Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Lo Down

Everyone's fave girl from Laguna Beach: The Real OC has finally made her way to The Hills ... Lauren Lo Bosworth was featured fairly regularly in the last season of The Hills and, as I understand it, will be featured more heavily in the upcoming new eps of the show, set to debut on MTV on March 24. US Weekly managed to talk to Lo this week (presumably at LC's LA Fashion Week Fashion Show) and she confesses that she believes that Stephen Colletti is "best" for LC ... do tell, Lo:

"Honestly, I think Stephen is best for Lauren," Bosworth tells of Colletti. "It all goes back to friendships. We have all known each other for so long and that really translates to good relationships in the long run." Conrad and Colletti dated during their Laguna Beach days and had a brief fling earlier this year (Conrad told Us they were "just friends"). "He is so funny, has a really big heart and cares about his friends,” Bosworth tells Us. “He is there for you whenever you need him." As for Conrad's on-and-off fling Brody Jenner, Bosworth insists the two are on good terms (he even went to her fashion show Tuesday). "Brody has a new girlfriend, Cora, and Lauren has completely moved on," Bosworth says. Conrad is also chummy with former foe, Kristin Cavallari (they both dated Colletti). "Lauren and Kristin made up a few weeks ago," Bosworth says. "They were out at a bar and sat down and worked out their differences. Everything's fine." Adds Bosworth, "We have all grown up so much since the Laguna Beach days."

In the absence of a show that revolves solely around Lo (which I have been championing for YEARS now), I think I can be happy with seeing her in a more active role on The Hills. It should come as no surprise that I am *giddy* that LC and Lo have moved in together ... I know, it's a bit sad on my part but hey, I gotta tell it like it is. I am very excited for the premiere of the new season of the show ... I know it's gonna be a blast :) [Source]