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Friday, April 25, 2008

NIN Releases A Video For Discipline

Trent Reznor updated earlier today with the official music video for their just released (and free) single Discipline ... check it out:

The caption for this music video reads:

This is really the official video for the Nine Inch Nails dance sensation "Discipline." Seriously. I wouldn't lie to you.

I, love it.

PS: Wanna work for NIN? Click HERE to apply.


Madonna's A Giver

Here is our first look at the rumored new artwork for Madonna's second single Give It 2 Me:

I dunno, I really think the candy background artwork looks cheap when Madge's cd cover artwork should look really cool. I'm not sure why the 4 Minutes artwork didn't follow the same candy theme but I wish they'd go back to that format. I'm really not feeling this all that much. [Source]

UPDATE: Pink reader Angie informs me that this artwork is most likely fan-made ... which is good news, I think.

While this artwork may be a fake, these Desperately Seeking Susan Mini-Mates action figures are not ...

... they're only about 20 years too late. They're cute tho. [Source]


Go, Speed Racer, Go -- The Music Video

A new music video for the new Speed Racer movie was released today with an updated take on the classic cartoon's theme song ... check it out:

The video features a lot of racing scenes from the movie but there is also quite a bit of other movie footage in the vid as well. I've always liked the theme song, this is a nice take on it, I think. Enjoy!!


The TV Guide: Tiger Heat Stroke

First of all, I have to send out much love to all the folks out there who emailed to tell me about how they observed the Day of Silence today. I think it's just such an important observance; I am very pleased to hear that so many of you chose to observe the day with me. I do have more stuff to blog for today but it'll come later on in the evening ... I have an appointment that I have to get to shortly.

But, I did want to post a few pics from last night's fun at Tiger Heat. It was the first time I was able to go to Tiger Heat since it moved to its new location at Avalon ... the new venue is really a great one. Jim and I met up with Darion, Michael and his friend Arthur for a whole lotta dancing ... here are the pics:

In addition to having a new venue, Tiger Heat also got themselves some new go-go boys ... who we all enjoyed very much :) We had a late night but it was really fun, totes worth it and great inspiration for us to go back ... hopefully soon.

I'm not sure what's on the agenda for tonight, maybe David and I will be having a nice quiet night in ... which would be very fine with me.


Lost: The Rules Have Changed

Attention: Lost Spoiler Alert Warning

Lost returned last night with its first new ep in about a month and it really unloaded a whole bunch of new information that wasn't really that shocking but was still very pertinent to the overall story. It's kinda unclear just what was going on at times ... particularly where Ben is concerned ... but there is always room for conjecture and that's what I'm about to do:

So the ep starts with Jack poppin' pills which might be our cue that this is where his downward spiral started. We know he will become a horrible druggie in the future (off the island) so maybe this scene was meant to show how it all began. The dead ship doctor washed up right on cue, mainly (I think) to give the beach folk something to keep them occupied since all the action was happening for Team Locke. Alex got kidnapped and was being used by a faceless military team, led by some dude named Martin Keemy (altho, Ben knew absolutely everything about him). She helped them get past the fence barrier and then got shot to death in front of Ben's eyes. Clearly, Ben was not very happy about it -- he went into his secret room and thru his secret ancient-looking door ... then suddenly the smoke monster came out and decimated all of the military men. Could that room be where Ben travels thru time? In his flashforwards, he ended up in the Sahara Desert, Tunisia, Iraq and England and had to ask the woman in Tunisia what year it was (the date 10.25.2005 will prolly be significant). That had to mean something ... did he just zip there from the island? Was he zipping around previously? We have no idea at all ... it's very vague and confusing right now ... but there is something connecting the door, the monster and perhaps Ben's time travel. I loved how the nameless Others were the only people who got killed in the military attack on their camp ... just like in Star Trek, whenever Ensign No-Name goes with the main cast on away missions, you know they're going to die. This was blatantly obvs when Claire managed to survive having her entire home blown up by a rocket. That was hard to stomach but I'm glad she wasn't killed. The ep ended with a face to face confrontation between Ben and Charles Widmore ... Ben accused Charles of "changing the rules" (I assume because the battle got personal) and vowed to take his revenge on Charles's daughter Penny (who is Desmond's girl). It's not at all clear how far in the future their encounter was but I suppose it's possible that if Ben really is zipping around thru time, then he zipped to that point to confront Charles just after his daughter was killed on the island ... ? I could be way off but without any real clues (that I could sniff out) it's all pure guesswork. If anyone has any theories, please let me know ... I'd love to hear them. All in all ... a great head-scratching ep ... I can't wait to see what up next week. [Source]


Mariah Screws Up, Lights Up

Earlier this morning, Mariah Carey took over Times Square in NYC to perform live on Good Morning America and was met with technical difficulties. At the start of her performance of her hit single Touch My Body, the backing track was miscued and it started playing before she was ready ... and well ... it didn't look too good for our dear Mimi:

Click above to watch

The video must be watched in order to get the full, terribly embarrassing effect. The question becomes just how dead did the person who mispressed the button become? I wouldn't be surprised at all if Mimi ended up ripping the person's heart out with her bare hands. Touch my body, indeed. [Source]

At any rate, Mariah did look pretty damn good while she held herself together for her 3 GMA performances:

