source]