Friday, April 04, 2008

Back On The Block

Jordan Knight, Donnie Walberg, Danny Wood, Joey McIntyre and Jonathan Knight -- the guys collectively known as New Kids on the Block -- made their first public appearance together as a group in nearly 2 decades on The Today Show this morning live in NYC to announce that they are coming out of a 14-year retirement and are planning the release of a new album of material along with the possibility of a world tour (ie. they're deffo planning a world tour). Here is a screencap of the guys making the announcement on The Today Show this morning:

Donnie Walberg did most of the talking for the group as the announcement was made and he revealed that the official confirmation about this reunion wasn't going to be made until the summer but because of overwhelming interest from their fans they decided to make the announcement today to satisfy the demand. He also revealed that NKOTB have been recording new material since last August and that they "hope" to do a Fall tour (meaning, they're planning a huge Fall outing). Click HERE to watch the video of the announcement. Donnie confessed they already have a few performance dates already on the books and that the FIRST NKOTB show ever in 14 years will be performed on The Today Show on May 16. The group also participated in a short Q&A session on the show where they answered, among other questions, where they disappeared to for the past 19 years -- they even played a very short snippet from one of their new songs, entitled Summertime ... click HERE for video of that.

Already, this sounds like a more substantial reunion than even the Spice Girls reunion was. I suspect they may not tour as extensively as the Spices did but an album of new material is pretty significant. I bet the boys will make some bank with this endeavor. I suspect Jonathan Knight is very much looking forward to quitting his job as a real estate developer, at least for a little while, so that he can go back to making real money again. [Source]