Photo credit: Splash News

The news was much better for Mimi later on in the day ... at just after noon, Mariah was honored by a special lighting ceremony at the Empire State Building where the iconic structure was made to shine in lavender, pink and white (the color scheme of Mariah's new album) in honor of a "Great New Yorker" (according to the press release) and her #1 album E=MC2 ... and Extra TV was there to talk to Mimi at the event. Here are a few photos of Mimi at the ceremony:

Photo credit: Splash News

Only "Extra's" AJ Calloway is with Mariah Carey on top of the Empire State Building as it shines pink and lavender lights in honor of the singing sensation. She admits, "I've been growing up in New York my whole life and I've never been up here ... It took this to get me here!" Carey tells Calloway that she truly appreciates New York City's landmark honor saying, "It's very overwhelming. It's really exciting. I feel very blessed. Very thankful to God for everything." Not only is Carey on top of the charts, but her amazingly fit body has been the talk of the town as well. Revealing her secret, she exclaims, "I've been dieting ... Patricia, my trainer, is very, very strong!" And as for her film, Tennessee, which is premiering at the Tribeca Film Festival, she says, "He [Aaron Woodley, director] wants people to see it and access it for themselves."

Despite the glitches earlier in the day, I think Mariah ended up having a pretty spectacular day ... which is apropos since she's been having a pretty spectacular week, month and year.


Madonna Premieres At Tribeca

Madonna was all smiles, despite the seriousness of her new documentary, on the red carpet at the premiere of her new film I Am Because We Are at the Tribeca Film Festival in NYC last night ... here are a few pics of Maddy and a report from BBC News about last night's event:

Madonna's documentary highlighting the plight of Malawi's estimated one million Aids orphans has been given its world premiere in New York. The film, which the singer produced and narrated, tells the story of several children, many of them born to mothers who have died of Aids, most of whom lead desperate lives. On the red carpet at the Tribeca Film Festival, Madonna told reporters how I Am Because We Are contains a message of obligation. "We are responsible for each other and that if we can help in any way, shape or form, we should," she said. The documentary includes some excruciating scenes showing the agonising grief of a mother who has just lost her child to Aids. There is also a harrowing moment when a young boy - a victim of genital mutilation - is being treated by medical staff. But director Nathan Rissman said the idea was not just to shock audiences. "We decided, if we were going to wake people up, we were going to try to point them in the direction of how we can solve these problems. "There are so many solutions out there and I think that the more that we discuss this, the more that we have a dialogue about what to do, the better," he said. "So I think and I hope and pray that I found the balance of myself in the film as well as the stories of the children," she said. The film is being launched just as Madonna waits for her adoption of a young Malawi boy to be finally approved by a court in the country. The documentary shows the pop icon in a very positive light, but Madonna says she was ambivalent about appearing on camera. "In the beginning I wasn't in the movie at all, but then I realised because I was narrating that it was important that I let people know that it was my personal journey and my experience."

I am of the mind that anything that seeks to shed light on the plight of the suffering can only turn out to be a positive thing in the long run. Madonna has been very serious about trying to help the suffering people of Malawi and I absolutely believe that her goal is to try and help end the suffering, not to try and push her personal agenda (like some folks allege). It's so easy to level attacks at someone as famous as Madonna but I think it's absolutely commendable that she's really doing something that she believes in in order to try and effect some change in the world. [Source]

Here are a few pics of Madonna addressing the audience inside the theater where her documentary was screened:

And here is a gut-wrenching 6-minute video preview of what the documentary I Am Because We Are has in store for viewers:

6 Minutes to Save the World? Not really but I do believe that it is a bold first step to try and make a difference.


Amy Winehouse Headed For The Big House

For the second time this year, Amy Winehouse finds herself under arrest ... altho this time, she wasn't busted for allegedly helping her husband Blake Civil-Fielder's attempt to pervert justice, she was merely arrested for assaulting a man outside a London pub by head-butting him ... which is so much classier, I think:

Troubled British singer Amy Winehouse has been arrested for an alleged assault. In the wee hours of April 23, the Grammy-winning "Rehab" singer allegedly headbutted a man outside a London pub. She voluntarily reported to a London police station on Friday to answer questions, and was arrested. "I can confirm that a 24-year-old woman has been arrested by appointment at a central London police station and is currently in custody," a Scotland Yard spokesman told PEOPLE. It is a policy in England to arrest a suspect before questioning her in connection to a possible crime. Winehouse has not been charged with anything. A 38-year-old man filed a report stating he was "headbutted" by Winehouse after trying to hail her a cab at 3:20 a.m. on April 23. According to a detailed account in the British paper The Sun, she also allegedly punched another man in the face and smoked drugs on the street. The article was accompanied by a sequence of photos, including one of Winehouse walking into a lamppost.

Um, I am beginning to think that her stint in rehab didn't really work out for her ... but that's just a guess. [Source]

Here are photos of Amy making her way into court in London earlier today to answer questions about the incident ...

Photo credit: Splash News

... and then the coppers slapped handcuffs on her wrists and put her under arrest. For her sake, I hope she does get a nice stint in jail ... she really needs to be saved from herself and I really believe that nothing outside of incarceration is going to keep her from abusing alcohol or worse. She is such a sad mess. What a shame.


Les News: Nick Gets A Job, Phil Retires, Neve Loses Her Top


Please Understand My Reasons For Not Blogging Today

Blogging will resume at 3:00 PM today. trent



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