Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The TV Guide: The View From The Top Of The Hills

Last night Jordan accompanied me to the live finale event for The Hills which was held at a super swanky, uberenormous mansion in the hills of Beverly Hills, CA where we got to chat with the stars of The Hills on the red carpet, mingle with the party guests at the shindig and watch a live performance by Usher to round out the night. Somewhere along the way, I was asked to do a short little on camera interview with Lyndsey, the MTV VJ, during the pre-show segment that led up to the season 3 finale (I know that many of you saw the clip, thank you for your wonderful emails). Here are a bunch of pics from the event red carpet and some from Usher's amazing performance for the aftershow party:

As always, the ladies (and men) of The Hills were really fun to chat with ... Lauren was really excited that they are doing another season (which debuts this August). Everyone seemed really jazzed for a new season ... which, by the looks of last night's finale, promises to bring the drama all over the place. I will have my recap of the ep in a bit.

Here are a few more pics from the soiree ... I got to meet the beautiful blogger from I'm Not Obsessed at the event as well as a few Pink readers, like Francesca (pictured below) ... and of course Jordan and I had to take a few cheesy snaps of our own as well:

The party was fun but, I must confess, it was pretty cold up in dem hills ... I felt so bad for all the girls in their party dresses ... I was freezing with long sleeves, I'm sure they weren't lovin' all the cold. Much love goes out to Emily and Dierdre from MTV for taking such good care of Jordan and me last night. I, for one, am very excited to see to what heights The Hills will take the drama next season.

Much love goes out to Steph and Alek for uploading my short interview clip on You Tube which you can watch HERE if you missed seeing it last night :)